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Energy feelings

by Sue Holmer
(Omaha Ne)

When listening to music there is music that I can not listen to it hurts my ears and makes me feel agitated. This can be the energy of music that I like as well as some modern music. I have to listen to most music on low, this helps alot.

I am sensitive to energy around me at home, I just get the feeling of "throw everything away" I feel like I just want an open clear area in the house. What helps is rearranging and putting some things up out of the way. I feel like I have to just keep adapting and paying attention to how I feel. I tend to make myself sick if I feel overloaded perhaps to give myself permission to cut back or not do something.

What is very useful to me lately is practicing shamanism such as journeying and paying attention to animals and nature. I seem to be overly sensitive to people around me, taking on their feelings and sometimes characteristics. I have to be very careful and ask myself if feelings I have are mine or someone elses.

It often can be as simple to clear as saying to myself "This is not mine, go away" It seems to get better as time goes on because I can dismiss alot of angry, sad or negative thoughts quickly since I know they are not mine. I also use the imagery of white light and divine shielding especially calling on angels to wrap their strong wings around me.

I feel the vibrations in the earth and in the atmosphere often, when noticing these feelings I pay closer attention to my surroundings and take time to ask myself if something is needed. I often send healing energy to the room, house or neighborhood if I feel this. I also am reminded to be grateful that I can feel the vibrations of my surroundings and I give thanks to my spirit guides and spirit animals for being there. I thank the universe, I thank the Divine.

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