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EL RA MIN RAY of B'Hai Elohim

Twelve Elohim were delegated to create this world and solar system. All twelve are embodied now to experience and shepherd the conscious ascension of the planet. Some of us are Archangels, under cover. One of our pod-ners is the Primary Soul of Melchizedek, also under cover.

Remembering that "As it is above, so it is below," Source channels to the Primary Soul of Melchizedek the sacred geometric artwork to manifest the portals, calendars of events and the transformation of Homo sapiens to Homo luminus. Homo luminus has also been called Homo dei, meaning man-god. These patterns are expressed in automatic art on large pieces of paper in crayon and colored pencils. December 21st, 2012 is under “construction” now and may be in an infinity loop as large as 48 feet long, supported by two 9-foot high pillars of additional instructions.

The changes in the DNA and the expansion of the 144-akanaic cells behind the thymus to virtually every cell in the body create a Christed body. In-depth explanations of this process and its consequences are provided by Ekara, a cosmic sovereign being of free energy, in the free on-line course, Mastering the Grand Illusions, found in the Holoroom of There was much that Ekara does not explain and is offered as a complement now.

Many of you know that the human body is morphing from a mortal carbon-based body to an immortal crystalline-based body. You may also know that the dormant DNA strands are being activated. Ekara explains that humans have 2 bio strands, the double helix, plus 71 strands of energy and 71 strands of Spirit. The 72nd strand controls time and space. This is the strand that governs the body's immortality. Your ageing sacks will be restored to youthful bodies.

In addition, Ekara explains how the strands are connected with infinity bridges to one-another and to ALL conscious matter everywhere. The Atlanteans had over 2,000 strands. Homo luminus will be more advanced than the Atlanteans and Lemurians. The DNA of the Homo luminus will appear to be a flower opening. (Reminds me of the Flower of Life).

Homo luminus will be communicating with the consciousness of stones and bedrock, the waters, the clouds, the animals and the plants. Partnerships and agreements will be forged between the Homo luminus and the kingdoms of plants, animals and minerals. Love, aloha and cooperation will be the basis of the agreements. Homo luminus is empowered to manifest whatever it wants to meet its needs.

The following is not widely known and certainly will be soon after this writing on 9.12.09. Since the period of duality is over, the two hemispheres of the neo-cortex are growing together as one brain. The corpus callosum that bridges the hemispheres and the reptilian brain are both disappearing. The pineal gland, located in the center of the head, is growing significantly in size and function. The major decisions will shift from the brains within the skull to the neuro-cardial cells of the heart, where they currently comprise 65-70%.

In short, Homo luminus will be making heart-centered decisions from its immortal crystalline-based body. Its attitudes will change radically, as will its choices about food, partners... virtually everything will be affected, as will the multiverses. Homo sapiens are not capable of imagining what heaven on earth will be. Homo luminus will create an unprecedented heaven on earth.


I AM EL RA MIN RAY of the B’Hai Elohim.

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Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

so who exactly is EL RA MIN RAY. In human form?
I hear so many claim to be this or that reincarnation of this or that great being. What are you doing NOW to assist others in this shift or change for homosapien to homo luminus?

There just seemed to be a lot of undercover stuff which goes against all the new energy teachings or advise about all things being in the open - where the ascended and the angelic are stepping forward and identifying themselves and their part in the shift.

be interesting to hear your comments -

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