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dizzy and ringing ears

by Kayla
(middletown, CT)

I was cooking, I felt fine, then when I lifted my head up I felt like dizzy, like that kind of black out people get from sitting to long, but I just had my head down to put potatoes on a plate from the stove? I felt the blacking out feeling but normally that goes away so I wait and try to snap out of it, I was getting worse. Fast, I started rubbing and splashing cold water on my face, I felt hot all of a sudden and pressure in my head on the upper sides, then the loud ringing in my head. It was so loud, it made me nauseous a bit and more dizzy, I tried to calm down and fell into a seat to snap out of it, the ringing was so loud and my ears felt like they popped like when u go up a mountain, I couldn't really hear my bf talking to me I was scared it wouldn't go away, when I spoke it sounded like 5 of me talking at once, it was so distorted and the buzzing was painful.. my throat hurt around my glands and it was like they were inflated when I felt them. When it was over I felt very very weak, and hot, my head hurt like a pressure my glands felt like I had been yelling at the top of my lungs and we're very ears hurt but felt like they just popped the buzzing went away slowly like it just got lower till I didn't hear it.

I have been doing meditations for about a week to activate my 3rd eye and balance my heart chakra ... it lasted for like 5 minutes I think Idk it was happening slow and fast at once, and i felt sick from the buzzing but still ate dinner later lol with no problem

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