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'Hearing' other people's thoughts

by Hannah
(London, Ontario, Canada )

For a long time, I have been able to "read" people's thoughts. The "words" come to me, even as the person is saying something else entirely in the normally audible way. Sometimes, it comes as a general sense of the message the person is really thinking or really trying to convey, but is covering up or on which he or she is staying quiet. Sometimes, I can "hear" the actual words.

This is a concerning ability to have and I am wondering what it is all about. It seems to me that the energy the person is projecting is reaching me in a way that allows me to listen to it and translate it into a message that was actually spoken aloud. I don't have any way to control it and it often doesn't make sense to confront the person because I would have to explain how I seem to know what they are really thinking. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Jul 05, 2015
Closure of comments for this visiter posted article

This article is now closed for new comments. While the range of comments has been vast, in closing the comments, we would like to call the attention of those seeking greater input to two writings of Julie of Light Omega. The first is called The Psychic And The Spiritual - An Unfolding Reality.

The second resource is an article written below written and in finalizing the comments section for this article.



by Julie of Light Omega and the Realms of Light

There are many, today, who have had or who are beginning to have an experience of psychic reality, that is, the reality of energies, sights, sounds, and numbers, who do not yet have an experience of the Divine, an experience of the One who is All. This is understandable, since spiritual evolution works in a step-wise progression, and what is possible at one stage is not possible at another.

Nevertheless, it is important to distinguish the psychic realm from the spiritual, for the former involves events, contacts, and experiences that do not require an opening of the heart in a state of devotion and surrender. They do not require it and they do not convey, in a parallel way, an experience of holiness. This latter experience can only be granted through direct contact with the divine Oneness, and cannot be had through anything within the lower levels of energetic experience.

Your own heart will tell you what you feel ready for, and much of readiness has to do with a perceivable state of longing that needs to develop over time. If it is there, then prayer and asking to be led to the higher spiritual level is all that is needed to make the transition from one realm to another. If the longing is not there, it will come, for neither judgment or the force of will can cause the heart to open before it is ready to do so. As a result, all must be patient with where they are in their own development, for all stages of development are sacred, and all are creating a pathway for the soul to manifest more fully within daily life. This is the goal of human expression, and so it shall be for all. With all love and blessings - Those Who Serve the Light

Jun 28, 2015
Telepathy, Schizophrenia, or Drug Addiction?
by: Anonymous weird visions back when i was a kid. Didnt think much till one day i was drinking to much, had a.really bad episode. After that had some really bad clairvoyant dreams that would.become reality, but each time i was under the influence. Then i had another really bad vision, and apparently i was placed in another "world/universe/reality" whatever. Since.then didnt have any problems, up until i started messin with crystal. Full blown visions, seeing creatures from.other dimensions offering knowledge and power, hearing the thoughts of neighbors as if they could somehow see me. Every sound seemed to have a deeper hidden meaning, almost as a.response, same with tv nd radio. Then i went into myself and somehow made to stay alive by "jumping" again. I stopped using, but since then the.voices wont stop, and not only.can i.hear them, they can supposedly hear me too. They say they hear me, but wont tell me. My thoughts seem to affect reality, things people say or things tht happen, but its just technically classified as paranoid schizophrenia.

Jun 28, 2015
i hear them too
by: Anonymous

Well basically I started hearing thoughts after I was studying the secret after maybe three years, my life changed. I began to hear everything, it was like, being bullied/flattered live in the mind/soul. I was a waitress, and I heard all the customers thoughts, some were very pleased, and others were very displeased, WHAT i figured out most about this ability, is that first; people will not believe if you say it out loud, second; you are prone to having manic episode if you do not find any validation on this being true 3; therefore you are stuck with your own perception and best of.luck. However, I have grown with this and realized that people who have thought something, may be so involved in the present moment that they forget what they thought before, most people dont even recognize their last thought, and I realize, when I hear some ones thought, they probably don't even recognise it as their own, subconsciously however you will continue to here their thoughts, which are actually their truest thoughts (subconscious) thoughts, and will always act on and receive your reaction, my advice;focus on yourself, and your subconscious thoughts, because these have a major effect on your reality, always seekyourself in order to master yourself and your life

Jun 18, 2015
same problem
by: Anonymous

i have the same problem! sometimes when someone is giving me a rather sincere sounding apology i will hear their thoughts and realize how insincere it is. Other times i will just hear snippets of peoples thoughts and 1 it is confusing and 2 i feel like I'm constantly invading other peoples personal space!!

