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Electric Storm

by George K
(Minneapolis Minnesota,USA)

I was in a Summer Night Electric Storm and ever since I have had a very high amount of Energy but this does not bother me at all--The wonderful feeling of Joy and Happiness flows through me always--back in 1980 I ran to a park down the block and a High Energy flowed through me that seemed has cause Lightening in the Sky--it wasn't myself that made this happen about 5 times lifting my arm in the airLight struck off in the Sky
then I ran around in the Park and Lightening was all above in the Sky--then Lightening went all the way across the Sky!--and then flashed across a stick three times as a small current of electricity --not sure what to say but there was no harm I felt nothing bad and since then I have had Sensitive Energy--and see Angels when I ask to see them!

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