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Disconnected from people

I myself have a huge energy sensitivity. Actually, I am sensitive to everything emotionally, mentally...even physically!

But what is very frustrating to me is not being able to feel "comfortable" around family and friends. The more friends, family or people that I come into contact with at once, the more overwhelming and uncomfortable I feel.

I still see my friends, but I get extremely cold-physically, while around them (since my vibrational level is adjusting). So not only am I uncomfortable around them emotionally, but also physically. Me and my friends are on different vibrational levels, that is why this happens.
The only helpful advice I can give with my experience, is to make friends that are on your same level.

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Oct 07, 2012
disconnected from people
by: Anonymous

I wanted to say to dear cornelia
mu heart goes out to you today your message found my email so am answering you
perhpaps if you are disconnected from people and want to leave it is a good time to go within and learn to love your self your real self sounds like you soul ( which is within you ) want to wake up ahd show you a new way to live
you do not have to die to do this only the old parts of you do
but when you let your own spirit in it is like being born again
I know this is true because aI have done so manytimes and have had all the lost and wanting to leave phases.
I let me heart and soul guide me finally even down to the simplest details and it works
I now share this and teach it for others to guide them a little and help them through these phases
we can't go back but we can go within
HEY Let yourself in '=)) learn to listen
and ask for help if you need it,
also I have met quite a few geniuses in my time here and there houses were pretty messy they had a multi - dImensional mind and tidyness was not a law or a rule it is often an illusion I met many tidy people here to and found out that maybe they weren't so clean and pristine in there own life and world don;t be fooled by illusions

great love to you Cornelia I know you are here for a reason and you are greatly loves
Anna at lightbodies and friends Canada

Oct 07, 2012
disconnected from my body
by: cornelia

im for the past 20 months disconnected from my body. im feeling so down and depress. im not visiting friends and i dont like them to come feeling very guilty the way my house look like inside, since 20 months ago i hate house cleaning. my son forced me to make a garden again, because i had a beautiful garden before i got sick. now i spend hours in the garden, dont care about cleaning my house. every day i beg to die, i dont wanna live anymore, but there is no suiside moods in me at all. i just wish i can go to sleep and never wake up. i desperately need help with my problem. i think life stinks and i hate life. i use to be a deep christian, us to love going to church and i use to work very hard in church. since i feel like this, i lost interest in everything. i hate my life and wish i never been born

Feb 09, 2012
Disconnected from people
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad there are others that are feeling the same way,for the last few months whenever I go out I can't wait to come back home.I feel the energy of other people so strongly,also the way they speak is so negative at times.It's becoming harder and harder to socialize.I guess we have to adjust not only physically but mentally and emotionally,for me having faith in the Universe and their guidance is my answer,realizing how many of us are feeling the same way is also comforting.Thank you...

Jan 26, 2010
there is a place for sharing
by: Annula

I'm Anna and I ama lightbody being
me too I felt so alone and disconnected from people who were not so hmm well evolved into light for so long
Now I teach/share/facilitate it in workshops and groups
It started out in my home as a sharing and as a class for meditation
It works !!! Now all the bodies find me, I callit Lightbodiesandfriends
as it is what I am though of course I am more than this
Anyways I feel compelled to share this with you
and love love love this site too

great light
there are also groups of us studying and sharing under channelers such as Bashar and Ramtha the enlightened one, one of the forums I share and connect withis Bashar;s forum on Yahoo
my lightbody took me there
it has been a gift for me to find others to realte to equally no judgements and brilliant minds and lightbodies
I know of many more places we can meet and discuss and share online

Jan 25, 2010
Replying to yes yes and yes!
by: Marsh.

Exactly! Our "old" friends or family miss the old us, but we are no longer that same person. We are now aware/awakening concoius people, on a different level then them. Please don't ever feel guilty about anything, because you need to live for YOU. You are living for you, noone else.
And I'm finding the same thing as you said, I feel the best when I'm alone or out and about (while being near people) but not interacting. I'm just in a tiny depression now only because I can't exactly leave my room because of this coldness I have. It's winter here, so basically that means it's hibernating season for me =P
I also want to tell you, it may seem nearly impossible to find friends on the same level as us (in real life, not just online)...but it is possible! All you need to do is stop thinking it's hard to find friends on the same level (I have to do this too) and they will come.. ;)

Jan 25, 2010
Yes, yes, and yes!
by: Anonymous

I am blown away by how my symptoms match others on this site. Ten years ago they started and have continued, but I couldn't find anyone who related in my own life. Especially family and "old" friends.
My family, especially my children, think I am overly sensitive to everything, and just want me to be the person they knew, which is impossible. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not there for them like I used to be, friends also, but it is imperative that I do what is best for myself at this time. There is nothing more important than my spiritual growth at this time. Ditto to everything you've shared here, and yes, it would be best to find new friends who are at the same level, but even that is difficult, except in places like this site. Sometimes I long for a real physical person to share experiences with over tea, but those events are few and far between. I have felt so alone, and actually am more at ease when I'm alone, so seeing so many here on the site is comforting. I guess we have to just keep on keepin' on. I believe it will be worth the effort to be here and participate in what is to come. Thank you to everyone who shares so openly and honestly here.

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