chest-pain and breath - difficulties.

I have recently been experiencing alot of things that I think might be symptoms of turning into a lightbody, although I am not sure, like digestive problems and feeling inceadible tired, also had feelings of bliss one day, and then things are dark the next day. but I am a bit more scared by the pain I often feel in my chest, possibly in my heart. also, every day, I have difficulties with my breathing. its hard to breath inwards, like there is not enough air. my doctor didnt know what this could be, and for some reason I havent been going there again. could this be some of the symptoms? and also, I am feeling an increadible attraction to the sun:) I am somehow needing it like never before.

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Nov 11, 2015
Loads of physical aliments!
by: Anonymous

Helpful to read this, I'm experiencing the following - chest pain,indigestion, heart burn, acid re-flux, skin rash, left arm pain, constipation, stomach pain, headaches, what feels like a fluttering in chest, exhaustion, vomiting,sensitivity to what feels like everything!, mood sings (anger which I don't experience often), irritation, intense frightening dreams - one out of body (felt like I was awake being pulled upwards like on a helipad!!!) , lack of appetite, weight loss yet holding weight on stomach i.e bloating, really lifelike faces of people I don't know - often dark faces, crying, old anxiety patterns, panic in crowds, on planes and in cars, low mood, complete disconnection from family (all come as a result of awakening to the truth the last year) and also I practice Nichiren Buddhism which is to put you in a higher vibration state and achieve enlightenment..... On the positive side amazing things are happening without much effort, one after the other...i.e being given amazing opportunities to do what I have always want to do and help others.

Sep 09, 2012
similar situation !
by: Anonymous

I have been facing similar symptoms and i really dont know what it is all about , also i am not completely familiar with the concept of light body , but I have been meditating a lot past few days

Aug 04, 2012
Chest Pain and breathe difficulties
by: Anonymous

Usually closer to health issues, i.e; asthma, and/or heart problems [from stress and polluted air]. Are you overweight? Are you elderly? do you eat wisely, sleep well? Not sure how a doctor could NOT see the obvious. Fasting with plenty of rest, sleep, pure water, fresh pressed juice and homage in prayer and meditation can pull you out of that within a week or two! Then, blessed walks in the calm of day - more center on your journey -- less on the world.

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