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Energy Sensitivity

I have been very sensitive to energy and vibrations since I was a young girl. However, lately, I find that that I am picking up on other people's energies to the extent that it leaves me very uncomfortable at times to the point where I just have to leave the place to recuperate. It has even happened if I am on an online spiritual chat room and sometimes find that the energy of the person is so negative and passively aggressive, that I just wish them love and light and leave from there. The way I came to this page is I wanted to know if there was a way I could shield myself from such energies, I have started meditating and that is very blissful, but what about when I encounter such disturbing energies? Any suggestions are greatly welcome!

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Jul 16, 2015
purple shed
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Yes of course you can
1 u can use the purple shield, just ask mother and fathere god to put the purple shield on you for the time ypu need it for ask x3). remember to to be returned to.the light once you re done with it (also 3x)
2 Transcend it, release.the resistance toward it and through you not in you, i would apply the white.light.before and after if possible (golden even)n
3 Most efficient for me, ask for.your favorite master, guides, saint to be with you at that moment
Hope that helped

May 31, 2012
by: AnnaZ

Diserenment is the key here as much as i agree
as within so without and we are all creating our own reality nd yet we are shifting in to a new reality all the time, so the tips is
to discern whether that is a part of you need or choose to incorporate
or is it simply that you are more sensitve to the energy grids, of others and all the thought patterns, beliefs and habits and collection of energies that you sense from someone are not in resonance with the you, you have evolved to be,
I know many who have worked on there own development, with sincerity and heart and carry a resonsible and unified energy field and not by chance but by choice and intention they do not bother me at all , it;s a win win and i know many people who carry alot of stuff 9 aka crap)and will simply project it onto you, or use the old method of ego power over you, it's where they are at simply that
it is all in the learning of energy patterns and consciousness of others, make it game if it helps
like kids do and kids just move it they don;t make it right if it;s not neither animals they just walk away and move on.
pesonally at this point in the shift 2012 tipping point i would choose who i want to be in future (now)and ride that wave. Sensitivity is a gift and is well earned in this lifetime or others. use it well, wisel joyfully and ask your innerself what to do
it will tell you- REALLy it will steer you well
with huge love fro the heartflame to you

May 07, 2012
You have the ability
by: Anonymous

I have had this challenge all of my life, even as a child. But I never knew what it was. I always thought the feelings were coming from me, and that I was "different" from other people, or that I was "bad". What I have come to realize is that when I am around others, especially crowds, I actually FEEL the feelings and energy of others as if they are my own. I would become dizzy, naseous, afraid, confused.

Once I was able to separate the two it became easier, but I needed to learn to shield myself when I knew I was about to enter a place that would expose me to the energy of others that I might not be ready to handle. The "shield" I learned to put up was in the shape of an egg and it was luminous, permeable only by light, just as a chicken egg is. I would picture this egg shape of light around me and expand or contract it as needed. My nourishment has to come from within, just as the baby chick gets what it needs from inside the egg.

As I progressed I realized it was important to recognize that anything that I attributed to others that was uncomfortable was actually a part of me that I did not want to acknowledge, as we are all One. The "other" is simply a player, or actor, in my movie of Life who has agreed to hold the mirror for me and show me where I have chosen to work on myself before I came onto this stage. When I embrace my whole self, which must include everyone and everything else, everything melds into Light. Darkness simply disappears in the presence of Light. I have come to realize that my goal here is to become balanced... male/female, dark/light, etc. The extremes are simply parts of myself that I need to Love into balance.

Hope this makes sense to someone else besides me!


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