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Continuous inner trembling

by Havah-Leah

Since around 5 years I have problems sleeping well. I wake up with a pounding heart, and a throbbing head. Sometimes it feels as if there is a band around my head. But what I found the most alarming symptom is the 'inner trembling' I am feeling, as soon as I lay down to sleep. It feels like I am lying next to a motor running, or sleeping on top of a fridge or something. So in the beginning I looked to the outside, I had my home checked for EM fields (not beyond any 'normal' level), I checked out where mobile phone masts were located etc. I turned off all electricity in my home, did not alleviate the inner trembling. Now I think it is a physiological symptom of emotions or of inner cleansing. I have done the whole round with medical check-ups, blood work, even an MRI to see if I did not have a brain tumor. Psychiatrist even, who thought it was chronic anxiety and prescribed Cipralex, an SSRI, which I still carry around and don't take, cause I do not like to mess around with my brain. I do think anxiety plays a part, I am an anxious person and I live in Jerusalem, not exactly the quietest place on earth. Also a real Power spot, where the energies of Light and Dark clash in a big way.
Anyway, it is not good for me to do any spiritual work, or meditate, or pray, (then it gets much worse) I have to do grounding activities, like working in the garden, cleaning the house, or imagining very strong roots going deep into the earth. I would like to hear of others who experience this 'inner trembling', like all your nerves are fluttering.

Comments for Continuous inner trembling

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Oct 10, 2014
Inner trembling
by: Sandy

Since April Oscar 2014 I started with anxiety and panic attacks. It's now October and I have had this internal vibrating/ shivering feeling ever since. I've had MRI, CT scans , blood work, seen a neurologist, endocrinologist and therapist. They all say it's from anxiety, I'm not convinced. It wouldn't last this long. The shaking I feel all day but when I finally lay down at night and rest on something it calms downs. I can sleep at night but it's the day time that bothers me. I do not want to go on any SSRI, I do use Ativan to help relax me but it doesn't take away the shakes. I'm 42 and have been healthy all my life. This is a big downer for me cause I'm not the happy go lucky person I used to be. Need help. Any ideas?

Sep 26, 2014
My Experience in Curing Body Trembling by “paida” and “lajin”
by: Anonymous

A few months ago I experienced body trembling day and night. Sometimes it felt like earthquake but I knew it wasn't. It was trembling within my body. I also experienced some occasional muscle spasm near my mouth and eyes. These symptoms had lasted for almost half a year.
I have searched through the web trying to find out the reasons and I think I have found out the reason for my case. You may find the below information useful if you experience the same symptoms.
First of all, I must declare that I am not a doctor and I am only sharing from my own experience here.
I found out that these symptoms come from blockages of my meridians and I have effectively cured them by doing paida and lajin for only a few days.
Paida and Lajin are Chinese words meaning hitting and stretching. In Chinese medicine, all human have 12 meridians which correspond to 12 different organs in our body. If there are blockages in any of them, the ‘chi’ (or energy) supplying these organs will be blocked and the organs cannot function properly. According to Chinese medicine theory, some illnesses are due to blockages of meridians and the only way to effectively cure them is to make sure the meridians are not blocked. In this way our organs can work properly and our body can fight the various illnesses and diseases.
The traditional Chinese ways to remove blockages in our meridians include Chi Gung, acupuncture and paida/lajin, and I think paida and lagin is probably the easiest that anyone can do safely at home.
I would like to share with you two videos I found in youtube that explain paida and lajin:
I have learnt Chi Gung before and I see paida and lajin is also a kind of Chi Gung. The only difference is that traditional Chi Kung uses the mind to direct the flow of ‘chi’ while paida and lajin use external forces to stimulate the flow of ‘chi’. The ultimate purpose of both is the same, to stimulate the ‘chi’ to flow through your meridians and to unblock any blockages in them.
One thing that is not mentioned in these videos which I think is quite important – is that you have to release the excess ‘chi’ after each session of paida or lajin. Otherwise uncontrolled ‘chi’ will keep flowing in your body and that could be uncomfortable, in acute cases you may feel your chest pressed and experience shortness of breath. I learnt this from the traditional Chi Gung that we have to release the excess ‘chi’ every time we finish the Chi Gung session. To release the excess ‘chi’ is easy. Just stand in a relaxed position, with your hands (one palm touching the back side of the other hand) placed in front of your lower abdomen. Then in this standing position, visualize the ‘chi’ in your body flow through your body like water from your head, down to your chest, your abdomen, your leg, and flow through your feet to the earth below. This visualizing process may take 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this 3 to 4 times then your excess ‘chi’ can be released.
Hope you may find this useful.

