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by Jennifer
(Westminster, CA, U.S.A)

I have experienced and walked through so many different things this past month. I feel terrified because all the people I held closest, including the love of my life, appear to be out of reach. I have nobody to discuss anything with who understands, and essentially I wonder if I'm losing my marbles. My heart tells me, this speaks truth, but my mind is battling it. I feel like I am bombarded with light if you will. I am overwhelmed. The light has always been with me, and I see the pathway it has taken, but I want to know there are other people that see as I have and do. I need help letting go of someone I loved deeply because obviously, he either thinks I'm crazy or he doesn't have enough light yet to love me...ughhhh I don't know what I am even saying....

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Path of Light
by: Anonymous

Sometimes when we are on the path of Light, and our vibration raises, we may lose connection with others that are of a different vibration. On an energetic level, we may not resonate with these people in our lives anymore, and it may cause them to distance themselves, or for you to want to distance yourself sometimes too. I've personally lost contact with majority of my friends and family. It wasn't necessarily on bad terms, it's just kinda like we all drifted apart as my energy changed. It's a natural part of the process, but I understand that it can be lonely.

It's really not important that other's understand or believe what you are experiencing because this lifetime is for YOU to learn, understand, and REMEMBER who you are...your inner voice, your soul self is the best teacher you can have. We see the world as WE ARE, not as other's are, so YOUR interpretation of life is the important part of learning, not someone else's interpretation. The path of a true master can be a very lonely path while you are on your journey. But that will allow you to get to know yourself.

The answers and the signs are EVERYWHERE, they have been there all along. When the time is right for YOU, you will see them. Just trust yourself and you will see.

~I send you Love

You are the one you seek
by: Jimmy

I agree with the above comment. You appear to have given your power over to somebody else to some extent. The love you seek is inside of yourself. When you can be joyful in your solitude, you will know the meaning of TRUE love. Ironically, you will then be much more attractive to others.

Love yourself, love everybody and everything else, and you will never suffer from a lack of love! I promise you that.


by: Valerie

I agree with the other comments but also please do not forget that with all the downloads we are receiving, going to a new crystalline body, Ascension symptons, INCREASE OF LIGHT ON THE PLANET any one can feel nuts! This is a very uncomfortable process, painful like a birthing and we all deal with it differently. The thing is we are in all this together and somebody has been where you are or are there now. The solitary moments we have make us question everything, BUT TRUST YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE IN YOUR PROCESS EVEN IF IT SUCKS. Dance in the peanut butter...People think you are crazy watching you dance if they can't hear the music,laugh! If you do not get LCAUNCHauren Gorgo's site,
Think With Your Heart she nails all the craziness that we are all going through with humor, and humor will take us a long way when we realize we are not the only ones experiencing, distancing from others, physical symptoms that are horrendous,THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTERS, I hear ya sweetie, but hang in there, look yourself in the mirror and say I choose this amazing time on the planet to be here and I am awesome even if no one else validates that for me at this moment, you rock, and all the celestial beings are holding you and applauding you and see your amazing and trust your process because it is unique to you. Namaste

Thank you
by: Celeste

Thank you for sharing all these conundrum. I felt disoriented lately and I suddenly felt compelled to email this to my family and friends when I happen to read an article explaining the things I am experiencing in a scientific/planetary way. I had the sudden compulsion to explain myself to my loved ones when I knew it is not needed or I just have the tremendous feeling to share what I'm going through:

To my family and friends

As it is hard to explain why the earth is the way it is right now,
it is as hard as it is for me to come out in the open as if I am disoriented.

I have been experiencing that I do not have a sense of time and space anymore.
Like everything is ephemeral and eternal at the same time.
That sometimes when I speak as if someone is speaking through me.
As if it is God, Christ, Mother Earth or the Universe who speaks.
And most of the time I feel they are me. I am one with them.

Sometimes I feel like I am dying inside. As if my heart is tightening.
When I know it is just a feeling.

