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Can anyone comment on this question:

by Charlotte

I am finding a lot of commonalities with others here on this website. One of the things that strikes me about lightworkers is that we kind of feel that we need to be separate from society or we get overwhelmed, overstimulated, oversensitive. So, knowing that we are the wayshowers, how can we be a model for those coming behind us if we can't seem to function "out there" and a lot of us live alone or isolate simply because the world has become so too much? Any thoughts? Thanks

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Nov 29, 2009
by: Stephen

Hi Charlotte,

I really appreciate your thoughts and questions. I have and still do have many of the same thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis. Being in social situations has in the past terrified me where I could barely leave my home without feeling unease. I have gleened a lot of strength through a variety of things. I think it's very important to have time alone to clear and uplift myself, to recharge if you will. Sometimes I do Reiki, smudge my body and room, listen to uplifting music, exercise or meditate. One of the most profound things in my personal experience is that I have been studying and practicing Kabbalah. It gave a framework or path to my thoughts and intentions for peace and abundance. It also answered questions that I forgot I was asking. Whatever it is that brings you peace and balance, that supports your well being, that is your connection to your peace. I also ask the Angels to surround and protect myself and loved ones and situations that I encounter. I'm so glad I found this site and the chance to read and connect with the Light. Thanks for letting me share and thank you for sharing.
Love and Light,

Nov 28, 2009
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Dear charlotte,
I can relate exactly to what you say.It is getting more difficult to be in unconscious crowds etc. I had a dream a month ago my friend died and he just died. My dreams were out of this world recently but lately i have had none. My sister is deep, I mean deeeeep in the matrix and lately we have been fighting more than ever, she and my family constantly tell me i am sooo negative. I am really going through some difficult times right now, I have to be alone, this is where I feel best or in nature. How long does these ascension symptoms last, I cant take it much longer, I dont want to start having suicidal thoughts anymore. I really feel more and more like an alien on earth, this is not fun. Love, brendan

Nov 26, 2009
by: Sydney

This is a short comment. Protection. Simply holding space on Earth now is the job at hand and we are protected by being invisible to those energies that would discombobulate us. I feel it will intensify a bit and then it will be time to come together in community and be seen.

There are some energies that have become sophisticated enough to locate us and we might think they are here to contribute, but they simply are light-eaters so only your gut can detect them so just a heads up here. This is also an ability we are to refine as we rise into the purity of transparency.

Nov 26, 2009
by: Si

Hi Charlotte

I think it's useful if we try to remember that the physical world is an illusion. Behind that illusion is energy.

It is your higher energy that is the real you, and it is THAT energy that is the primal force of change.

It is that higher energy that connects you to aspects of the people around you, even if there is no verbal communication.

Many will not be consciously aware of your fields, but they will certainly benefit from them at some level.

This is all you need to "do", to be of service to others.....simply be.


Nov 25, 2009
strength in our own source energy
by: Aeve

Hi Charlotte,

You're right, this is not an easy one to sit with knowing and feeling like there is something that we must do.

In my experience it has been unthinkable not to withdraw, as the intensity outside is just too much to handle. For a good few years now I have felt like I have been gradually unplugged from the outside energies. It has taken a while for me to see why and has at times felt very empty and depressing. Now I realize that energy that is not from within is so unsustainable and has consequences that I don't want anymore.

And part of being a Christed being is finding freedom from all of that.

I think it is these types of experiences that we need to have for our growth and for me, the only way to clearly see this was to not be fed anymore from the outside. I don't think I could have seen the way out of it if I was still enmeshed in it.

And in a way we are being protected while we work on clearing stuff and allowing the connection to inner strength/energy source to become stronger, more constant and in time allow us to do more of our lightworker roles. I am finding that being aware of the connection to source is what enables it to happen and also remembering to communicate with source. Like forming a habit, I think it will become easier over time to stay connected.

Nov 25, 2009
by: Melanie - Forest of Dean, UK

I'm in the same situation, Charlotte, been living alone and isolated for 10 years but during this time I've had a lot of clearing and healing to do Most lightworkers probably need much shorter periods but I'd accumulated rather a lot of karma!

I think what's happening at the moment is a fine tuning of our physical bodies and a sweeping out of any residual 'issues' that we still have to clear. I have no doubt that everything's happening at the right time - it is as it should be. I would suggest surrendering to this process, making sure you love yourself and look after yourself. Patience is the keyword. We will all be ready when the time is right.

And isn't it wonderful that this website breaks our isolation? With love and blessings.

Nov 25, 2009
Down Time
by: Sunflower

This is a good question, Charlotte! I don't isolate myself per se, but I have always felt "set-apart" or different from others. I try to be out in the world shining the light of God as much as possible, but because I am so overly sensitive and easily overwhelmed and overstimulated, I find that I have to have quite a bit of down time in order to recharge. If I don't, I very easily become exhausted and depressed and have difficulty functioning.

Nov 25, 2009
thank you for commenting,..
by: Charlotte

Anonymous, thanks, and I, too, was brought up in a religion (past tense also) that stressed the verse in the Bible that said be in the world but not of it. I didn't get that until the last few years also, and now I do see how that is possible, and agree totally with what you said. If you read my first post entitled "sometimes I feel invisible", this is new for me in the last year or so, and I was wondering how, if people don't know I'm there, that I can interact with them? I get how just being in a room and shining light helps everyone there no matter if they know it or not. So, I guess that's enough?.....whether they know it or not? OK, I get it! Thanks, anonymous.

Nov 25, 2009
move through it
by: Anonymous

I was taught from when i was little the religion i was a part of...(PAST-TENSE) ..that we should be in the world but not of it...i couldn't figure out how that was possible without isolation...not true...when we live in a higher vibration we move through this world helping encouraging..setting example..loving unconditionally..we live in a state of Christ-Consceienceness (?) as christ did Budda Ghandi did as Mother Teressa is possible when we let go of ego and live in light.

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