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Communication helped me a lot

by Sara
(Everett, WA USA)

I just finished my freshman year at Kansas City Art Institute. During which I felt like a chaotic mess but highly appreciated the acceleration in self growth and the increased respect for my intuition. I have known for some years that I am very sensitive but only recently started to understand how energy impacts me and others.

Often I find that the quickest way to relieve myself from negative feelings from energies, is to discuss the cause of it. For example, If I feel insecure around someone, I try to ask if they are really being critical of me or my behavior. I often find out they are insecure about themselves and has nothing to do with me.

It ultimately took a lot of trial and error to find the appropriate communication paths that resolved my feelings from energy. Partially because the wording and my body language will highly impact the conversation from being awkward, annoying, frustrating to pleasant and effective. The effectiveness had a lot to do with my confidence. I did discover that the actual conversations were not nearly as bad as I feared. And often the issues came down to insecurity.

I described everything in general terms but all of my encounters involved everyone I interacted with.

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