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Compelled to change diet and crazy allergy symptoms

by Donna

I have been compelled to cut out meat completely from my diet and eat only a small amount of fish and chicken (maybe once or twice a week). I am craving fruit and vegetables and seem to fill up on them like never before. Also, I have been having very strange dreams for a few months now: talking animals, lots of frogs, and my deceased relatives. For approx a month or so I have been having violent sneezing attacks that last for hours. I have never really had any hay fever or allergy problems to speak of. I have noticed a lot of people walking around sneezing with runny noses saying they don't know if they are having allergies or head colds.
I have become much more psychic and able to manifest almost instantaneously. This has been going on for about 3 years. At first it frightened me the speed with which I could manifest things. I thought no one would believe me if I spoke of it. But now I am used to it and it seems if the Universe is a truly loving and friendly and giving place. I am often thankful for such obvious displays of grace in my life.

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Jan 17, 2010
Compelled to change diet
by: Sage

for the past few months I have not felt hungry at all. I would have couple cups coffee for b/fast and eat late afternoon. The foods I used to like i don't seem to care for much.

About 3 weeks ago, my guides and friends suggested I eat breakfast. so i cook my own oatmeal with soy milk and add dried cranberries. I little later I will have a banana.

Last week I started to mix plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, strawberries and little soy milk.
Now I use a blender and make it into a smoothie.
I am also eating more fruit.

I began to eat several small meals a day, even if I don't feel hungry as I don't want my body to go into starvation mode.

I steam a lot of green veggies and eat fish and chicken.

I have more energy and feel so much better for my diet change. i know it's for my better good and i am not resisting.
Once in a while I'll have ice cream, but the main thing is I am getting into a routine of healthy eating, as in the past I have found it difficult to cook for one.

My blender is a blessing for me as it doesn't take a lot of time to whip up something healthy
and what a wonderful change I feel in my overall being.

As for allergies, i do lot of sneezing in the morning. Kinda like a body release of toxins.

all the best to you.

Dec 02, 2009
Diet and sensitivies
by: Donna

Hi Brendan,
Good to hear from you. I hear what you are saying about becoming more "light." In more ways than one...
I enjoy juicing too. I'll check out the juicer you are recommending. I did email you. I don't live in L.A. but it feels good to connect with a fellow Cali. Things are changing so fast these days we just have to hold onto our hats and go for the ride.... Yeehah! And stay focused on what is important and not get side tracked by all the distractions. DD

Dec 02, 2009
Diet changes and such
by: Donna

Hi Anonymous and thank you for your comment. You are so right. The longer I eat this way the more intolerance my body responds with. I too have stopped eating cheese. I do not drink milk and never have. It is amazing how much more energy I have now, along with a general sense of well being. I almost get a kind of high from eating as compared to the past when I would eat meat at a meal I would feel like I needed a nap and a sort of depressed feeling would come over me. Truly for the last couple of years I wondered what was wrong with me. Would I ever feel normal again? I feel for me this is a major step in the right direction.

Dec 02, 2009
lucky you
by: brendan

my name is brendan and I am trying to live off of liquids in the near future. I heard pineapple and papaya are good for ascension related symptoms and detoxifying the body maybe because of the enzymes in them. I am down to eating once a day vegetarian meal. I feel as i clear my body more and more each day to allow the light to enter into it, I will desire less solid food because it is a lower vibration. I just got this new juicer called the omega vert. I love this juicer so much, I am an artist and very visual and it is so sleek. Where do you live in so. cal? I live in l.a. so maybe we can connect and share love, light, healing, and wisdom together. e-mail me if you live in l.a. peace

Dec 02, 2009
Diet Change
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean. I can't even eat meat anymore. I have a organic veggie cheese pizza yesterday and thought I was going to die. As your body becomes cleaner and healthier, the things you used to eat before have a much greater effect on your new light body. Also, animals are spirits as well, and when you go to sleep your spirit sometimes encounters these creatures.

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