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Energy Sensitive

by Reina

I am glad I found this website. I kind of thought I was crazy. I seem to be pretty perceptive and sensitive to the emotions of others. I am not sure how to explain, but I can just feel the way someone else is feeling.

For example, my co-worker was giving me a ride home and we were listening to music with some conversation here and there. Throughout the car ride, I could feel a very thick feeling of anxiety. It wasn't my anxiety. I finally asked her, "hey are you feeling anxious?" She stopped and looked at me and said "yes, that is exactly what I am feeling, how did you know?" I simply told her that I could tell and the anxiety was really thick.

Another experience was about 2 years ago at work. I was going through my normal work day, but I felt sad and could not pin point why. Then, I went to go ask a co-worker for help on something and my sadness got stronger. After she answered my question I asked her if she was ok and she started crying. She had recently found out that one of her friends died in a skiing accident.

Those types of situations happen to me almost on a daily basis and it kind of bothers me b/c I don't know how to control it. The other type of experience I have once in a while is that I premonition dreams about someone or something. For example, there was 1 week about 2 years ago when I dreamed about one of my co-workers (different from the ones above) twice in one week. In my dream, I was walking around in a unknown city and I needed a ride home. I ran into my co-worker and asked her for a ride. On the ride home, she started crying and telling me about was sad she was (I don't recall the exact convo), but I remember telling her that everything was going to be ok to be strong. Well, that same week, I was feeling a certain sadness radiating from her. I did not ask her if she was ok, but I later found out that her uncle had passed away earlier that week.

I've also had dreams about thing that are going to happen. For example, pregnancies, natural disasters, accidents, people, places. I usually remember my dreams pretty well (colors, places, people, numbers, situations) that I can write a short story about each of my dreams.

Regarding the first experience I described above - - - my co-worker and I carpool every day m-f and i start feeling anxious, stressed, and just negative in general when we're in the same space. Any suggestions as to how I can shield myself from that?

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Jul 17, 2010
by: dr

Hi Reina,

You might visit these links for helpful information on meditation alignment and purification by Julie Redstone:
(practice with the audio on this page too)


Jul 16, 2010
Thank You!
by: Reina

Wow! Thanks guys! These are helpful tips! I actually bought white quartz to put on a necklace and I have been wearing it this whole week. Will the quartz help with any of this? I also have amythyst in my office at work. Will this help with anything?

Also - someone suggested to meditate. How do I do that? I am so new to sharing all of my experiences and have never really done anything about them so I have no idea where to start.

I really appreciate your feedback!

Jun 30, 2010
by: Elle (Arizona)

I quit my 11 year career for that very reason. The difference was that the feelings my co-workers carried with them were anger, jealousy, and sometimes even hate (I shared a small office room with 3 other people who were completely miserable all day long). I was completely beat up and drained after every day and couldn't keep up with clearing all of that along with all of my own stuff. Some of us are just natural transmuters, kindof like when we walk into a room, we help to clear the negativity. Ever notice that people usually feel better when you're around? It can be VERY draining and tiring.

The suggestions that have been given to me for this issue are:

* Carrying around a piece of black tourmaline or citrine crystal. They are heavy transmuters and will help aid in the process. You can also keep a larger piece at your desk.

* Having a salt lamp at your desk will help to clear your area that you sit at work.

* Imagine yourself being surrounded by layers of white light, golden light, and the outer part would be a violet flame light.

* And my last attempt will always be to imagine yourself boxed in with golden gridlines interlocking around your body to protect your aura. But you must intend for NOTHING (except for the highest of good) to enter your field. I usually use this one as a temporary fix until I can get out of the area that I feel uncomfortable.

* Taking a salt bath will help to clear all of your daily encounters out of your field. Salt baths are an essential right now.

Hope this helps. Transmuting can be VERY difficult at times. I totally understand what you're going through. I send you much Love :0)


Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

thats great news, atleast you can feel people now and then be able to direct them in some way, do you agree this is a good thing?

as for shutting down i was told that, you have to say "i am in the now" and kinda visualize being protected by a white light or a bubble or a white crystal, basically any type of shield that works for you. its a way to clear you from the last energy you were involved in.

i am not an expert but this is what i have been told.

but i feel this is a good thing being able to do this, except we are not as trained as we could be so i see your problem with being left with the load after thay have gone

my advise, learn to shut down, learn to clean yourself mentally

Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don't have any suggestions on how to sheild yourself, since I have never had such experiences. I'm going through some exciting changes of my own. But I felt compelled to comment that your "powers" seem really awesome. I hope you enjoy it and find a good use for it. We are being given these gifts for a reason. They are not just parlor tricks or conversation starters. You are destined to use your gifts to contribute to the evolution of humanity. I strongly suggest you meditate on what you should be doing with your talents.

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