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Energy Sensitivity

by Shauna

I have been dealing with energy sensitivity my entire life. Only very recently have I detected that it was energy sensitivity this entire time! I have been called sensitive, deep, intuitive, and an old soul many times. After meeting a catalyst in my life, lessons started catapulting at a very accelerated rate. From learning about unconditional love, to dropping expectations, to releasing old views about relationships, to focusing on spirit. To loving everything and everyone. Being thankful for the good and the bad. Anyway, this beautiful journey has strengthened me and has also brought me on a self love journey. I have been writing and keeping track of my feelings and elevated moods. In doing so, I began realizing that the major mood swings were coming from the energies I was picking up from others. They were not my own feelings or energies. But my mood had altered. Sometimes I would be increasingly sad, feel very self conscious or judged, extremely happy, the list goes on. I am now learning how to identify the difference between my own energy and others I am picking up on and how to stay strong in my own feelings vs. Allowing other energies to bring me down. Good luck and the best of wishes and love to all <3

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