Dental pain

by Kathleen
(Madison, WI)

I listened to Audrey Cole's angel channeling last month and AA Haniel mentioned tooth pain as a symptom of the new light body coming in. She said that we were lucky if we had tooth pain and something about how we were the ones here living on purpose. At the time my teeth were aching and sensitive. Last night my entire left side of my mouth was extremely painful all night. It is both upper and lower and it moves around the mouth to the front sometimes. I have a huge dental history with crowns and root canals throughout. This is not isolated to one tooth. I am an acupuncturist-- so I spent much of I he night using points to relieve pain between napping. I hope this level does not stick around long. Taking OTC pain meds just make it bareable for me so I can get ready for work today. I will look into some dental detox with Premier Research Labs - thu have dental mud that pulls out toxins. I am hoping this helps this process. Lucky me! Blessings to you - Kathleen

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