Eyes fickering

by Johnathan M
(London )

It's been around 5 days or so my vision isn't really fine, (I never needed glasses, and always was able to see perfectly, like HD quality) I suddenly started noticibg I was seeing different from usual, it's like I am seeing these round-ish coloured circle, like chakra energy fields, can't stop seeing the purple, blue, yellow, green, but this isn't the 'issue' what happens now is that my vision is flickering,. Basically it happens when I'm looking at something bright like informations on underground panels, if I try to stare at small objects or anything else (like right now I'm typing on my iPhone but I have to be check twice, three times if it's right) the objects dessapesr from my vision field, sometimes it's easier to see something by staring at something else, focus on the object you don't need to see and see the one you want by the eyes peripheral.

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