Sep 04, 2014
Question to Havah-Leah
by: Asa (Sweden)

Hi Havah-Leah!
I wonder how long it took before you felt improvment when you stopped eating gluten? I also have this terrible inside tremor, had it for about 2 years now. I also have this burning, stabbing pain (Peripheral neuropathy) that I really hope is connected to gluten sensitivity. I´ve bin gluten free for about 1 month but feel no improvment regarding to the inside tremor or the pain. I will keep my hope for a few more month.


Aug 21, 2014
by: Light worker

Please also concider "awakening symptoms" or "galactical energy changes" as all the symptoms are exactly part of changing dimensions. Medicine can not help too much, I have taken oly valerina to get good sleep. Things have started balance in a way. What you can do is to ask that your process will be so smooth as possible and you can sleep well and taken care by angels at this particular time. I hope it helps you. Blessings!

Apr 22, 2014
body vibrations
by: Janet

I have had vibrations in my feet and can go up my legs and sometimes up to my arms and fingers for several years I have not talked to a doctor about it because I figured out that it is sensitivity to the earth. I have monitored my vibrations and usually they are the strongest 24 hours before an earthquake. I was predicting them so much this past year that my husband is no longer surprised. It can feel light fast tingling or vibrating on the bottom of my feet. Or, it can be waves of vibrations going up my leg or legs. The bigger the quake the farther and stronger the waves of vibration. It can be painful when the quake is 6.0 or larger.

Apr 12, 2014
Inner trembling and head vibrations
by: jenfa


I have been getting inner body shaking, trembling, head vibrations, back vibrations and body jerking for several months. I have tried anti-depressants but they do not agree with me. I am now suffering from extreme panic attacks, depression and anxiety. When i lie down to sleep my body keep vibrating and i have to struggle to sleep. Each day is a struggle. Please can someone help to understand why this is happening? Is there a cure to get rid of this problem? It is driving me insane. Thank you

Apr 05, 2014
Gluten Ataxia
by: Josie

To answer the original post, inner trembling for me is when I ingest any amount of gluten - please research 'Gluten Ataxia' where gluten from wheat attacks the cerebellum causing all sorts of neuro symptoms. Hope this is of help to someone.

Dec 02, 2013
Inner trembling
by: Travis Julius

Please try to stay away from any sort of anxiety drugs. Trying to get off of them is often worse then the symptoms they are trying to suppress, look up blogs on DISCONTINUATION SYNDROME. And the doctors don't have a clue most of the time about the affects of getting off of the drugs. My wife had all the symptoms you describe and then some. Motor running in chest, trouble sleeping, and it turned into full blown anxiety. Doctors tried everything and made it worse. To make a long story short, it turned out to be a severe mineral and vitamin deficiency. Once we got her on the right formula (I can recommend where to get it if you want, or can give you more information), everything cleared up, no more vibrations, tremors, anxiety, and NO MORE DOCTORS. For sleep, take a good LIQIUID calcium, make sure it is balanced with magnesium. Otherwise the calcium can deplete magnesium reserves in your body and that can really start imbalances going. Avoid taking B vitamins too late as they can interfere with sleep for some people. If you want more information, you can look me up on Facebook.

