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Energy going out of my head

by Jimmy

I'm curious to see if anybody else is having experiences similar to mine. I wrote about this before, but this time I want to give more details, because I would like some insight into exactly what is happening here, if anybody can help. It started when I was meditating in my car. My body started trembling, and for a moment I felt like I was going to have an orgasm. Then the energy went up my spine, and when it arrived at my head I felt paralyzed, and I couldn't catch my breath. At that point, I felt the most incredible feeling of ecstasy I have ever experienced. For several minutes, I was enraptured in a feeling of intense joy, and I knew that everything in the world is exactly as its supposed to be. I had the sense that all of our worries and doubts are trivial, and that the grand scheme of life is better than I had ever imagined. I felt drugged for the next two days, and I never wanted the feeling to go away.

Since then, I have felt a constant tingling in my forehead, the back of my head, and on my crown. When I meditate, I immediately feel energy moving up my spine and out of the top of my head. Then, after a while, I feel energy entering my body through the crown of my head and storing itself at the back of my head. It starts to tickle at the back of my head, and I consciously and semivoluntarily pump the energy from the back of my head down into my body. This entire process feels good, and I always feel rejuvenated afterward. These sensations are not subtle. They are overwhelming.

At one point, I started spontaneously doing thai chi movements. I have never done thai chi before, but I did it naturally and gracefully as if I have been doing it all my life. I had never even seen somebody do thai chi for more than a few seconds. It felt very good to do it.

I have been having very vivid dreams of flying and other spiritual dreams. I dreamed last night that I said, "I love satan." That scared me. I'm not a devil worshipper, and in fact I don't even believe in Satan. Other than that, my dreams have been wonderful. I recently dreamed that I flew out of my body and went to a place where there were other disembodied souls. It was amazing, and extremely vivid. I never wanted it to end.

I have a few questions:

I understand I must be going through a transformation, but I wonder how long it lasts. I has been going on for about nine months now. Will it last forever?

Am I correct in believing that the energy leaving my body is negative energy and the energy entering is spiritual energy?

I understand that there are a lot of people going through the same thing, but I have yet to meet anybody else. How many of us are there? Is everybody destined to become transformed? Why does it seem like business as usual for the rest of the world?

This transformation has made me much more easy going and less stressed. I trust more in the divine, and I appreciate more the magnificence of life and nature. I am devoted to leading a life of service to humanity, and I have been receiving insights into the purpose of life and why we are here.

I can't wait to see where this takes us. We are on a very exciting journey.

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Jul 05, 2015
Answers to above questions
by: Anonymous

I am going to answer the above questions per my connection to what some understand as universal knowledge, or a connection with guides, teachers, and angels. That connection, and hence the experiences described here, are all one and of the same in the end, all coming from the same source, so to speak. :)

Q: Tai Chi movements

A: It's a rememberance of something you learned in a past life. That memory is transmitted through the energy you now channel. It is part of activating your Lightbody within this incarnation. Mastering physical movements to the point of automatic performance while mastering the position of one's consciousness during such an act is a capability of Lightbody development. Doing it without formal training in this life is a part of your total memory of all lives. Think of it as an attention getter to open up to truth.

Q: I love Satan

A: Satan is a negative description of a theme of fear. That negative influence can only affect ones being if ones belief is solidified in such fear. Satan as a being serves a role to induce fear, or the illusion of that which is to be learned in this dimension, that being that in reality, there is nothing to fear, as life in spirit is true eternal life. To say one loves Satan in a spiritual moment is a communication from universal knowledge of the fact that universal love is the only true real state. Anything else is illusion to stage the environment to learn such lessons to transcend.

Q: I understand I must be going through a transformation, but I wonder how long it lasts. I has been going on for about nine months now. Will it last forever?

A: Everyone is different. Everyone has their lessons to learn in this life that place limitations on realizing the unconditional love of everything. For some, it takes lifetimes to learn these lessons, which is a good thing, which is why we are all here, and so it is ok. Spirit guides are always with us and there are no wrong ways to do things as everyone is important. However, to be given clues, hints, and taps on the shoulder, is a message to acknowledge, like a signpost of direction, to walk a certain way. Will it last forever? Just know there is a plan and go with the flow. Ask for continued direction and keep that connection for more. Do your homework as hinted at and more doors may open. The pace is not important, but the scenery along the way. Acknowledge the gifts of spirit with gratitude.

Q: Am I correct in believing that the energy leaving my body is negative energy and the energy entering is spiritual energy?

