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by Stevee

At my local bar I have been judged for drinking water by some but that is another issue. Ialso enjoy dancing free of fear or judgement and love every second of it. I cant help but notice others who are the same and i love there presense and communication through dance I feel light and good vibrations through them the music and my self all connected. Others who do not choose to dance and move freely I simply notice, they have the potenital to vibe through sound and light but choose not to. I want them too but I am happy the people who do dance do. If you feel like dancing Dance! let your energy flow never hold it back.

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Sep 03, 2012
I love to dance too
by: Carolynn/Ohio

I also love to dance, and because of my advancing age it seems inappropriate to most people who are sharing time with me now. If a song takes me I cannot help but move.

It is a struggle to have these wonderful moments of enjoyment, dancing at a concert then later feeling judgement and rejection for expressing the child like joy God intended for us all to have.

Do not be discouraged! We are out there!

I have found some churches encourage/accept dance as an expression of Love and Praise for God and have found that to be the most uplifting and fulfilling dance I have made.


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