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Experiences of Loss and Sorrow

by DF
(Bend, Oregon)

I am in a place of sorrow. I caregive for my 83 yr old Mother. At the same time I am trying to learn massage and get a license to practice. I lost my precious dog 5 mo ago and miss her deeply as she got me through and was the light of my day. I have anger and resentment issues against my two older Sisters who do not participate in taking care of my Mother, but talk with my Mother often by phone and they all act as if she is okay and all is well with the world. My Mother forgot my B-day but remembered theirs and my adult niece. I have some resentment for my Mother wondering why she put ME in this place. This is a long long story but, I am trying to learn to put aside these issues and it has been a big big challange for me. I have decided to think of me and do the things necessary for me to be healthy and happy. I have diabetes, but I am fortunate to have it under control through diet and want to keep it that way. I have a chronic neck pain since last November that I have gone to a Dr about and he gave me shots in the neck that did not help. I now see an acupuncturist and am hoping I will see relieve soon.

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Jun 12, 2009
by: Sally

You're welcome.

Anyone heard of the emotional freedom technique? it helps..I love and accept myself unconditionally even though I have these feelings..etc.

Jun 11, 2009
Lomi Lomi
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your suggestion. I'll try it

Jun 11, 2009
lomi lomi
by: Anonymous

Many massage therapists practice it.

You might try search engines such as

Jun 10, 2009
Spiritual perspective on what is happening
by: Mashubi

Dearest DF,

I understand how difficult it is when there are so many intense feelings, your body is suffering and your spirit is not able to feel a connection.

I also understand what you are saying that you do not feel supported in your current situation, so there seems to be little help available around you.

My teacher Julie offers a beautiful service at World Blessings called Messages by Request that may help with what you are going through. I have found her replies to be profoundly insightful and light filled.

If you would like to contact her to request a message, you can reach her here at the Messages by Request page.

One of the big challenges of this time for many of us is that the knowledge of our soul and higher self is not always directly accessible to us in our day to day lives.

Intense things happen and we end up feeling abandoned by God and afraid, because we cannot feel the larger purpose of what is going on, and our connection with our divine Self.

That is why I recommended Julie's Messages by Request service, as she has a profound capacity to assist in this way. I send you much love and blessings.

Jun 09, 2009
Neck Pain
by: DF

Can you tell me more about your healing with a Lomi Lomi and where to look one up???

Jun 09, 2009
Neck pain.
by: Anonymous

I finally got relief when i found a healer that could move energy with Lomi Lomi. It's spiritual based and he was trained in martial arts.

voila, release like no other chiropractor could do.



Jun 07, 2009
Being Alone
by: Anonymous

Beloved, sometimes the things one clings to for comfort are actually slowing down the process of inner healing rather than speeding it up. The outer self does not know this, but feels mystified by the loss. Believe in your own inner wisdom that is leading you forward to make the profound identity shift you are engaged in. This is a shift to living life not as your mother's daughter, but as a child of God. Such a shift will put you in touch with your higher purpose and will bring to you the sense of peace and comfort that you are presently so much missing. Blessings.

Jun 06, 2009
by: DF

I am trying to think of ways to help myself. I have recently met two ladies in my class that I study with. They have been the only suppport I get for attending school and trying to make another career. I do not receive any nurturing. My dearest dog was that to me. I miss her so deeply as she was my confidant and best friend and had a big big part in helping me deal with my situation. I am angry at God and never have been before. I can't understand why he took such a precious thing away from me. Going through this situation I feel like I'm I in hell and I wonder what did I do? God isn't suppose to give up on you and He must know the great pain I am in. So I don't understand why he is allowing all of this to take place.

Jun 06, 2009
Being nurtured
by: Mashubi

Dearest D,

Thank you for sharing, and I am so sorry for the losses and pain you are experiencing right now. Something came to me to share with you, and perhaps this can help ease the burden you are carrying.

If there is any way that you can find ways to be cared for yourself, to be nurtured, helped, loved and supported, I feel this will help a great deal in helping you to move forward even with the current limitations in your family relationships.

This will help bring more of God's light to your body, your heart and your emotions, so that you can feel more supported and upheld by God, and strengthened and nurtured from within as well as around you.

Thank you again for sharing dearest D. With much love.

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