Energy Enigma

by Dawn Marie

Throughout the day I feel energies mostly in my feet and a gentle tingling of electricity...I feel electric nudges in my 7 bodily chakras...mostly chakras 1,2,4 and 7...I believe these are my guardians and possibly my twin energies letting me know they are with me...I am also highly sensitive to sound energies...Throughout the day I here taps on windows in my house or in car windows...At home my Mom also hears first we thought birds were flying into the windows but quickly realized there was nothing there...A few times it was so loud..a very loud "thump" I visualized a baseball coming through the window...but like always...just the loud thump noise lacking any material evidence...very strange...Several years ago within a one year period...always while in my prior residence...I experienced 5 spontaneous orgasms...Freaked me out...These happened while putting makeup on...while standing in kitchen...and while in my garage...I felt a warm energy surround me and then I would have the most intense orgasm...It would last about 15-20 seconds...It was the most intense..incredible feeling...this went on for about a year 2011-2012...Have not had any spontaneous orgasms since then..but continue to experience bodily nudges and feelings of ecstacy usually leading me to induce an orgasm...I believe this to be my twin energy...I have been highly sensitive since 2011..Have also been seeing the same numbers for clocks...license plates...33 very common and 10:44..I was born 11-09-65... Any feedback on my experiences would be greatly appreciated...Not many people can relate to my experiences..Thank you..Dawn Marie

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