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Energy experiences

by Meg

Hello. I can relate to everything you have said about energy. I am a teacher, and I always have to change my clothes at the end of a day. The energies from the students are all laden upon me! I also find having a shower really works if I feel particularly overloaded. I am also finding that I have an increasing urge to clear out my bedroom space and spring clean my wardrobe. I feel like shedding unwanted layers.
Recently I had the experience of being overwhelmed by energies coming from a range of friends who were having issues around children and babies. It was very intense. I have had to increase my boundaries practice, as the energies seem to be very strong at present.
Thanks for your site. Its great.

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Jun 09, 2010
Wow this is incredible
by: Jimmy

My body is transforming into light. The process started about six months ago when I believe I experienced a kundilini rising. Since then I have undergone a major spiritual transformation, and now I can tell when I meditate that I am full of light. I feel incredible 24/7. I never even knew this was possible. I haven't met anybody else who has experienced this, so I would like to connect with somebody who I can talk to about it. My e-mail is


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