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Fatigued and Hungry!

by Sunflower
(West Virginia)

For many months now, all I've wanted to do is eat and sleep. I also have an almost constant feeling of pressure in my head (unrelated to sinuses). Sometimes it feels like my head is being massaged by an unseen entity. I eat healthfully (vegan) and exercise, and I seem to be well (no illnesses), but I'm always so tired and hungry. I feel like I can never get enough rest or satisfy my hunger. I've gained a little weight but not much. I'm 43 and hormone levels seem to be fine. Thyroid levels are kept in check.


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Jan 02, 2010
by: Malia

I have the same pressure symptoms on my face and sinus area but not related to sinus infection and such. I have had it for years and a recent CT of the head did not show sinus problems.

Jul 13, 2009
You don't need food, you need light
by: Anonymous

I read somewhere that if you keep eating and you can not satisfy your hunger it's not because you need more food but light. I read that if you go outside and you hold both hands up and form a triangle with your forefingers and your thumbs and hold it up to the sun, your hunger will be satisfied. Hope that helps. I'm not sure how long you have to hold your hands up for.


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