Jun 17, 2015
New realization/ awakening
by: Daydra

I have recently found out that I am an Empath( few months) I've always been called sensitive, a great listener, I wear my heart on my sleeve and such but only I few months ago have I really come to understand what has been happening to me all my life. I feel peoples pain, anger, happiness, guilt, doubt anything and everything you name it. I've also been able to pick up peoples thoughts as well along with their emotions, this I haven't really mastered as yet. I'm trying to understand it all the best I can so that I can have control over it because I end up feeling very drained when I go out in public places or talking to certain people. It's just really good to know that there are other Empaths out there like myself :) I would really appreciate any advice anyone has to give. Thank you.

May 18, 2015
New awaking
by: Anonymous

I've been having vision and hear I pressings or peoples voices like reflection. If you type a message, I can hear. The persons voice sometimes. I get deep impressions of what may happen. It's more like I can feel the shape of the person by being aware of the boundarys. It new and I can't control it yet. I'm trying to learn.

May 18, 2015
Sometimes I creep out my friends
by: Coloradoian

Sometimes when I'm in a very calm setting with friends I will randomly blurt out words and it creeps them out. The reason they tell me it creeps them out is I will say what they were thinking just a few seconds ago.

Apr 29, 2015
Sometimes hearing others' thoughts
by: Anonymous

Hi! For the last few months, I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a huge spiritual growth spurt!

Since I was a teenager, though, I have had times in my life when I have been able to hear people's thoughts.

At first, I thought I was going crazy, because I had experienced some major trauma and had also unintentionally attracted a demonic attachment, which was also taunting me, since I guess it knew that I was clairaudient.

Now, 15 or so years later and in much better shape, I am still clairaudient, but do not hear people's thoughts as often as I used to. In addition to being clairaudient and occassionally telepathic, I have started having premonitions, having started seeing auras and have recently become increasingly empathic.

Apr 18, 2015
It's real
by: Boxer

Telepathy is real and more than likely someone around you knows about it, especially in our generation For those of you who experience the voices, they often don't follow the same moral ideology, thought patterns or even cultural voice tones(they talk different than you). At first you didn't understand truly just how real these other people were and told the every thing, like a conversation. Now your thoughts are filled with criticism from others on your way of thinking. Your every thought especially the bad ones are always under debate.
This is normal, lots of people experience this level of stress when they have spotlight throw on them. For me I bragged myself into the spotlight and the stress caused my voices to become even worse For other their discomfort around others may cause stress. And for some others feeling uncomfortable around you may cause them to reach out to you, giving you stress. It's called "crying", worrying so much you can hear other people's voice.
1The key is to remember you are a normal person just like the voices, they sound BA but their not, bleed just like you
2 Respect other privacy and they might resect you.
3 Medication helps
4 If someone hears you so what at worst I'm weird and now days, so what.
Medication is not the only solution but it helps and so do coping mechanisms taught in therapy. But if your therapist tells you its not real just wink at them. Not all of us are schizophrenic but the voices can drive you crazy so don't stress over yourself, its cool be confident and don't conform to a voice that isn't your own. Only listen to yourself in your head, ignore the rest.
People talk to me all the time and they made me ruin my life for some time but that's just it, its my life and the mental and physical are connected. Live good in the physical and they can't criticize the mental. You ear4ned the right to think what you want, they do.
Tell that to your haters.

