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Crainial Sacral Touch: Clearing the body and nervous system of stored trauma blockages

by Wayne
(Central PA, USA)

Crainial Sacral Touch: Clearing the body and nervous system of stored trauma blockages

About 9 years ago a Crainial Scaral therapist moved near me. He taught another neighbor the techniques associated with this technique. This neighbor adopted me into giving me free Crainial Scaral Therapy with Somato Emotional Release sessions. Here is my story.

Let's begin. I am a disabled Vietnam War survivor with chronic PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
I also have chronic childhood developmental issues. Chronic is a word that best applies to most of humanities' emotional, spiritual, social and physical development.

No culture is immune from chronic storage traumas of living. Western cultures, with their focus on logic, deduction, science and materialism, are burdened with chronic repressed experiential baggage. Eastern cultures, with their focus on the soul, inner growth, and spiritualism, would seemingly be immune from these chronic inner traumas, but such is not the case.

We are born almost perfectly in tact with a clear unburdened nervous system free of stored repressed painful experiences. However, our mothers' chronic pain is unconsciously passed on to the fetus by the shear unified proximity of the womb.

The mind is born free and unfettered and unconditioned for the most part. But as we enter this world in the womb, we assume stresses and tensions of our parents, siblings, cultures and religions. We become accustomed to or domesticated by our surrounding patterns.

We, as children, naturally release painful stresses that we experience a process of crying. Crying, shivers of fear and yawns of boredom are the body's natural healing mechanisms for shunting off painful stress. The problem occurs when our parents' own stressors are re-stimulated by the child's emotional releases. IE: Re=Evaluation Peer Counselling. The parent forces the child to stop their emotional release at every turn, in every culture!

The natural physical release of stress by the child is stopped, interrupted, prevented and repressed by siblings, school teachers and neighbors in addition to parents. Missing is the consistent loving attention and listening to the child. The result is a culture of assault and attack both inner and outer in its effects.

The Bible is quoted, "The sins of the Fathers are visited upon the sons."
I have given you that process.

Ultimately each one of our minds adopts such shocking beliefs as the following:
I am alone. I am unworthy. I have no hope. I do not deserve love. I deserve to be hurt.
The mind is a child that exists only to be busy. The ego and personality are false fronts to protect our false belief systems. We are the soul which is calm, peaceful and loving existing in timeless eternity now. Be in the present. Past/Future focus is trauma driven.

Here we have year in year out a continued conditioning of repression of healing emotional releases. The body and mind shut down under negative stresses and the painful events are stored wholesale whilly-nilly in what ever body part is unconsciously selected. Year in year out, we develop an entire heirarchry of false painful belief systems reinforced by torturous repetition of seemingly fearful events. We are driven to avoid pain or suspected pain as the number one behavior of every minute of every day. We think we are free to choose our paths, but, in truth, we are driven by stored past events to avoid and inflict pain in a mental process of mystery solving that does not work!

Merely thinking and talking is not sufficient for a permanent healing process as can be seen in popular therapy techniques. What does work and has always worked is consistent loving attention by a therapist by meditation and touch personally applied to the "client".

The client must be an active participant via mediation, breath and attention to this process and not just a passive role. No blockages of stress no matter how long they have been stored in the body can long resist loving attentive energy being applied to the effected area. The blockage may move, but in the end the trauma must release and be gone. If one is fearless in choosing the most feared aspects of ones personality, this process of releasing is substantially increased!

After 7 years, forgiving visitations from offending dead parents and past events blocked traumas were released and ultimately and permanently gone from my body. The unexpected benefits were self-realization, being in the moment, harmonious relations with others.

Continued treatments serve to keep me youthfully free of old symptoms such as depression, fear, and sadness. Physical traumas are also more speedily healed.

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