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feels like something is actually living on my head

by Nikki

Hi, my name is Nikki. I started experiencing this on my head a couple of months ago. I've been searching for months to see if anyone is having a similar experience, but didn't really find anything on it except some web site about having a spiritual awakening the only thing was they did not think it was coming from God but some new age mumbo jumbo so I couldn't relate to it. I have been searching to see if any christians have had this,but could not find any. This site is the first one I found that makes any sense to me. I'll tell you my story. This past August I gave my life to The Lord and got saved. I have been getting very close to God. I'd say about 2 months after I got saved I started feeling like a tingle on the top of my head every time I sat down to relax which turned into almost like a feeling that someone was playing with my hair to what felt like someones hand placed at the crown of my head. It doesn't hurt at all, my scalp is healthy and I know it's not inside my head. So it started to happen more and more until it stayed all the time. Now it literally feels like I have something living on my head. It moves and it almost feels like a living crown or halo. I know it's a gift from God and spiritual. It does feel like a rhythmic pulsing especially at night it gets stronger when I settle down. I have had encounters with our Lord Jesus. I feel very strongly that He is coming back very soon and this might be something to prepare me and it might be happening to others too. I feel that He called me out of the life I was living and am so thankful He did, Praise His Precious Name! I would love to hear if anyone else is having this experience or any experiences with God. God Bless!

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