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Energy sensitivity – electricity

by Chloe M.

Over the last couple of months I have been feeling prickly sensations all over my body, mostly on the skin level. Quite painful at times and mostly random. Also touching the metallic surface of computer keyboard or built-in mouse is painful to the tips of the fingers. Does is mean that I am harboring some energy blockages? Can I make it somehow “flow” through me but without alerting my skin nerve endings? I don’t think that it is a medical neurological issue. A year ago my hands began sensing energy of stones, people, plants, so this recent development seems like a continuation of some amazing process. I welcome the process, but I would surely appreciate an advice or reassurance!

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Feb 19, 2012
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
by: Elle

I also experience sensitivity to electronic devices, but mainly wireless stuff. My cellphone burned my hand when I used it, so I got rid of it... If I'm in the range of a strong wireless field, I'll get pins and needles feeling on my skin but mostly on my face and solar plexus. Can't even stand anywhere near a microwave oven when it's on, because my chest starts to burn. Supposedly flying in an airplane takes a huge toll on your aura, so I avoid it if I can.

There are countries like Canada and Sweden that recognize electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a disability, but unfortunately, the U.S. does not. As far as finding a way to ease the pain, or make it flow easier, I still haven't found anything that makes a big difference. I find that I get used to it somewhat, after a while, and it lessens, but not in all cases. It makes it difficult to live with other people, because they won't be able to have wireless stuff in the house.

I wear a Nuumite stone at all times which seems to help with energy leaks. Also sleep with a salt lamp on the far end of my room and a black tourmaline stone next to me. Regular salt baths, and daily affirmations to cleanse & seal your aura may also help. I find that my body is nudging me to take salt baths regularly now, and I feel much better.

Hope you feel better soon.

Love <3

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