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Did a cleanse, now new symptoms

by Char

For the last two weeks I have been doing a cleanse from the health food store which was called a whole body cleanse. It had a three different formulas to take over 14 days, one fiber, one for digestion and one for the liver, all with many herbal ingredients. I didn't really notice any symptoms until after I finished the program. About 4 days ago I felt a mild lower back discomfort in the evening. When I got up in the morning and urinated, it felt like boiling water coming through and my entire urinary tract burned for a few minutes. I then was panicking because I have no health insurance and have been unemployed with very limited income since September. I have had UTI's in the past, but they have never popped up so quickly without other symptoms. My friends have all said I must go to the Doctor, but when I asked for guidance from my "team", as I call my angels, guides, teachers, etc. I got a clear "this too shall pass". So I have waited to see, drinking lots of water, pomegranate juice, herb tea, vitamin C and cranberry. My body goes from being cold to hot and back again. Last night I wanted to die. This morning, the pain is gone, but still a little burning. I will wait another day or so to see what happens. I have had so many other episodes with light body symptoms that have worked themselves out that I believe my body knows what to do, but don't want to be hard-headed or foolish. Just wondering if anyone has had an episode like this?

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Jan 30, 2010
Did a cleanse
by: Si

Hi Char


It's intent and trust that's so important.

Intent.... that we achieve our soul's mission, no matter what.

Trust.....that we are always on the right path, given that the intent to ascend is the foundation of our experiences.... no matter how bad it gets.

We are now traversing the last of many bridges, and we will soon begin to see and feel the benefit of all these many years of asceticism, abstemiousness, pain, commitment, dedication, focus, and determination.

We ARE the change that will manifest in the New Earth, and every sacrifice will have been worth the wait.

Blessings - Si

Jan 29, 2010
thank you for commenting,..
by: Char

Thank you for the input, which resonates with me. Yesterday was so much better, I am feeling gradually better, clearer. I have my thinking process back. I agree that it was a healing crisis, now that I am on the other side. I have been asking my body to release all it no longer needs for a couple of years now. This has been the most severe healing crisis yet. When I speak to my body I ask it to release anything old that is not for my highest good and to prepare me for more Light. Then a few months ago when I had a milder incident I realized that I was resisting what was coming up and resenting my body for being "weak" when I needed to be strong to survive. My guides gently made it clear to me that instead of resenting my body I should be grateful to it for protecting me for such a long time from experiencing things I wasn't ready to experience. It was then that I started being thankful for the process. I spoke to my body and, (what I realize now) are core issues coming up for me. I realized that I have been gradually peeling off layers of emotional "scum" from past experiences and pain I have stuffed all of my life. I started saying a little mantra to my pain: "I am willing to release all that no longer serves my highest good and to be purified. Thank you, body, for holding all of this for me while I healed. I appreciate what you do for me that I am not always aware of. You have done your job well and I am grateful. As for the pain, you are welcome to rise up and be seen, but you may not stay here. I release you to the Light to be transformed into more Light. Your job here is finished. Namaste." Since I have been doing this the process seems to go faster, I don't get stuck. I hope this helps someone else. Thank you for listening, thank you for your support.

Jan 29, 2010
by: Sally

Sometimes programs are too tough for us. It's good to check with a naturopath. The heat, is excess fire leaving.

The latest detox I heard is big lunch only hot water rest of day every 20 minutes. the body naturally cleanses.


Jan 29, 2010
Did a cleanse
by: Si

Hi Char

It's quite common for the body to purge itself of toxins either during or after a "body cleanse".

This is normally called a "healing crisis", and is part of the process of cleansing. All manner of deep-seated problems may surface once you give yourself permission to get rid of them.

Yes, it will pass. Just trust your body knows what it's doing....and try to refrain from passing your power to the medical profession, who will do nothing more than reverse the whole process with drug therapy.

Sit tight; think right.


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