A: Think of it as more of the mother and the father, as we all are an aspect of that. As above, so below. Gaia, mother earth gives as does the father of spirit, or what is known as God. Each energy, whether from the earth coming up through us, or from above, coming down into us, is energy that cleanses us and removes the lower vibrations held within us. It is much akin to a dim light being illuminated. It is these energies that assist us with advancing our Lightbody while in incarnation. It is the male and female energies that are truly a part of our spiritual selves. It is our goal in this life and past lives to find that balance again within a physical body to awaken during incarnation our true spiritual selves.

Q: I understand that there are a lot of people going through the same thing, but I have yet to meet anybody else. How many of us are there? Is everybody destined to become transformed? Why does it seem like business as usual for the rest of the world?

A: Yes, there are others. In this time in earth history, the energies now coming through into this dimension are of such a nature to lead man into a natural evolvement into the next phase of humanity and life. It can be understood as the introduction to this world of the 4th dimensional human, life, and planet. In other words, the physical manifestation of heaven on earth. There will be many demonstrations of this, but it will take time. The illusion of this world is a good one and it has served it's purpose for many thousands of years. The descriptions here in this post are the beginnings of what is occurring. Many will lead the way in time and it will change much of this world as we know it. However, business as usual will still encompass many people's lives, and that is ok. The mere fact that people are discussing their experiences will bring about further eliminations of fear and more and more people will learn the truth. It is not a matter of if. It is happening now.
**Just as many here do not know why what they experience is what it is. I do not know why I know what I know and how I know it. I am just grateful for the communication and all that has happened. Can't not do what I do. With that said, don't stop doing what you are doing to spread the Light. :)

Jul 04, 2015
In reply......
by: Keith M


You said the following:

I have a few questions:

I understand I must be going through a transformation, but I wonder how long it lasts. I has been going on for about nine months now. Will it last forever?

Mine has been with me since 2009/10 and has never left. At first it was wild and moved around a lot but after a few months it settled and is now constant. It intensifies according to my level of presence.

Am I correct in believing that the energy leaving my body is negative energy and the energy entering is spiritual energy?

Not exactly. There is no real negative energy. You are a constant flow of energy, brand new a billion times a second. You are becoming aware of your true nature, as eternal flowing energy. Your assumption is a natural left brained interpretation of the improved vibrational states your right brain detects through your experience.

I understand that there are a lot of people going through the same thing, but I have yet to meet anybody else. How many of us are there?

Only One....experiencing its self as many.

Is everybody destined to become transformed?

See the above Q ☺. It is inevitable.

Why does it seem like business as usual for the rest of the world?

There is no rest of the world. It is all You, reflected back to your self. Go deeper and witness the irrelevance of the rest of the world. It appears the way you see it only because of WHEN you believe you exist. If you were able to peer into physicality 1000 years from now you would see how transformed the planet is. That existence is Now, and here. Your point of focus in Time provides you with the perfect opportunities to transcend from your viewpoint. That is its only purpose.

This transformation has made me much more easy going and less stressed. I trust more in the divine, and I appreciate more the magnificence of life and nature. I am devoted to leading a life of service to humanity, and I have been receiving insights into the purpose of life and why we are here.

Excellent. But....remember to serve with detachment, out of unconditional Love, not out of any need to serve whereby you hope to change the world. There is nothing to be achieved within the perfection of Creation. There is no physical....only the experience of it. Dont get hooked on the content of a world which goes nowhere and does nothing. It drives form to look within and in that function it is already perfect.

Learn more:

Jun 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

You're all special.

Jun 03, 2015
White Shaft of Light to Chest
by: Anonymous

I regularly meditate but this exceptional experience I had occurred years before I began meditation.

It was back in December, 1999, during Xmas while I was watching the Pope on TV doing his Xmas address from the Vatican. At that point in my life I wasn't religious and after his speech, I thought to myself how difficult it must be for him because, really, he's just a normal man like anyone else on this planet. As soon as that thought passed, a white shaft of light, maybe 6 ins. in diameter, hit me hard on the chest and the most overwhelming feeling of love and well being ensued.

This continued for about 30 seconds. During that time, not only did I experience the intense euphoria, but I also 'saw', in my mind, 6 or 7 old men in white robes who seemed a little surprised at my reaction. You see, during this experience, I keep saying over and over in my mind that I wasn't worthy of this incredible deluge of love and joy.

