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Diagnosed with brain tumor

by Marsh
(New York)

This is so strange. I mean reading this page all makes me think.

11 years ago I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. When I found out, I freaked out (silently)...and as I waited for hours in the waiting room to see my surgeon (to tell me what they were going to do to me) I was suicidal. But then suddenly an energy came over me and that thought was completely gone! I felt GREAT! I was no longer afraid. From that point on, that is when i started to "awaken." Anyway, the hard part after surgery was that everything was different. My friends were gone, I was a different person and I formed new ailments (which leads me more to this light body symptom)...
This tumor was pushing on my optic nerve and it was on my pituitary gland. I have all these ENDOCRINE ailments. But, they've gotten MUCH better and I know one day they will be gone/all better.
I just wanted to share this because, it completely goes with this page...

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Dec 05, 2011
Just wondering
by: Anonymous

I didn't know humans could get heartworms....

Jan 28, 2010
I know what you mean
by: Janet

I have been diagnosed with conjestive heart failure, Heart worm, and Mononuluceous, Phneumonia and several other ailments in the past 3 years. But, they all pass away. I think these things store in our spinal fluid through the years and as were detoxing they are being released into our blood and they distribute throughout the body. They have to be released from our systems someway right? I know that my body is doing just that. But, these diagnosis have scared me until I remember they too shall pass , and they have. Hang in there my friend. All is really well.

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