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energy sensitivity causes sleeplessness

by Dave
(BC Canada)

I have energy sensitivity which often causes difficulty. My hand tends to go numb when I use a computer mouse with a cord, or any electric device such as an electric shaver. The biggest effect electric devices have on me is on sleep. I find I have to unplug rather than just turn off electric devices throughout the home in order to sleep well. It is especially true of televisions, computers and now my pvr (personal video recorder) that has replaced my vcr. But the more I can unplug, and the more lights I can keep off while sleeping, the longer I sleep. I am also now more sensitive to any sunlight entering my house. I think it is a Feng Shui type thing, as I don't need to be near or be able to see or notice the sunlight to be kept awake by it. Feng shui has helped me sleep better also, by understanding how the energy all throughout the house can influence me.

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Jul 27, 2010
time outside
by: BC dave

Thanks for the comments on being outside. I have a book written by an author who claims he cured himself of some disease by drawing in earth energy, somehow, and I have read others who say that 'grounding' yourself is a good way to keep balanced energy. I think you have good advice.

Thank you,

Jul 27, 2010
feng shui and sleep
by: Bc Dave

Hi anonymous. I have found myself to be energy sensitive, as have many now. Feng shui is of course all about how different energies affect people, so it is helpfull for someone like me. I have found that feng shui offers advice in several ways. One is a good direction to sleep in, so that sleep is easier and longer. I cannot say which is the best direction for you, because Feng Shui has long used a persons date of birth to predict their best directions for sleep, and for other stuff.

I have found that I need to avoid sleeping in the direction that gives me the most energy, and that direction (south for someone born in my year of birth) of the house or apartment really needs to have energy kept out of it to help me sleep. Different areas in your house affect you differently if they are lit up by the sun or by a light or by having electronic equipment plugged in or operating there. You need to get a few books from the library on feng shui, or buy one yourself that has the proper information in it, as there are so many different types of feng shui and so many types of books. Any that tell you your best directions to sleep in or do other things, _based on your year of birth_ would probably be a good start. You can probably find this info on the net if you want to look long enough too.

I wish I could tell you more right now, but its really trial and error after you find out about feng shui, and I don't remember everything now.

I hope everyone who feels energy realizes that this is what feng shui has always been about.

Dave from BC

Jul 22, 2010
Something to try
by: Anonymous

Hi Dave, I would just like to mention that I spend a time outside on the grass in bare feet each day. It is in this way that the currents are neutralised - they flow inward and outward. Just experiment and spend the appropriate amount of time for yourself or what feels right.

Jul 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also have a similar problem with sleeping when the sunlight is out, can you explain more on the fengsui part and why this maybe?

Jul 14, 2010
yes, we notice it too
by: dr

We've noticed that when we lose electricity that our bodies can deeply relax in a way that we cannot do when the electricity is flowing through the house. It isn't necessarily related to the running of equipment, though that can make a difference, but just the electricity flowing.

When we spent some time in a third world country without electricity the difference was also easy to tell.

I know there is some equipment made to nullify the effect of electricity, but I'm not so sure how well they work; short of cutting the flow to ones surroundings... You might check them out on line, perhaps someone can make recommendations...

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