After the light dissipated, my face was wet from tears of joy. It took my quite a while to realize what had just happened and I have since wished, to no avail, that it would occur again.

Years later I began chakra meditation regularly and I have always felt the sensation on my forehead and cheeks during the meditation process. This becomes more intense during kundalini meditation.

I have become a spiritualist since having this experience and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind of the hereafter. What I experienced was far more real than anything I have experienced in my daily day-to-day living.

May 07, 2015
Everything is energy
by: Anonymous


I had a similar experience starting 2.5 years ago. Mine began after Reiki attunements and meditation practice. I started to notice that when I exhaled, there was a little tingle of energy that came in through the top of my head and washed down my body through my feet. When I first did it, it took effort and practice. My teacher at the time told me it was my crown chakra opening. I had started a spiritual journey a few months prior and I am basically your average Joe, so this was surprising to me. But I was doing alot of reading of different spiritual books and had a dedicated personal meditation routine going. Today I think it is all about our intention and what we ask of the universe. There is alot of truth in ask and it is given. Sometimes we ourselves are our own limiters.

Anyway, today it is just as many of you have said below. The in breath, energy up from the earth, the out breath, energy down from spiritual realm. It is all light. It is what we are made of and it is the fabric of this world and beyond, and what many call heaven. This is available to all via free will. Some get an invitation and alot of faith is needed to move forward with it. It's OK, there's nothing to fear. Think of it as the energy centers of your being are lighting up. I myself struggled with what was happening for quite some time.

This is a blessing, as the Light that flows through you shines on others in ways we are not aware of. I have been around certain people where I feel the energy rushing through me. Today when that happens I just know there's a reason for it, someone needs it, and I just accept it.

One thing that happened to me was that as time went on and the energy ramped up, I went through an internal cleansing. The end result was a sort of burning up of my ego self. It's different for everyone, but the same nonetheless. We are light channelers, light anchors, light sharers. I call it the unbelievable believable.

I've tried to talk to some people about it. Basically, my teacher is the only person I can relate to presently. My friends and family don't understand and I pretty much keep quite about it. I remember before all of this happened wondering about ancient martial arts Masters and how they used Chi. Today I just know it as God. I jokingly refer to the whole process as "God switch on!"

Good luck to everyone. Don't fret too much about the details of it all. Ask yourself and the answers will come through the Light. Trust your own feelings and intuitions. Just take your time and know there's a reason for it all. Just try to be and enjoy every moment!

Feb 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

I hope this helps. keep the ego in check.
We are all equally capable of awakening to truth and the illusion of separation from one another and from god, universe, spirit or whatever currently works for you.
A few years ago, I had a similar experience that started with a profound desire to understand life's purpose. Followed by vibrations in body, energy going up the spine, the energy in the hands and head, etc. I agree, the feeling is beyond magnificent but don't get caught up on the feeling alone for there is a much grater opportunity. For me, what followed was a "rebooting" of self. Focusing within and not outside. I learned how to manage my personal energy (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) A daily meditation practice is a wonderful tool. Last but not least - Live from your heart. Enjoy the journey....

Dec 14, 2014
Hello Jimmy
by: Anonymous

I read about your experience and I have answers for you dear. I too am having a similar experience but different. I just recently became spiritual myself. All my life I have been researching answers of why we are. I have tried almost every kind of spiritualism that there is out there. I found that I was being attacked every night. I know you said you don't believe in satan but hear me out. I beleived in God my whole life but listened to other people and their beliefs and tried to fit God into all that. This past August I felt something very strong in my heart telling me to look towards God so I started reading the king james bible. I'm so glad I did. I'm getting closer and closer to God. I have been praying everyday and going to church and a couple of months ago I started to feel the tingling on my head I know there is something spiritual going on. I have seen Jesus several times and had encounters with Him.I asked Him to show me that He is real and that He loves me and to save me before I seen Him because i was confused and He showed me. What is going on is the world is being spiritually open to something that is about to happen.The reason why you are dreaming that you said you love satan is because he thinks your his child he is claiming you in a way because in a way I believe that God might be separating His from the devils. I don't mean to scare you and I'm not messing with you.When we are not all for God and we are practicing other things besides christianity that opens a door for satan.Even if you aren't practicing satanism it's all the same apart from chritiananity. I believe Jesus is coming back very soon so you have got to choose where you want to spend eternity.Believe me hell is not a pretty place there is a reason for its name.God made us in His image so therefore we have our own free will thats why there is evil in the world.Jesus is the only way to heaven He died on the cross for us so we can repent our sins and be forgiven.It is no accident that I felt the need to tell you this we are all Gods children and He does not want us to parish. Please accept Jesus and repent.Read the bible and get saved. There are 2 more blood moons coming and its in the bible we are in the last and final hours.God Bless You and I hope you make the right decision beloved.

