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feel my passed away love. anyone relate?

by joanne

Heres my story! I'm a person who always wondered about spirits and if the dead can come back. I've been told alot of storys but has it never happened too me wouldall ways think umm there crazy. When I was 19 I lost my boyfriend who was abit older than me. It hurt me bad but I never had any sign from him at all. Heres where my story starts I lost my first love and father too my twins 2 years ago (2010) I had moved on had more kids had a boyfriend I left my first love when I was 19 after being with him for 7 years. We were so in love did everything together. I've always had him in my thoughts and heart since I left him. Not long after I got the news he,d passed away I started too feel something rubbing my back at this point I just thought it was in my head or it was just my top. Has time went on this hurt me so bad it killed me inside knowing he had gone. I then started too feel someone tickling my feet rubbing the bottom of my legs. Has the touches got stronger I be came too know that this was infact my love.I've had so much happen I've been too mediums which were amazing and very real. I've had him visit me in a dream (but I was awake) I remember this day. I'd just got a letter that was sent too our boys I remember being so hurt so angry and disgusted with myself and with him I was sat in my livingroom I could feel him touching me I shouted at him don't you touch me I hate you for doing this too us just leave me alone. I had a tv remote on my lap and I could hear him scratching hit. That night it took me a while too fall asleep.why asleep but I new I was awake too I heard a. Voice say joanne can you hear me? I nodded yes. I knew this voice it was him. He then said joanne can you see me? B4 I could answer it was like he just sat right infront of my face I could see him clear it only lasted a few minits then I woke up. I remember being a bit freaked has I've never had this ever b4. I turned my light on looked at the time it was 4.45am. I remember feeling strange all day and I kept thinking did I just see that did I. I also now feel him much stronger and not just at night through out the day too. I was told by a medium that he had told him too tell me too do medition has he would come through too me this way. And that I have the gift. I've been doing this and I'm now starting too see my 3rd eye lovely pure colours. He also shows me shapes on my walls. I wish now I never doubted what he was giving me has I no this is him and I no I'm not making this up or that I'm going crazy. Anyone out there who has the same thing happen?

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Nov 12, 2012
by: alfred

Embrace your gift. Find like minded groups and research all you can on the subject. Lots of info out there. (-:days

-love & light.

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