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Healing Energy

by Gabriel
(New Zealand)

Hey there,

For the past few weeks I've been attending a spiritual healing course.Experienced Healers in my class often say that when they feel the energies channeling through my hands, they are extremely strong and very unusual when we practice on each other. I know this has everything to do with my Lightbody activation, so can anyone give me some guidance and suggestions to fully utilise and bring out the maximum potential in these abilities.

Oh yes I also recommend and encourage those who have taken the path of the lightbody to see if they can bring out this potential and join other healing groups so as to offer another form of service to humanity as well.

Love and Light

Comments for Healing Energy

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Apr 28, 2009
Thank you Mashubi
by: Gabriel

Hey Mashubi!!

Thankyou so much for your wonderful advice. I agree and think it's extremely important to seek purification on all levels. My only hope and desire is that the Shekinah and our beloved Attiq Yomin will continue to utilise me as an instrument and Servant to humanity by fulfilling what ever is required and in accordance with the Divine plan on this side of creation.

All Power and Praise to the Adon Olam whom dwells in the Celestial song of creation and exist as the Lord of the Many and One Universe.


Love and Light

Apr 22, 2009
blessings on your healing work
by: Mashubi

Dearest Gabe,

Blessings to you in your developing healing work! As you ask and pray for guidance, you will find yourself being guided in your healing journey to the people, groups, trainings and avenues that will develop your healing abilities and your path of service.

You can greatly assist this process by your commitment to purification and purity on all levels of your being. This commitment to truth and consciousness enables your physical body to open to the full measure of the higher frequencies of light that you are meant to carry, and will dissolve and discharge from your body and energy field any older residues of energy patterns of separation developed in your soul's history. Purity of body, mind and spirit allows the higher frequencies of light to pass through you to your clients, and ensures that no other energies come through except for light. There will be more articles on these topics here in the near future, and please let us know of any specific subjects you'd like to hear about. Many blessings to you dearest Gabe!

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