Dec 11, 2014
Me too!
by: Keith

Greetings Earthlings!

I had a spectacular awakening in 2009 which led to this energy settling into my head in 2010 after very deep daily meditations.

Mine started at my 3rd eye and within a week had spread up my forehead, over the top of my head, down to cover my ears, and then spread down to the tip of my nose and half way down each side of my jaw line, as if I am wearing a helmet of energy.

It feels like living energetic magnetism. It moves and swirls, backs off when I'm busy, but never totally goes away, and then it bursts into life again the moment I become present. It is amazing!

My question is similar. What do I do with it? I do play with it. I stretch it, contract it, boom it out into the Universe, then pull it back again. I can feel it with my fingers 6 inches from my skin and it reacts to that interaction as if in acknowledgement. I feel the crown and 3rd eye centres literally rotating which is all wonderful, but what else do I do with it?

It's so good to know I'm not alone experiencing this.

Blessings to you all.


Nov 19, 2014
I feel strong energy in Crawn (head)chakra..
by: Anonymous

Hello ,Thank you for wonderful website. I am also very curious to know about Kundalini.When I was 10 yrs old I started meditating "Hinduism" I was feeling Kundalini shakti.I was 5 yrs old my parents observed that whatever dream coming to me is getting true.I am now 35 yrs old Lady,IT enggineer.During kundalini activation I gone through pain.Allways having too much pain in spine,neck,back,Limbs I was not able to walk or sit or breath.Many years I had Asthma,Neck & Lumbar spondilosyss.During activation of Kundalini I felt strong vibrations ,heat & cold in spine,cry & laugh,Some yogik kriyas,Devine smell,different sounds in ears,& Shaking of body & tilting of neck, less Menustrial flow increase in weight.Till 2 years back my Kundalini was stopping upto neck chakra & One day I felt neck chakra revolved Since then I started feeling Strong energy in Crown Chakra . My spiritual Guru done "Shaktipaat" on me When I was 21 yrs old.
But I allways feel detached from physical world.My energy was denying me to keep relations or talk to negative energy people.All complecated relationship no love no humanity no child... Perhaps God has created such circumstances for me & I am glad I blessed with Spiritual unbelievable devine experiences & power ..I dont no how long it will take for opening Crown Chakra .My last journey of a soul..Salvation! Om ..Om!

Jun 02, 2014
In a dream.
by: Anonymous

I've had a few of these experiences. The first one being the most vivid and intense. It actually happened to me in a dream. In the dream I was laying down surrounded by a group of people. A man touched my forehead and I felt overwhelmed with "energy". It filled up my body and came out the top of my head. For a couple of months afterward life was very vivid and I had clarity for the first time in my life. The experiences I've had lately occur when I'm half asleep/mediation. Sometimes the energy comes out and sometimes not. There is usually a very loud rumbling in my ears. Sometimes I feel the need to fight it and sometimes not. I've also had dark forces try to enter me in these states. I think a channel was opened.

And no I don't think I'm special. But certainly blessed.

Feb 18, 2014
uniquc experence
by: Anonymous

a short time after a strange vision i would rather not go into now i was interpreting my dreams believing u create ur own dream symbols etc any way i came to a realization regarding a dream i was working on i realized the person from work i was dreaming of was really my mother next thing i know my body opened up flow of energy coming out top of head i got scared feeling i would die or not be anymore if energy left me i started to press down on top of my head so energy could not excape it was a great feeling but scary too that was in the 1980 s i wish i could feel that again this time i would let energy flow out of me how can i make this happen again what was it why me been searching for answers for yrs but most of the world is asleep or misunderstand the way things work

May 29, 2013
Energy going leaving the head
by: mysticismseekers

My uncle who has done vipasana practice for about 2-3 years is also experience the similar condition but in his case its much more strong in a sense that his find difficulty while walking. feelwhirlpool of energy leaving his head and some times its directed into earth. Cabn any one tell what to do now ?

