feeling alone!

Sometimes I feel very alone. I am involved with earth-healing. I am an energy transmitter and transmuter. Sometimes I go through such transformations that I could not perform simple tasks like cooking. Can you say some soothing words for me?

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Dec 01, 2013
Thank you dear friends
by: Anonymous

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers and for your existence in this special time. My Feeling Alone has transformed into feeling blissful now. I think it was your prayers. I am so grateful to you. I checked your mail on 1st dec. 2013 but your prayers healed me much earlier.

Take care.

Oct 26, 2013
Feeling Alone
by: Elle

First would like to say THANK YOU for the work that you are doing...I hope you believe me when I say that it does not go unnoticed :-) I know first hand how difficult your job is...

I went through a phase of feeling alone for quite a few years...as time went on, and my energy cleared more and changed, I felt the sadness and loneliness slowly disappear. It's almost like I'm a whole new person feeling more Peace and balance then I ever imagined possible. It DOES get better and you will have the ability to be Happy again.

From what I've experienced, transmuters go through phases and then they can get some relief from new groups of transmuters...they awaken in waves...you'll get your relief if you firmly ask for it. I got my relief during this year and now just transmute here and there when needed.

I will say a prayer for you...

Sending you lots of Love and comfort on your journey <3

Oct 26, 2013
Creating a Spiritual Anchorpoint in times of Difficulty
by: Anonymous

Dear Feeling Alone, I know others who are definitely going through similar experiences. Sometimes the pains of the transformations or the burden put on bodies that are involved in this is tremendous. It can feel like a solitary activity even if it is global in scope. It can also make you feel alone and put a greater degree of focus on your own faith and purpose in what is happening.

See Creating a Spiritual Anchorpoint in times of Difficulty (http://www.lightomega.org/Ind/Pure/Creating-a-Spiritual-Anchorpoint.html).

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