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Dental Pain not sure it's related...

by Marsh.
(New York)

I've already discovered I'm a lightbody. I came across this page a few weeks ago and I was shocked to find out all this stuff pertains to me..
Anyway, I recently went to a new dentist and he filled my cavity and replaced an old filling. After about a week, my teeth hurt and were EXTREMELY sensitive to cold liquids (not hot). I no this is a long shot, but do you think this is connected with me being a lightbody?

After about 8 visit's to another dentist, he's now telling me to get TWO root canals if this new medicine doesn't help. I really don't FEEL it's a root canal..... Please, some advice.

Comments for Dental Pain not sure it's related...

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Jan 02, 2011
Teeth Problems
by: Adolphina

I would like to let everyone know that each tooth is linked to a meridian and thus an organ, sometimes more than one organ.

As our Light body grows, the meridians need to be recalibrated and strengthened. I have personally witnessed and felt myself having etheric dental surgery which was quite painful when my meridians were being upgraded.This went on for a period of about 2 months.

As our Light body grows further it may tax your organs so the organs may then need to be eterically upgraded or replaced which will then manifest in the physical.

This is why you may have read that we will be spiritually and physically reborn as these changes take place with the ascension process.

On the other hand if the pain doesn't go away and the dentist says you need dental work, you may need to have the work done because we must support the physical body during this process.
I have personally asked if it were possible to receive new teeth, and unfortunately, the answer was negative.

Hope this info helps those of you having dental problems.

Feb 24, 2010
Teeth and Jaw pain
by: Janet

I believe that the lymph node explanation is where the pain is coming from the sinus is also connected to the teeth and nerve roots. I had some teeth filled and they have been sensitive to cold, but not just those teeth, all my teeth, it goes from one side to the other and from upper teeth to lower teeth, but it goes away. So, I know its something going on in my sinus. I have been clearing a lot of toxins out of my body for quite a while now. Less and less but still clearing. Virus keeps showing up in my blood, it will clear out then 3 0r 4 weeks later another virus. I believe They were stored in my spinal fluid and with adjustments and DRX treatments old stuff stored in there keeps clearing out. It's frustrating I know. But, with time I think all is well and health is inevitable. Hang in there. Colidial silver and special herbs and vitamins help clear the virus and bacteria that come up. Check with a naturepath doctor. Root canals only last for some years then they fail and you loose the teeth anyway because the tooth becomes brittle and dies. So, eat healthy and take vitamins suited to your blood type.

Feb 24, 2010
Tooth Pain
by: Anonymous

I have had tooth and jaw pain accompanied by a headache the past few months. I know from experience that it is not associated to cavity or need for a root canal. I do believe that part of our changes that we need to go through will include adjusting our meridians and this will affect lymph nodes. There are lymph nodes in the jaw area. Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe my jaw & tooth pain is related to the meridians and lymph nodes. Maybe even bacteria underneath a former root canal from years ago.

I have personally been drawn to take MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). You really need to go at a very slow pace so you don't overload your poor body with years of toxic junk we have encountered. All of my pain symptoms are gone including the headaches with the tooth and jaw pain. I've been doing the MMS for a week and a half now and I feel tons of energy circulating through my body and lots more coming in at the Crown Chakra. I believe that the more we rid ourselves of toxins, metals, and stored viruses, we clear our bodies to be able to receive more light. Just like we need to clear Karma and emotional junk to proceed. The same goes for clearing years of accumulated toxins, metals & viruses, not to mention the quality of food we have eaten over the years, pesticides, second hand smoke, MMS at resturants etc. Meridian adjustment is very painful, but for me, MMS relieved that quite quickly.

Hope you feel better! Love to you :0)


Feb 24, 2010
Dental Pain
by: Anonymous

All I can say is that I know someone struggling with lots of dental pain and light body symptoms. To resolve some of these dental symptoms a root canal was performed, but it did not resolve the dental pain. Now they are waiting before they do more root canals, even though the dentists wish to perform them.

One of the features of light body symptoms is that they present as a particular symptom, but the symptoms are not resolved by the usual therapies. One has to evaluate their own understanding about their light body and guidance, in addition to gathering as much information as possible to make the best decision.

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