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burning desire to be pure

by Hummingbird
(Jeffreys Bay.. South Africa)

I'm smiling from ear to ear...and I'm so happy and exited at the same time..I landed on this page by "coincidence". which I don't believe in..its an answer to what I was revealed to..I experience things as if I'm downloading stuff from a Devine Source of Light..I hear a soft female voice that sounds like my own saying..Listen to feels as if I quantum leap sometimes..I can sense other enrgies ..its as if my inner eye opens up widely when I close my eyes..flashes of light..and a burning desire to purify my soul and phyical body..I think all the time..I want more light...I reflect a lot and truly wanna help everyone I meet to "see the light" so I'm training as my intuition guides me and confirms everything I experience in an article I read or a programme I see on tv or a person I meet..I see a message in everything as if I'm guided ..I'm fiercely ambitious in this ....I experienced the light body transformation..that's how it was explained to me and I did not know about it before...we are half light body and half physical body..its like a liquid crystle body..:) :) can't describe it better ..its a good feeling though..I feel a lot of unconditional love from the Light Source..and so much more understanding about God and creation and our purpose here s a beautiful experienceof love love and more love :) :) <3 <3 peace LoVe light and abundance for all...I'm so happy thankful and greatful for being me and for the opportunity to speak out to like minded people that understand ..thank u so much..I'm wirting a book..still don't know where its guiding me..but its happening :) must learn how to receive and use the energy positively and constructively and to direct it in the appropriate way..I'm sure ill be learning a lot on this sight :)

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