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Energy and drained at the same time

Hi mashubi, It has been for over a week now, the muscles in my back are in knots, my legs are heavy and the bottoms of my feet are in pain.I have been extremely tired and distant.I am more aware than ever and I am loaded with energy, Is this making any sense? It is hard to explain. I feel as if I have led weights on my feet.Spiritually there is a lot going on for me. My spin feels very different. I am cautious of what I am saying. I just wanted to know if anyone was experiencing this. Thanks Karen

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Aug 17, 2009
Yes ...
by: Mashubi

Yes, when light moves into our bodies and opens up areas that may carry blockage, it can hurt, or spasm, or become hot or cold, or have strange sensations. I have found that some areas of my body carry memories from injuries I've had, or even from other lives. If I am having a lot of trouble or pain, sometimes getting bodywork can help in releasing places that feel stuck.

And yes, sometimes these kind of sympotms can be medical issues, but sometimes they are not! Or sometimes they look like medical issues but the symptoms don't respond to traditional treatments. I can be quite confusing!

I am noticing recently some 'healing crises' where some chronic aches and pains are 'coming to a head' either with an infection, or a flare up. I hold these flare ups as opportunities for deeper healing, and I have noticed in the past two months or so that more light seems to be available for deeper healing. I am very grateful for this!

Aug 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
I too have these pains that just don't want to leave.
It's my foot and left leg. I keep complaining to MD they try to tell me it's the problem due to restricted blood supply to my foot.(Because of the pain.) I,as a retired nurse know that that doesn't compute. Since reading others specific area pains, I'm inclined to believe it's due to something, other than the usual aches and pains.
Thank you for giving us a space to vent to others. It's nice to know others have the similar problems at this particular time. Especially for those of us who don't seem to have others around us who think on the spiritual level we are at the present time,nad can't seem to communicate with another Human at this time. Blessings. A rebel

Jul 15, 2009
help..i've got a catch in my getalong
by: angelunaware

Speaking of back spasms...holy cow..i thought i was the only one.. sometimes my breathe catches and i wonder if its going to stop.. i thought something was doctor says no everything appears fine so what is this spasm got to do with vibration enlightenment or ascention?

Jul 11, 2009
I understand
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Karen,

Yes, I find a lot that I feel quite drained as well. Many people are having very unique and very intense light body experiences right now. I can barely keep up with it all. For me the drained feeling seems to be an energetic phenomenon that relates to where I am physically. Some places carry more light and so I feel less burdened, dense or heavy when I am there. I feel more supported and energized, but I also feel more energetic difficulty and intensity. I am experiencing back spasms and knots recently as well. Thank you for sharing! With much love.

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