Jun 25, 2013
by: Free gold

I have inner trembling too. Nothing is visible. But it feels like the whole house is vibrating. I have been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism ( nothing to do with thyroid).
I am wondering if it is connected to the amount of calcium in the blood and its action on the nerves.? I will have one or more of the parathyroids removed this summer and hopefully that will get rid of the inner vibrations and also start reversoing the osteoporosis .

May 21, 2013
conclusion of 'inner trembling'
by: Hava-Leah

thankx everybody for all your comments.

I do not have hypothyroidism nor hyperthyroidism. After three years, I am feeling much better now. I will never know exactly what it was, but I think it was a combination of anxiety, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), too much energy taken from other people, and undiagnosed gluten intolerance. Most important the hypoglycemia and overextending my own energy and having to release everything I picked up from other people. What helped me was grounding much better, doing meditative exercises to release stress, and leaving Isrel for certain periods to get out of this very stgressful atmosphere. don't be too afraid of 'bad entities' like I was, cause mostly it is not that, but something else, this 'inner trembling'. You can also feel this when you are depressed and it might even feel as if you are sleeping on top of a fridge. thanx everybody, and since it is 2013 now, enjoy the good vibrations!

May 13, 2013
shaking body and head
by: khali

hi, i have the same feeling all over my body and in my head and it is terrible, have your thyroid checked, i have Hashiotos's hypothyroidism and this is what is causing it. Hope you find out.

Jan 04, 2013
body trembling.
by: Vander Meide

I am 74 years old and came to USA as a child, from Holland. ( Only mentioned as I see another Hollander with relevant posts) I believe body trembling is caused by low blood sugar and hypoglycemea. It could also be low oxygen in the blood. Muscle trembling is a emergency reaction to the heart not pumping enough oxygen. (This can be seen in freshly killed animal tissues that still quiver when cleaning fresh game.) It is interesting about spiritual connections, as we suspect unseen spirits in our house. Sometimes it feels like they grab me by the lower legs and wake me up.

Oct 27, 2012
mercury poisoning
by: Anonymous

when were you at the dentist last..go to an alternative dr. and collect urine for 24hrs...chances are you have mercury poisoning...make sure you go to a special dentist to remove constant trembling especially in the morning took 5years to subside...i had very low estrogen..progestrone and dhea but elivated testosterone as you do...i thought it was energy related from the earth also...but to much heavy metals make the the body tremble because of mineral deficientsy..

Dec 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

I did not sleep but a couple of hours a night for about 10 years,and finally could not take it anymore.I would wake up trembling and shaking with entities visiting me almost every night.Sometimes there would be an earthquake somewhere in the world.Iwas lucky that someone who could do hand healing helped me.Accupunture helped me get through the day,but this energy is a higher frequency,and needs energetic healing modalities to help clear and move it.What helped with the entities visiting at night was to talk to them and tell them they can be ther,but they can't take my energy when they leave.I actually imagined that I left them a note on a pole stating that.Some of the entities need prayers to help them with their energy shift.I am still trembling after so many years,I decided to ignore it.Magneseum really helps me sleep,and I learned that people who are experiencing alot of psycic energy surges need more calcium and magneseum.I think this helps conduct the electrical energy in our bodies.Also the pink yarrow of the bach remedies is for toxic psycic protection,and that really helped me alot.I know alot of people who are experiencing this also.

Apr 11, 2011
gluten intolerance and inner trembling
by: Havah-Leah

Dear Anonymous,

If you are really gluten-intolerant, you need to cut out ALL gluten and that is not easy. No bread (except gluten-free), no cookies, no pizza, no boreka's, no pasta, nothing which contains wheat- or rye- or spelt- flour. You can eat quinoa, rice, buckwheat (is a seed, not a grain), millet, and potatoes of course! and everything made with those flours. You can bake bread with a combination of rice and buckwheat flour.
Some people are only mildly gluten intolerant and do well with cutting sown on gluten.

Apr 11, 2011
thanks so much
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last year and cut out the major offenders.

But recently started suffering from this inner trembling. Terrified of MS or Parkinsons.

