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Cosmic Energy Picks Up Speed

by Dr. Schavi M. Ali
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

NAMASTE! As we enter the middle of the year 2015, the energy in the cosmos has accelerated. In the past few months, we have experienced strong solar flares, coronal mass ejections, ionized tails of comets, geomagnetic storms, the Earth moving further into the Photon Belt, and three "Blood Moons" with the final one due September 28, 2015. With all of this "Cosmic Symphony", it is not surprising that most people are having physical, mental, and emotional symptoms--some minor and some major like notes in a musical scale. More and more traditional scientists are even admitting that these occurrences have effects on both technology and people and that from now to 2018 and perhaps beyond, the cosmos will increase in energy. Planets in our solar system are becoming brighter, and they are sending forth greater vibrational frequencies. In order to be comfortable with these changes in creation which are literally giving us new DNA strands and cellular records, we must keep spiritual vigilance. A simple ritual that everyone can do, regardless of their spiritual or religious path is the following: Each day at dawn, noon, or sunset, envision the Earth surrounded and enveloped in bright LIGHT. When you have a clear vision, say: "Light in God be!" This is a powerful brief ritual that helps to stabilize our planet and ourselves. Our pineal and pituitary glands, which send forth this spiritual magnetic current, are laser-like antennas that send a beam into the cosmos for clearing and cleansing. If more people do this ritual daily, there will be greater peace, love, abundance, and health for everyone. I call it "Divine Light Penetration". We have been gifted with enormous power. Let us use it for the good of our planet. Symptoms will become easier to handle because we will realize the potent cosmic power that we are a part of in this important time/space continuum.

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