Apr 06, 2015
Reiciving Others Thoughts
by: Anonymous

I always get this thing when I know what another person is thinking, I receive it as an ordinary thought. For me it happens only when a person is actually intending to say what they are thinking. This is an example I had when I was doing an art lesson and there was a girl sitting beside me and I asked her how old she was. An usual thought popped into my head saying nine, a second later she said she was nine. I asked her what class she was in and I thought five, a second later, once again, she said five - my thought. I don't know how to control this or tell apart whose thought it was but all I know is that I somehow receive others thoughts which are intended to be spoken and really are. I don't know if this has any link to this mind reading thing but I have learnt to stop thinking whenever I like and even accidently do it when listening to someone, especially in lesson, when the teacher is talking, I may find my mind in un-intended silence.

Apr 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if I hear people's thoughts. I think I do but I don't have any proof. I don't know how it works? I guess you have to be in the same space (room) that the person you are reading is in - which I have experienced. I also experienced talking to people through thoughts. I find it difficult to concentrate and I want to use my gift. Is it a gift? Could I help people if I was a psychologist - know what they don't want to say or convince them to do something to fix their situation.

I'd love to meet up with someone who can do this to test if it is real... I live in London Ontario.

Apr 05, 2015
trasmitter how to stop it?
by: Anonymous

I've always known there was something different about me. It first started when I when to get my teeth clean. The normal person who cleans my teeth was busy so I had someone different. Ok not a big deal. But as soon as I met her I could feeel her energy. Then we started talking n told me she was a medium and she told me I was a healer. Still I don't know what that means. But time went by n I've noticed being around family n friends ppl would bring stuff up EXACTLY TO THE T To what I was thinking. No matter what I'm always transmitting. Every once in awhile I do hear others thoughts. How do I stop transmitting? It's starting to get annoying that everyone can hear my thoughts.

Mar 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

I was sitting next to somebody I know and we were looking in each other's eyes. I swear I heard their thoughts, but it was quiet and I just don't know how to tell the difference between hearing somebody's thoughts or hearing something else. It was in a male's voice and they are male. So how can I know if it's somebody's thoughts I am hearing or if it's something else?

Mar 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Can anyone else have conversations with people without talking? I have been able to do this since childhood and not with everyone.but with some other people and friends. I am curious if there are groups of people who can do this if so please let me know. Another thing I can do is (mostly) when I'm asleep I can see what other people are doing as if I'm looking through their eyes. I have to believe these people are like me. Sometimes it looks like I'm in the past. A lot of people I've talked to have told me that they can do this too. If there is anyone else out there who can do these things can you please help me out. I don't have an email address. Anything would be helpful.

Mar 07, 2015
Thought it was only me.
by: Gooey

Along with being able to here the thoughts which i can only describe as their voice but silently... I have also come the gift of looking at a person for a few seconds and being able to know what sort of person they are; i have been struggling with the thoughts of it being a mental illness but.. once you prove it subtly you know its not.

Mar 02, 2015
burden to society
by: Anonymous

Ok..I guess I'm a can this be a gift? Since I found out people can hear my's been an on going battle with life!! And knowing my own children can hear me is the worst feeling in this world..I have mastered it tho I is slowly getting better..what's weird is when tLkiing to people..I like how they throw out key words to let u know that they hear you..what I dnt understand is why that can't physically tell u that they hear you?? I just dnt understand why..

Feb 28, 2015
yes absolutele
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately it is also people i see on TV it is like there mental thought is on a different frequency and i tuned to that channel for a second or two.

Feb 04, 2015
I alway thought I was crazy
by: Mary

My first memories as a child were frightening because I always "felt" or "heard" peoples secret thoughts. I have always had a problem going to malls or places where there are a lot of people. I freak out...I go from happy to sad based on who comes into contact with me. I have always played games with friends and family and the game is the other person thinks a sentence in their brain and I repeat it word for word. I know when friends are pregnant, I hear death poems before friends die. All my friends call me to ask what is going to happen. I have no control over this. It is not on demand usually. My daughters can never get away with anything because eventually I see and hear it in my mind! People broadcast their thoughts, some more than others. I hate this "gift". I am a Christian but I don't understand this blessing/curse. As I get older it has become more intense and clear. I find myself keeping away from people because I don't know how to control it! It is completely exhausting hosting other peoples thoughts and feelings. Any words of wisdom to help control this "gift"?