Thank you so much for your advice that inner trembling is caused by gluten intolerance. Will sleep well tonight now.

Love you to bits

Apr 11, 2011
thanks so much
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last year and cut out the major offenders.

But recently started suffering from this inner trembling. Terrified of MS or Parkinsons.

Thank you so much for your advice that inner trembling is caused by gluten intolerance. Will sleep well tonight now.

Love you to bits

Apr 11, 2011
thanks so much
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last year and cut out the major offenders.

But recently started suffering from this inner trembling. Terrified of MS or Parkinsons.

Thank you so much for your advice that inner trembling is caused by gluten intolerance. Will sleep well tonight now.

Love you to bits

Jan 25, 2011
causes found for inner trembling
by: Havah-Leah

Well, I finally have an answer that makes sense, re. my inner trembling, feeling of burning skin and throbbing head. It has two causes: serious gluten intolerance, and hormonal imbalance (low estrogen, low progesteron, low Dhea and, surprisingly, high testosteron.) I had a slaiva test done, sent to a special American lab, and this came out. I am now on a gluten-free diet, and once my inflamed digestive system has healed, I can take bio-identical hormones to balance my hormonal status.
So, these were no Lighwork symptoms! Hope anyone of you may be helped by this information.

love and shalom from Jerusalem,


Oct 19, 2010
re: more about inner trembling
by: Doran

Hi Havah-Leah,

What may help you in term of grounding is also clearing the energy pathways through the integration of the body and energy pathways. Two ways that come to mind for this are yoga (like vinyasa), or breathwork...both healing activities that allow the energy in your body to move, where you are deeply in touch with the breath as well as movement. I'm sorry the symptoms have been going on for so long...

I suspect you may be providing some service energetically to what is happening there, and the clearer your 'vehicle' is (your body), the more easily this energy will be able to move through you.

Oct 19, 2010
more about inner trembling
by: Havah-Leah

Dear all,
I am beginning to understand the cause of my symptoms. It is not only inner trembling, but also heart palpitations, a 'band around my head', bad dreams, waking up a lot at night, and often feeling drained in the morning. I know I am not fully grounded in my body. As I try to be more in my body, and as the Light becomes stronger, it 'clashes' as it were, with old traumatic feelings in the body (which are the reason I don't inhabit my body fully in the first place). What I have to do is training myself to be totally grounded and in my body, and release or discharge the old feelings of terror (trauma).
There are more posts on the internet of (post)- menopausal women who have this inner trembling and it might have the same cause, of unprocessed traumatic feelings in the body, clashing now with the intensified Light.
In my case there might be something else, too.There might be astral energies here in Jerusalem, who 'feed off' my energies at night, exactly because I am not properly grounded. Becasue sometimes it feels like 'psychic attack' what I am feeling at night, especially when I wake up so drained. Does anybody recognize anything in what I am writing?

Oct 18, 2010
preparing to move to higher dimensions
by: ayola

I had been looking up all kinds of medical explanations for the inner trembling, when I came across your writing about inner came as a relief, as I have done much spiritual work..and thought it might be related to the higher energy vibrations coming to earth at this time...we are being primed for the we near 2012, and as the energies increase...we may very well experience a lot of different is like a cleansing intensive...though somewhat uncomfortable and worrisome at times...the kundalini rising is uncomfortable...I have worked with energy for an energy healer...we are the sensitives..I'm thinking perhaps only those being prepared for the journey upward are feeling this shaking......glad to know I'm not alone..suspicion confirmed...thank you

Sep 16, 2010
continuing trembling and palpitations
by: Havah-Leah

Dear all who responded,

Now it is september 2010, I only read your loving comments now. My symptoms are still there, sometimes worse, sometimes less, sometimes I sleep normally (what a blessing.) sometimes I have weird dreams together with the internal trembling, the heart palpitations, the throbbing head. sometimes burning skin as well. Ten bad dreams probably have to do with long-buried netative feelings, (I dream a lot about my ex-partner.) But to help myself, I am thinking about selling my home here in Jerusalem and moving back to Holland, where the atmosphere is calmer and more grounded. There is more water in Holland, I cannot stand the heat here anymore. Somebody wrote that luckily there is no fear with my experiences, but there is! When I wake up three times at night with a pounding heart, I am certainly scared!! I may also have hypoglycemia, or be overly sensitive to EMF fields. Or it has to do with post-menopause. I just wish I could sleep normally again and wake up refreshed.....

