Brenda's Light Body Experiences

by Brenda Freo
(Winchester Idaho USA)

Interstellar Oneness That We Are

Interstellar Oneness That We Are

All this has already happened as my experience of The One platinum white light energy of the ONE Light & LOVE who is us and is co-creating this Earth during her passage into higher collective consciousness. I 'saw' it all then (2003) when I first went up through my platinum white light 'life line' and discovered that I AM THAT....
At that time I was not aware of a body, just my individuated consciousness which then sort of merged into a larger body of platinum white light that made ITSELF known to me through me as THE ONE BEING WE ALL ARE here and now co-creating Earth herself and the passages vibrationally of
this point in time. Coming back into Earth's vibrational field was excruciatingly painful 'then'. Each day that passes now (in this 2009 of now) Is my greatest joy and EVERY PRAYER ANSWERED! God so loves this earth HE/SHE SENT US
to BE here now! ((smile!!))

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