Jan 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

I hear other peoples thoughts at times and sometimes i can even see the pictures in their head and feel their emotions . I have even felt physical sensations from viewing their previous experiences. And some times i can feel a persons intentions I can hear sounds clearly across a room or even from other rooms. Sometimes I see past events and sometimes I see future events and really accurately. The catch 22 I don't do any of this all of the time and it started when I was 2. I also seem to leak thoughts some times and my family members sometimes accidentally pick up my habits or knowledge and say things like I don't do that aren't you the one that does that and sometimes somehow are able to copy a movement that i'm doing and the habit or knowledge transfer back. if you mimic a persons actions it sometimes stops their thoughts and emotions from pouring into your head. My friends mom who I called ma when I was younger called it discernment theirs a lady i hear but do not see who calls it extra sensory perception. And i was able to move a cord a couple of times without touching it . Problem sometimes I get the worse headaches.

Jan 13, 2015
Anyone else?
by: Anonymous

reading through some of this is pretty cool for me since I have gone through some similar experiences and come to some of the same conclusions. I feel like when I think at people they hear me and respond, but if I don't then they have no Idea. Also some shared thoughts confuse me, like it seems like people's thoughts and actions are slightly based on my recent experiences. I am pretty sure I am seeing how I affect those around me, and most of what I think is my own perception and will continue to prove itself true. What makes it a little scary is when I feel like I my thoughts are being heard by music I am listening to and some TV shows, and that I am getting a response from the characters or singers. This is obviously strange, and my real problem with it is mainly how to take what I am hearing from other people, basically whether I'm with it or totally off in my own world. So far hasn't really seemed to matter and I continue to live my life just making the best decisions I can without getting angry about the confusion or feeling bad for myself, after all some people have it a lot worse, It's an interesting life experience.

This is where it gets weird... It started with what seemed to me a ridiculously embarrassing rumor that then somehow seemed to match the story of Jesus Christ... I still actually believe that you all might know who I am... regardless I am living my life a bit more conscientiously and getting involved in volunteering and putting a lot more thought into the intentions and results of my actions. Unfortunately it is hard to believe that I am some sort of prophet leading me to think I might be the Antichrist because of how absurd this all is and or/claiming to be a prophet (stick with me) ha basically seems like a struggle of conscience with guilt which has led me to believe there are greater forces at work (and of course a lot more than what meets the eye). Has anyone's experience led to some sort of similar situation? It would be a let down if I wasn't the next big prophet but I think I can deal with it. haha let me know. Thanks.

Dec 28, 2014
by: megan t

Since I was young I would put other peoples feelings before mine because I can actually hear what they think. It may sound like a bunch of hocus pocus but it's not any crazier than a worm turing into a butterfly, it is in my opinion a gift but also a curse. I have lots of exampiles but a recent occurance can make much more sence to explane: We were at this cute little shop to buy stuff for my room, and early on in the day we went to a shop to buy some drinks, so when we went to the shop later on in the day( this time with my parents) I was sure the debit card was still in my bag. But when I got to the register I couldn't find the card. So my dad had to buy the stuff, though he was in a bad mood that day so I "heard" him thinking "she probably forgot it on purpose." And in the car he made a joke and told my mother yeh we all know you left the card at home on purpose. That is when I was sure I have the gift of clairaudience(one of the names.

Dec 24, 2014
hearing others thoughts
by: Anonymous

I hear other peoples thoughts. It usually happens when I feel in a stress state, like an interview or new job, but sometimes it is out of the blue. Once I answered someone and we had a conversation with just thoughts. It was a weird experience but had the opportunity to test it and it works. Once I felt someone try to get into my mind. It made me chuckle to myself and I refused his advances. I do not try to pry into others mind so when I hear something most of the time I ignore it or answer the person out loud with my voice. Yep! My family and friends consider it weird stuff... or possibly a sign of mental illness. I know I am ok and have heard thought for many years. I am happy it isn't all the time.

