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Harnessing emotional sensitivities

by Annie
(Pagosa Springs, CO)

In early December I became involved in a new relationship and experienced a high not felt in 20 years... it has been a whirlwind romance. But my natural sensitivities have skyrocketed and the mood swings have just about done me in. I had to learn how to rein in my overpowering feelings, in order to protect myself from being hurt by insignificant comments or actions. For instance, his need to have a little time off from me grew into a big deal on my part. But it allowed me to examine my situation and realize that I had "lost myself" in this ecstatic state of being in love with someone. I had to find balance once again, and I must admit it was very hard to do. But I did a lot of communicating with my guides, used music, kept busy by helping others, thus taking my mind off my imagined problems, and even the use of EFT (emotional freedom technique) helped ease the anxiety. A life coaching friend helped me examine some past emotional traumas in which I had felt abandoned. This was especially helpful in overcoming my state of panic. And then, almost magically, things got better. I have always been a sensitive person, but this was really almost too much to bear... I think as we go into the ascension process, it's important to stop and reflect, realize what we are doing with our thoughts, and focus on what it is we want in this world. Creative manifestation does work for me, and it is more evident in these accelerated times.

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Jan 21, 2010
I know what you mean
by: Janet

I have been experiencing anxiety more and more, as if something is going to happen that is creating a fear inside of me. But, I have done much examination of these feelings and I think it is ego trying to keep me where I have been because it feels safer that way. I send ego into the light with the Angels to learn new ways. I am becoming more and more a light being. Being clensed within and without. My body and mind are being altered and changed. I think that is creating fear within me and that fear is the cause of the anxiety. I must meditate and remind myself that I am never alone in this process, that I have Angels, Guides and Teachers always with me. That I am Jesus energy within, I am an extension of the Source and there is nothing to fear. Go on with a Spirit that fears nothing is my motto. It's must an in and out situation with my emotions. They change from moment to moment and day to day. Since we are emotional beings what else would I expect. But, hang in there I know it will get better and easier.

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