Sep 05, 2012
What a great way to be special...2
by: Anonymous

If this helps, I will lay it on the line. A spontaneous kundalini awakening is nothing special. And if it was an experience that you had or are still having regularly, it doesn’t make you special as it didn’t make me special. An ego (especially a well developed spiritual ego) would love to strengthen itself with an argument that makes it one of the “humble elite” but, in the end, that strapping, would-be spiritual adventurer and athlete is desperately attempting to convince itself into actual existence. It’s a great place for seekers to grab onto something, to hang on and get stuck. If there is such a thing as a spiritual path, this is a great way to put down roots in the middle of it and get stuck right there and you won’t be moving for awhile. You’ve discovered a high-intensity trip and if the intensity is high, it must be significant and real, right?
Since then, it has become clear that this and other really cool spiritual stuff is just a light show in the space of awareness. A spontaneous kundalini awakening can apparently happen to anyone at any time and it, in no way, reflects upon your own personal level of enlightenment and has no bearing whatsoever upon your own personal level of development, spiritually or otherwise.
And this was just what you needed to read.

In love…

Sep 05, 2012
What a great way to be special...
by: Anonymous

Part 1
Hi. A spontaneous kundalini awakening is interesting but can try to convince you that you are one of the few special ones and can also cause immense fear when the intensity seems to rise above the felt 10,000 volt level. It can feel that it is about to become too much to bear and that it is about to obliterate you at any moment.
I knew nothing about it when it happened to me about 20 years ago. I was generally able to maintain a somewhat fascinated, experimental approach for a few months but I had absolutely no idea what it was.
Although I was fascinated by it, I finally just wanted it to go away and leave me alone because I never knew when it was coming and it was anything other than rejuvenating.
Fortunately, or so I thought at the time, it seemed that with will and even prayer (although I was and am not convinced of the existence of a conventional God) the intensity subsided and after about a year. What had begun as an energetic explosion in my body that seemed weird, special, somehow cool and some kind of proof of either my own personal madness, specialness or both had become a burden, keeping me awake and at times terrorizing me with the threat of an indiscriminate, uncontrollable, pulsating, electrical fire that fought for total possession of my body from within.

About six years later I finally discovered the concept of kundalini and immediately recognized what had happened to me years before. If only I had known then what it was. Perhaps I would have been able to have let go and to have let it burn away that which was not true. Perhaps it would have devoured the very same virtual ego-self that later recognized the experience as being special by giving it apparent confirmation that it was “one of the chosen few”. (continued…)

Jul 23, 2011
by: Rob

I have had the same type of experience. I joined an open circle at my local spirtualist church. The first day I went they did a lead meditation. The person taking the circle walked round us while we were meditating & held her hand over us. When she finally reached me I had the most strangest feeling. I felt like a battery being re energised and then to be followed by a bright light being switched on in my head it was the most weirdest feeling I had ever felt. I came away from the circle feeling great. I went back again the next week & once again during meditation had the most strangest feeling. I this time I had this amazing energy shoot up my spine and out of the top of my head. It was amazing. The next week I had the same sort of experience but this time I can only describe it as being surrounded by love. I only got this sensation a couple of times when going to the circle a lot of the time I got nothing.

Aug 02, 2010
Thank you!
by: Jimmy

I'm so excited that so many people commented on this. All if your comments are extremely encouraging and insightful. It feels good to know that others understand what I'm going through. My wife thinks I'm crazy, and so do my law partners. But the story is so incredible, especially to me, that I can't help but share it. Before this happened, I had no idea a person could experience such ecstasy. I has never even heard the word kundilini. Now my eyes are opened to am entirely néw realm of existence full of infinite possibilities. My fear based thinking is on the brink of extinction. I'm able to step outside of my thoughts and operate from a higher level most of the time.
One negative I didn't mention is that the energy going into my crown is so overwhelming that it causes my head to tilt back and my face to clench up. I have caught myself doing that in front of people. They probay think I have some kind of neurological problem. It's interesting how little I stress about it, though. It's barely worth mentioning. It actually feels good when that happens.
A few times a day it will become so intense that I hear ringing in my ears and this wawawawa sound, and I see geometric patterns in my head. And if I try I can pretty much make that happen anytime by just opening my mouth really wide and tilting my head back. I just did it twice. It reminds me of when I used to do whip it's in college, but better.
I'm completely dumbfounded by this incredible blessing. The ramifications of this are enormous. God does exist! Holy Smokes! And he or she's right here inside each and every one of us! And we are going to live forever! And it's going to get better and better for all eternity! Is anybody else coming out of their skin? This is about a billion times better than winning the lottery. Reality is better than I had ever imagined. It's better than any paradise I could have described a year ago. I feel so grateful.

