Ebony and Ivory

by Sydney Lynn Lok
(Walsenburg, Colorado)

Come Home To Your Soul...The Dance

Come Home To Your Soul...The Dance

I am experiencing the keys on the piano fully, not hiding from them. Really experiencing 3D so I can swim below and fly above when the emotions of duality pop me out of it. I also have experienced strange pains, aching gums, legs becoming heavy, lungs which became short of breath as if walking Kilimanjaro. Sinus pain,plugged ears and flying and falling. I've felt invisible, then too visible...alone very alone and yet I have faith we will find each other and build the immaculate Big Heart together. The teeter-totter has shifted and we are sliding as gracefully as we can to the Other Side. My body tends to desire to be an aquarium of water and nutrients, (ok, very full-bodied) and really knows it is for a reason of holding the Light. Keep your minds and hearts open, for when you least expect it, you will be able to walk upon what you perceive as great burdens as you walk on water. Yes, one day we will be that light. Be open to the messages coming out of the moist and resonate airs breathing and swimming through your bodies now.


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Sep 21, 2009
Swimming with the tide
by: Anonymous

Yes Syd, we are all in process, and it can be weird on this physical plane. But with the transition to light, comes release. Bear with it...R

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