Energy sensitivity to religious books

by Kirsten
(Seattle, wa)

I've been trying to learn more about how my boyfriend works, but I can't understand and he can't seem to articulate. He is very sensitive to energy. He can't go to church with me (christian, liberal mainline protestant denomination) because, as he says, the energy raised in prayer is not usually properly directed and the loose energy hanging in the air makes him uncomfortable. In addition, he is also very sensitive to religious texts, reacting with varied degrees of pain if he picks up a bible, hymnal, koran, book of mormon, etc. I am quite interested in world religions, both academically and in terms of faith. I feel like I've accidentally laid a minefield for him every time he comes over. I don't experience energy like this at all, and I'm at a bit of a loss to understand what's happening, why, and if there are ways he can protect himself, or if he should just never touch my bookshelves. He can also see ghosts. I feel clueless. Any light you could shed would be very appreciated.

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Feb 19, 2012
Energetic Sensitivities
by: Anonymous

Dear Kirsten,
Some people are more sensitive to energies. They are operating with another level of awareness beyond what most people do. Where most people may look at things related to interests and passions, some people have to contend with the energy in objects or places. While there may be many purposes to this, I believe, at this time, some of it has to do with the changes that are happening energetically and vibrationally on the planet and within humanity.

It can be difficult for others around a person with these sensitivies, especially depending on how disabling the sensitivity can become. For myself, as someone who lives with one like this, I have consciously had to turn to God to let go of things that I have no control over, to not blame this person, to accept they are doing all they can. I think that's because in this situation, it really affects all of life, similarly to a person with an extreme allergy or chemical sensitivity. I'm assuming most people don't experience it this intensely. Perhaps that isn't a correct assumption...

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