Aug 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you have a good understanding of what you're going through and are staying out of fear, so that's good. As far as doing the Tai Chi, you may have been familiar with it in another lifetime and that's why it comes so easily to you. I used to to Yoga poses when I was 14 yrs old without instruction and many years later I found out I was doing them all properly.

The questions that you are asking are somewhat difficult to answer but I'll share with you what I have learned so far. How long will this transformation last and will it go on forever? Well, it's different for everyone and everybody is at a different point in their Spiritual path. Different Karma, different blueprint, different mission to be here. I've been going through this for a few years and I know of others that have been at it for 15 to 20 years.

You asked if the energy leaving your body was negative energy and the energy entering was Spiritual energy? When we do clearing and releasing, yes that energy can be negative but not all energy leaving the body is negative. Some of us are here to anchor light into the Earth. I feel a very big constant pulse of energy coming out of my feet and it is to my understanding that this energy is being anchored into the Earth. It's kindof like giving Earth "Reiki Healing". There are people all over the world who are doing this, some are aware of it and some are not. I do believe that all energy entering the Crown Chakra is Spiritual energy.

You asked how many people are going through this transformation? Well, everyone has the opportunity to go through this transformation, but not all will choose to do so. We all have free will and some will not want to do it for various reasons including fear. I read somewhere that we will need 144,000 people to fully embody the light in order to "tip the scales" so to speak, and start the 100 monkey effect. Some say we have already reached that amount, and some say we haven't, so it's hard to really say. I would like to believe that we have.

Why does it seem like business as usual for the rest of the world? Again, because we all have free will. Nobody can be forced into this process. They can only do it by their own will. But maybe they're just late bloomers and they'll wake up soon. I pray for them everyday.

Hope this helps. Angel Blessings :0)

Jun 30, 2010
by: Rev Cindy

Four 1/2 years ago I experienced something similar yet different. It was diagnosed as spontaneous Kundalini awakening by Dr. Bonnie Greenwell. I have done extensive research on what is known as Kundalini Syndrome because the energy is still active in and around me. It is a blessed energy full of grace and mystery. I believe more and more people will be awakening to this goddess energy as we move through conscious awareness at the mid-world realm.

Many blessings to you during your time of transformation. I will add with loving intentions, however, that this energy can bite viciously!

Joy-filled blessings, Rev. Cindy

Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

great story,

not much i can add to that as i am in process of trying to get there,
i have a similar story but not as vivid

i know the crown chraka and 3rd eye kind of relate to this pineal gland,

check it out

would be intresting to see what someone with more experience adds to this conversation


Jun 30, 2010
reply to energy going out of my head
by: Sufi

your kundalini energy got activated - look up that word and it'll explain to you....we are being upgraded and downloded every moment - an your feeling's all energy.
and the I love satan part - maybe you were putting love on your fears?
The energy thing will be going on for a while - I think it will never end, but maybe it will end when everyone else experiences it too...
Dreams of flying are awesome - I have them too - they mean your not being held down by anything - like fears....and We teach and learn in our dreams - always..
and to the last half - yes yes and yes, your correct that is exactly what is happening - keep on listening to your guidance system - it knows everything! And there are many of us - Many

Jun 30, 2010
Re: Jimmy
by: Deb

Hi Jimmy.
It sounds like through your meditative practices you've awakened your Kundalini energy. The blissful, orgasmic experience is the activation of your root chakra.

In answer to some of your questions, I don't think the process of transformation ever ends. It's a journey that requires alot of courage and determination on our part to heal any current or past life negative experience. It seems to be all about raising our vibration, which really means just becoming happier, healthier people. To do that we need to address what Carl Jung referred to as our "shadow" (or Ego)..healing our inner least this has been my journey.

There are many people who have experienced this Kundalini type of awakening...and there are so many other ways that "spirit" can help us jumpstart this transformation process. I have a Facebook friend, Gabriel Morris, who's written a book on Kundalini that you might find interesting:

Also here's a link on Carl Jung:

As part of my journey, which also involved the activation of the root chakra, I was guided to start recording my dreams and taking the time to analyze them each day. The process of dream interpretation is an enormously helpful (and free!) tool for understanding ourselves. Some of our issues are buried so deeply (and may be from previous lives) that it takes gentle prodding by our subconscious to help us uncover and heal them.

Anyway, I hope the above links help you on your amazing journey. You sound very positive and happy with this process, and that optimism will help you during this challenging time :o)

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