Grateful for any comment,
love and shalom from Jerusalem,

Sep 16, 2010
dear all who responded
by: Havah-Leah

Thank you very much for your comments, I only read them now, in September! Glad to know I am not the only one. But I do have fears around this, so much so that I am thinking about moving back to the Netherlands, where I am from originally. I've been there for some months, and I sleep better there. In my Jerusalem home the trembling and heart palpitations and feeling of open crown chakra often go together with weird dreams, nightmares sometimes. I might indeed pick up a lot of feelings in the environment, which is quite polarised in Jerusalem, an enormous spiritual Light and lots of Shadow -fears and hatred. I think it is too much for me. In the Netherlands I feel more grounded, and when I return to Jerusalem, at first I sleep better here too, until it starts again. I got quite paranoid , thinking there are astral beings in or around the house, that 'suck' my energy at night. The strange thing is that praying, or meditating in the evening, makes it worse!! I often wake up two or more times at night,frightened, with heavy palpitations and a throbbing crown chakra. I drink water then, take appropriate flower essences (Perelandra, Bach) and try to go to sleep again.
It might be that the increasing Light is meeting all the blockages in my body, but it is too much for me, I need a gentler process. I did body-work (Trager) in Holland and felt a lot better.
Thank you all for this opportunity to express myself, without people thinking that I am a nut-case.

Jul 08, 2010
inner trembling
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been experiencing inner trembling also and am wondering what is going on in my body. I wonder if it goes on more often than I notice and sometimes I just happen to catch it with my awareness while sleeping? i am 44 years old. I do Yoga and meditate too. I have some fear around these symptoms, the not knowing what my body is up too. It's scarey.

May 02, 2010
to Havah-Leah
by: Doran

Hi Havah-Leah,

I'm not sure if this is what you are experiencing, but if I over-extend myself energetically (a combination of taking in large amount of energy while also extending my own energy/working), by the time I lay down, there is a great deal of involuntary inner trembling, almost like a pulse, but not my heart's pulse. This continues for some time until the my own body's energies have rebalanced.

If this is related to what you are going through, you may not be aware of how much energy you are taking in from your surroundings until you lay down and your body starts to release what it took in. How to negotiate this depends a lot on what you feel called to do...


Apr 30, 2010
To Havah-Leah
by: Anonymous

I have something similar but have problems verbalizing and putting words together most days now. I have much anxiety as I sense the cleansing energies. They are intense now. Gardening, grounding to Mother Earth is what's being asked to us. Being in nature. Be like the Turtle and stay close to the Earth. My nerves flutter a bit and just feel numb and pained out.
You are not alone.


Apr 30, 2010
Trembling or vibrating
by: Elle (Arizona)

Yes, I do have this feeling when I lay down to sleep. Sometimes I hear it too, but not always. It makes a buzzing noise, and if I open my eyes and wake up to listen more closely, it disappears. Usually it's buzzing/vibrating from inside of me coming outward. The only way I can describe it is it feels like my body is dematerializing like something on a sci-fi movie. Occasionally I'll also feel myself swaying back and forth really hard like an earthquake and it'll wake me up.

Lots of strange stuff happens(every single night) when I lay down to sleep and I've gotten to a point of just lying there and waiting for it to start. It usually starts within 15 minutes. It sounds like you are dealing with it very well and there's no fear involved. I have come to the conclusion that it is vibrating to shake off and release density, since we do a lot of clearing while asleep. I also wake up VERY hot and sometimes my heart is beating fast too. Most likely Kundalini related.

Much Love to you :0)


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