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Colors affect me too, not just electricity

by Dave
(BC Canada)

I wrote in another post about electricity, but colors affect me too. I also have to avoid bright colors like orange, yellow and red and even white, as these colors cause me to be hyper, and unable to sleep. I tend to wear grey if I want to sleep well. Unfortunately dark colors cause me to be depressed. I assume other people who are energy sensitive react to colors of clothes and rooms, just as I do. I am not sure how many notice though.

I also feel spiritual presences occasionally. Do you guys think this is some sort of a decline in health that is making me sensitive, or an earth wide type of thing? Being energy sensitive sucks, and I think it might be nice to be more normal.

Thanks, Dave

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Jan 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dave, Thanks for your post! I too sometimes wish I wasn't so sensitive, but for the most part it is a precious gift to me. It is exhausting at times though.
Personally, certain colors HURT me, yellow to be exact. I have to only wear neutral colors, usually solids or I become extremely uncomfortable and my body starts to hurt. Blue makes me feel eird too.
You are not alone.

Aug 01, 2010
thanks for the article
by: Bc Dave

I read the article, thanks for providing the link.
Hmm.. I like the idea that the light is coming from God or the Creative Spirit. I believe that some such thing is happening, and while it is possible that my reactions are directly caused by this 'light' or perhaps partly caused by this, it's also possible that I am in an unbalanced state which is caused by this light and our world combined, or which is caused by electromagnetic smog designed to cause this problem or coincidentally doing so.

I wonder if anyone has some sort of prayer or spiritual practice to reduce the negative aspects of energy sensitivity. I have heard of grounding, but I don't know if that is a cure. I am keeping my eye out though.

Aug 01, 2010
The Sacred Human
by: dr

Regarding these changes our bodies are going through, I have had my struggle too thinking at times thinking that it is age or health related, or some strange 'inconvenient' sensitivity. But I am coming to know more and more clearly within myself that it is the result of the effects of greater Light within my body and also greater light coming to the earth.

This article by Julie Redstone I find very helpful in explaining the sacred context of this transition, or transformation and you may find it helpful too:

The Sacred Human

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