I seek all possible help by studying what is going on with me. I found articles and support group for people like me who experience this
something called spiritual awakening as I do what my inner guidance system tells me to do.

I would like to share to you this one article which can perfectly explain what I am going through.
A scientific explanation as to why the earth is and why people experience this kind of what appears to be a climate change in our lives.

Please do visit and read this article at:

For some reason, we are connected.
Whether you believe in fate or you choose your destiny,
it might just be a saving grace for you to learn
what is happening to one person you happen to meet and be with in this journey of a lifetime.

Where I am at this moment of my jouney where
I am in this world but not of this world,
I write them at

It is for me to see where I am in the journey.
As if the earth speaks through me.
And I just write them.

Love is the only language that people truly understand.

Thank you for your understanding.

Embrace the Light!
by: Jennifer F.

Great comments. First, confusion is not of God/Universe/Love. It's something your own mind creates to keep you trapped. We are not our minds. Being in the moment is vital. Recognizing thoughts when they are taking over your "right now" experience is the first step to awakening.
I worked in the same 9-5 field for 17 years and in the last few years I could not take it anymore. I could literally see and feel that my spirit and creativity were being trapped. I gave up my career and began seeking truth. I've completely removed things from my life that were blocking my path, including my marriage. During the confusion, I prayed. It's very hard to trust in something you can't see and live spiritually in a world that is structured and blind, but an ounce of faith goes a long way. Embrace your spirituality. Denying it will eventually make you crazy. I had several nervous break downs when I could no longer live the way I was conformed to living. My own husband blocked my essence and creativity. It drove me mad! I finally begged the Universe to HELP ME and I found a peaceful way out as the Universe simply opened doors for me. I stayed in prayer and faith, read a lot of spiritual books, looked at websites and spent a lot of time alone. It's peaceful when everything is quiet and you can hear your own inner voice and spirit.
People who are not enlightened won't accept your spirituality, which can make you feel nuts. I just don't talk to un-enlightened people about my spiritual wisdom or experiences. We should live as the example and keep our mouths shut. It's not up to us to change or enlighten anyone. Our purpose is to find our own purpose.
As for letting the love of your life go, pray about it and ask the Universe to remove people and things that are blocking you. Tell the Universe that you are open and ready for all things to be removed and that you embrace it. Be grateful. Thank the Universe for this gift. Soon the love within yourself will grow so strong, you simply won't need his love anymore. Be patient. Things will unfold. Letting go is amazing. We truly don't have to worry or hold onto anything when we are living in truth.
As for feeling alone, when you are truly open, you'll start meeting and running into more people like yourself. Your energy will attract them. There are many of us who are awakening, letting go of fears and habits - people places and things. It falls off like old skin, naturally. You'll know who these spiritual people are by the light in their eyes and their aura of peace. Seek out those people. If you feel alone, ask for comfort from the Universe. Letting go is hard at first, but when you experience the divine way of life, you'll never want to go back to that prison way of life again. Always keep your faith. Recognizing our thoughts, our negativity, our behavior, the energies surrounding us and our gut feelings is the foundation of our awakening.
Love and blessings!

al paths are different, but our destination the same
by: Valerie

and so it is....this is the truth...and we all seek our own...great work you have done to reach home and as the path shows up differently for all I think we all connect with the sentiments of those who have found their way to the light and freedom, and no it is not easy...but is worthwhile...we are all cheerleaders for each other...find your peace even tho no one else can hear the music while you dance...sweet dreams to all every night and may we all meet in the Milkey Way together

by: Anonymous

You completely explained my life. I am exactly where you seem to be. I feel like crying for you. It's been really difficult lately.

Im bad at titles :P
by: Alex

I can surely say for the lot of us at this site that we too are beginning to have trouble connecting with the ones we once loved or maybe we always had some trouble as I have myself. This life is but a learning experience if you will. Respect, love, listen, watch, be aware, be grateful. It may seem tough I like to think of it as a test. Just have faith. We will all find happiness in our new life. Best of luck to you and everyone else. If have heard the song by Tool: Patient it may be of assistance.

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