Dec 01, 2014
Didn't know what it was
by: Nervous

I didn't know what it was for so long. It started full blast in 1999. I went through a really tough time. It's been non-stop since then and I actually thought that I was losing it. It wasn't until late last year, early this year that I realized that it was true. People hear me and I hear them. Unfortunately, I doubted myself so much and haven't been able to trust others that I ruined a relationship with someone because of not being able to trust and the fact that they used things against me that they knew. That is probably one of the saddest things that came from this was that.

I had already been to the doctors to see if it was an illness and no medication has ever been able to counter it. I've just been coping, but it has been making my life miserable. I hope to find a way to make it workable so that I can live a happier life.

Nov 21, 2014
me too
by: nicolette

Yes this happens to me too not all the time but exactly as you described. I don't really physically hearsound but sometimes i think I heard the person say it clearly and realise they are out of earshot it is hard to explain

Nov 13, 2014
to catmama
by: Anonymous

Take it from someone who has read a lot of people's minds, you have nothing to worry about. Nobody, myself included, has no reason to randomly read people's mind. The reason is that most people are very sick in the head and personally I don't want to know what you're thinking. Please don't be offended by this, I don't know you so I don't know what you could be thinking, good or bad thoughts, I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about. I hope this helps you and anyone else who thinks people are invading your minds. Just think four words (We don't want to know).
thank you

Nov 10, 2014
Hearing thoughts
by: Anonymous

i hear voices of people who I recognize by the sound of their voice when they are no where around, but it always has something to do with my family or different personal issues. I am almost convinced that what I am hearing are the thoughts of the spirits of living people. It has been clearly written out for me that sometimes I go to the store and somone's spirit follows me and they communicate just as we do, but we are unaware. So normally one would think that these are deceased people(or he's a lunatic..) but I believe our souls go to another realm once we die which leads me to believe I am indeed communicating with people I know or know of.

Oct 11, 2014
by: catmama

please, could someone tell me how to keep my thoughts to myself?

I'm a transmitter, although a couple of times also responded to people, who then said: "but I didnt say anything" or "did I just spoke out loud?"

I dont want to be so transparent. please some advice?>


Oct 09, 2014
i don't understand
by: sibling

My eldest brother passed away. Our age different was almost a decade. The one evening I had a long trail of thought and the next morning he asked me a question regarding it. I just nodded and for a long time I wondered how he did that. I was very young at the time. I never spoke my thoughts outloud and I never wrote them dowm. He has long time passed. But how is it possible?!?!

Oct 09, 2014
How do i hear peoples thoughts?
by: Pie

I can never find any info about this on the internet so can someone please tell me how to read thoughts?

Oct 08, 2014
Thought conversations
by: Anonymous

I have heard other peoples thoughts, but most the time ignore it. A couple of times I had a thought conversation with someone. it left us both amazed. I believe anytime I hear their thoughts I am able to think thoughts back to them.
I only tried this a couple of times but both times it has worked. I don't know why this happens.

Oct 04, 2014
Take time to discern what you hear.
by: Blake S

It happens because you have isolated yourself. Whether by choice or not you are more in tune with silence and the world when it is quiet. The world becomes very loud to you when people are around. As a gift use it wisely to help, you have this for a reason. At the same time try not to isolate yourself with this gift. It can become a tool of Satan. Once you hear it then you will keep hearing it, discern the difference in the voices. God is a small still voice, Satan is angry. You may here these in addition to people's thoughts. Doctors may be of some help but best to not isolate and be around people who will listen to you.

