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Finding like-minded souls

by Julie Peters
(Waukon, Iowa 52172 USA)

I live in the far North reaches of IOWA. I don't know why I was Mentally sent here to live. I can find no like souls with whom I can communicate. Though there are many, many churches, and people seem to like to join them. The churches all seem to be completely ignorant of what is happening in our world, therefore their parishoners are also. I long ago found that churches were not my answer. I just found your site, and am immensely enjoying it. At least someone in this world thinks like I do, but I need verification. I feel as though what I think & feel may be just me.
I wonder, why I find myself in this foreign place with no like minds to talk with.

My question is, Are there any other people in an around here who have possession of the new "KNOWLEDGE BOOK"? It was sent to me from Turkey several years ago unbeknownst to me. I do know that some have it in central Iowa. A long way away from me. And --Do you know anything about the Knowledge Book, which is to become our new (BIBLE) as it has all of the other books in it.
I know this is a long letter, and I apologize. Do you have a mail address,that I could send a check to you? I don't have credit cards etc.
I just found this site, and I have spent all AM reading it. It is now 11:00 AM.
Blessings of love and light JULIE ---

Comments for Finding like-minded souls

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I understand...
by: Sunflower

I have never heard of the Knowledge Book (which surprises me!), but I completely resonate with not being able to find like-minded souls nearby. I live in West Virginia, and I, too, often wonder why my soul chose to end up here in what seems to me to be a spiritual wasteland. Divine guidance tells me that I'm here to help anchor the light in this area. If that is truly my purpose here, it's a very lonely task. Anyway, I only seem to be able to find like-minded souls online. For that reason, I bless computers and the internet everyday! :o)


Like minded souls
by: Robert

Hi Julie
There are indeed vast numbers of like minded souls around the world, and altho we may not be aware of each other on the physical level, on the mental/spirit level we are all connected.
We are living in extremely trying times, but it is a time of the dispersal of all that hinders soul growth, all the dirt, the ugliness, the violence, etc is arising constantly and we see the results daily of this; but there is spiritual purpose behind this and all truly spiritually awakened souls are playing there part, sometimes unbeknowingly. Our task daily is to keep centered in the light, and to send light, blessing and spiritual energy into the ether.

by: Sally

For years I felt alone here. Then one day I made a breakthrough and started meeting likeminded souls.

knowledge book
by: Sally

Finding my way
by: Serge

I am in Savannah Georgia, and the one person who was on my a like minded journey in my life is divorcing me. I am like minded although I never heard of the book you are talking about. Yet the best book of all is within the heart of everyone. We all can get lost in our life, yet the belief that we are a source of light and love escapes so many. we have that power and we in our hearts truly want to serve. never forget that each of us is part of the equation in connection with everyone else, and honoring ourselves and letting go of judgement is creating a channel of light and love to earth and the universe. I was lost for a while, and now I am finding my way again, and I hope to help lead my children to find their own path. Nameste

I hear you
by: Alex

For a long time I was just like everyone else. I eventually kind of grew past them in maturity, thoughts, emotions, you know what I mean. After that I haven't really found that many like minded souls physically. However since reading comments, visiting some sites, I know there are some out there. Don't get down your're not alone distance is nothing. If all goes well may what this year is suppose to have in store bring you to like minded souls in the next realm. Good luck Julie :)

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