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Enery surges and wake-up calls

by Nika
(Atlanta, GA)

Hi everyone! Sharing a few experiences that started about a year ago.

This happens once every couple of months. After a restful night of sleep, I am in a half-awake-half-asleep mode in the early morning. A surge of energy rises up from my chest and fills the upper half of my body. It lasts only 2-3 seconds but feels totally blissful. Pure ecstasy, of a level I have never experienced in my fully awake state! A few days ago, I felt and ?saw? a pretty firework (4th July types) exploding inside my chest and even heard a bang followed by the energy surge (my husband didn?t hear anything; he was in the same room). It was intense, but in a good way.

Other experiences: Something tries to wake me up in the early mornings by sitting near me on the bed (I can?t see it), or I feel a buzz inside my nose (like a cell phone on vibrate) which wakes me up. These started happening after I gave up an initial effort at morning meditation because I got discouraged by my inability to focus. I have yet to take up regular meditation again.

In general, I have become very sensitive to sound. I hear a very mild but continuous humming sound in my ears which sometimes becomes more intense all of a sudden for a few seconds. This is an everyday symptom. The others described above are occasional, fleeting, and happen only when I am half-asleep.

I am very excited about the upcoming New Age but also feel confused about it. There are many who are working hard towards preparing, but I wonder when the majority of people on earth will acknowledge it? When will the earth changes become so obvious that there will be no doubts about this Shift?

Thank you all for reading, your comments are welcome! Thank you Mashubi for this great website.

Love all :)

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Mar 06, 2013
First time, I meditated, I went through a rewiring/ healing of body, at least it felt like it.
by: William

As of December 28, 2011, the first time ever mediated. Can't re-member why I all of a sudden, was searching Internet on higher self, meeting guardian angels etc. I watched a video, on how to mediate for meeting my guardian angel. I felt the most love, warmth of emotion , ever since that point in my life. I started to cry, didn't want it to end.
The next night I did meditation, for higher self and this is where it became alien like. I started to vibrate from my feet to to my head. It stared really slow, the picked up in speed (vibration). It was just like someone was using a ballpoint pin and poking my skin from the inside outward. Also had extremely loud buzzing/ fluttering noise in ears, but felt like it was inside head, (hard to explain). I started to freak out, so I stopped when it was half way up my legs. It was just like how a computer scanner moves up and down or a copier. It didn't hurt, felt really good. still lots of love or knowing that this is natural or meant for me to go through this experience. The next night, I meditated again and it continued exactly where I had stopped/opened eyes, the night before. Everything was the same but louder and stronger poking and vibrating. Lips, ears, eye lids every part of my body/nerves was touched. It went up and down, sometimes it would be entire body all at once, lasted about 45 to 60 minutes. I did have a lot of jerking of legs arms, back etc. I could tell the last few minutes, it started to slow down like an engine, gradually slowing. I was still tingling all over, when I opened eyes, I was lying down on bed. When I stood up, it felt like I did in college, training, running 10 miles a day for soccer. I could barely walk, legs, arms entire body soon, weak and drained.
The next day I was so out of it, my attention span was only a couple of seconds, I would forget what I thinking about. Extremely hard to work, still drained of all energy. This only lasted about a 5-7 days, each day better than before. I really had no desire to watch t.v., hear drama from my staff and just felt different. I had been thinking positive more and more for several years before this experience. All I did for hours was reading online, watching videos, researching what happened to me. I also smelled cigarette smoke in the back yard, in one area, that was Winston, my grandfather smoked, from when I was a kid. He passed in 1982. Chemicals were extremely strong, couldn't be in same room.
I know meditate daily, sometimes several. I have ups and downs of emotions, releasing, clearing blockage, etc. I am aware who I am, sort of why I'm here. Still learning and vibrating, along with surges of energy, every so often, but nothing like the first couple time meditating.
I looking for someone who has had similar experience or knows what happened/Inge. Thanks!

Feb 19, 2012
by: Grace

I had a similar energy surger several years ago. I had been a counsellor for some time and I was going through an extremely stressful time and I'd absorbed a lot of stress from the people around me and it felt like my body was physically holding it all inside. So it was like other peoples stuff and my own stuff too. And I couldn't release it, talking about it didn't help, the energy still increased.

Eventually, it got to the point where I could feel this energy like a solid ball inside my solar plexus and it was really uncomfortable. I went to bed one night and woke up because my solar plexus was spinning and spinning round and the vibration of it woke me.

I stood up and my whole body was shaking so much that I almost fell over. I thought there must be an earthquake happening but the earthquake was taking place within me. I just relaxed my body as much as I could while the quaking continued and eventually it felt like my belly opened wide and this ball of energy finally left via the solar plexus. And with it went a whole lot of 'stuff' that had been churning around in my mind for years.

Feb 05, 2012
In Tears
by: Georgette

Nika, and all thank you for this. I feel so alone at times because my friends and family don't understand what is occuring for me. I've decided not to share anymore of my "events" with them because they try to justify it through logic. This is very real; and, I feel as if I'm trying to prove myself--and, that's not what I want to do. I just need to express it to release the energy/thought of it. Nevertheless, I've been on this journey of seeking like-minded folks who are aligned with this. So, I thank you.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Jimmy

Sounds like your heart chakra might have opened up. That's huge! Congratulations. You are on the way to an incredible adventure.

I predict this year we will se a major shift in the mass mentality. Angels will be appearing out of nowhere. People will be attaining levels of consciousness so high they can perform miracles. It will become rampant, probably toward the end of the year after 11/11/11. March is going to be crazy too, because of the equinox, but the triple date portal is the biggest deal of the year.

Hold on tight! It will happen before you know it.


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