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Embracing change.

by Sharon.
(Heathcote Valley Christchurch New Zealand.)

While we are all experiencing the expansion of light in different ways its great to hear and share how we each do feel and experience this as its all so so new and fast and different and exciting, sometimes scary, its comforting to share others experiences too. I go through huge periods of expansion and understanding then suddenly fall flat, even hopeless at times but never loosing faith in the great plan. Its important to support each other no matter where we are at in this most amazing journey.

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Feb 23, 2010

Hi Sharon,
You are right, these are amazing times and some days are like dancing in cold peanut butter, can't, others joyous, others all the past is coming up to slap us in the face and be acknowledged and released, oh the h--- that is, and I find these days are like one tsunami after another and when I said bring it all on, all I need to release and let go of, as much as I can handle with ease and grace I got taken at my word, so I laugh and cry through the birthing process as we are all moving more and more into our new light bodies and who we always have been, easy, NOT, but let us join hands and hearts energetically as we all swim upstream together!NAMASTE VALERIE

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