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Forgetting words and also very emotional

by laura
(north carolina)

I have noticed that I can't find certain words that are very basic. They simply are "gone". The other day I could not recall the city of Toronto. It isn't like times when one simply loses a word here or there. This is quite different and as a writer, I have been alarmed. But perhaps it is a light symptom. I have also been very emotional lately. I well up with tears for no reason. I was thinking it was hormonal since i am close to that age, but again, maybe light symptoms....interesting.

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Apr 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Have your thyroid checked! google it, forgetting words or names...

Jan 18, 2010
Mind expansion in progress
by: Janet

I too lose words. I just can't think of the right word. I think our minds are just busy re-wiring and being given new information all the time. The mind can only hold so many bits of information at this time anyway. I believe we are starting to use more percentage of our mind capicity instead of just the 5% they say we have been using. It's just in process and being updated at this time.

Jan 18, 2010
I feel it too!
by: Kim (Alaska)

I too am forgetting words and on an emotional whirlwind randomly. One minute I am crying for no reason and the next I am laughing without cause. I will be having a conversation and just stop and forget that I was even talking. My children keep asking me if I am on drugs and my husband is lovingly concerned. I too have thought it may be hormonal but I am not even 40 yet. Thank you for sharing...

Jan 17, 2010
Same Here?
by: Timmy Tzeiranakis

I have been forgetting peoples names easier, and also very simple things like cities.

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