Sep 30, 2014
my story
by: Anonymous

My first memories as a child I remember hearing words coming from my parents but not seeing their mouths move and wondering why I could hear them but they couldn't hear me, then when I started preschool I found out that other children could hear me the same way I could hear them, then I met a teacher who could do the same thing.
I can't remember her name, but she pretty much taught me about telepathy. Skipping ahead I met and made many friends with the same ability in school, (hearing other peoples thoughts). During this time I also learned that I could feel what other people felt (emotions) I also learned that I could communicate with other people no matter where they were (anywhere on earth) as long as they were telepathic. Skip ahead to adulthood, I met a telepath who would become my wife and we have two beautiful daughters. I have few friends some of who are also telepathic. Skip ahead, I started being able to see the future (which I was able to do a few times as a kid, going so far as to tell what a baseball player was going to do when he got to bat). I have also used this particular ability (kind of showing off) in my everyday life. I have had times when I could not distinguish the difference between voices in my head and voices I hear with my ears.
I have not used the term psychic in this story because I don't think it is the correct term for this, I will say this to anyone with questions about your experiences just tell your story and I will do my best to help.

Sep 22, 2014
ok knowing the difference
by: Anonymous

Some of these experiences are pchizo I agree
Some of these experiences are clairvoyancy or being a transmitter...

Sep 21, 2014
I am able to do this
by: Anonymous

More so with my keeper and my sister when i grow fond of someone I am more in tune to their thoughts. However I am afraid vice versa my thoughts may occur to them. I have to shield my thoughts. Now I doubt this is going to sound weird to anyone but I was a Harry Potter fan when I was younger and they speak of something called occlumecy.... is it so bad to leave this window open? I enjoy hearing peoples thoughts and the vivid dreaming as well.

Sep 21, 2014
its happening more and more often
by: Anonymous

I used to think I was crazy.
I am also able to register peoples thoughts in my dreams. When I have vivid dreams, that are typically someones thoughts going on that I have subconciously picked up on or an interpretation of an event. The vivid dreams that feel like almost real life are also events that come to pass.
I hear peoples thoughts very often but sometimes I hear them after I have left the scene, sometimes I hear them the moment they have occured. Five minutes after a thought has occurred or a conversation has happened I am aware of it. Like it just floats into my brain. Sometimes peoples ideas and vocabulary comes to me. Things I do not know that others are thinking. Words I have never used before suddenly appear in my head. They come in different ways. It is important to be ethical and not to use these ideas as your own.

I have found I am able to manifest quite well, but I would like to improve on all of these talents (although at times they are quite burdensome.)
-vivid dreaming
-hearing peoples thoughts and conversations like they just float into my head
-manifestation of future events (ie predict further out, predict more often, predict less selfcenteredly)

Please offer suggestions on how to do so.

Sep 14, 2014
to thing
by: Anonymous

You are close but still very, very far away.

Sep 12, 2014
thought sensitivity
by: bryan

ever since i had a bad trip with LSA (morning glory) and using Ecstacy, during those times id experience a feeling of others hearing my houghts, or my mind drifting towards theirs and not being able to control it.Now a year later Ive been dealing with this issue from the moment i wake up til i fall asleep. this really freaks me out and is very difficult to function in society, is literally crippling me. i cant seem to get close to people anymore, i push them away. and somehing beyond me, a power that i cant control, puts these nasty thoughts in my head and i know im offending the person that my mind "reaches" if you will. Its just so crazy, and unberable at times. I often break down and just think how can i ever be happy like this, because i find myself isolating as much as i can. IDK im glad i found this site. Im relieved to know im not the only one..but still it is very bizarre. it is the one thing that keeps me depressed every single day. just shows you how crazy life is...thanks for all of your support. good luck to everyone dealing with this, its the worst.

Sep 05, 2014
thought control
by: Thing

thought control is key. I haven't mastered it, but I know it is the only way to cope, at least for me. when I hear what I believe to be another's thoughts, i recite "om mani padme hum" or "om namah shivaya" and try my best to return to the moment. i think that thought is merely another plane of energy, along with the physical plane, likened to the electromagnetic plane (auras) if not the same thing. when we think, we may spark a similar idea in others seamlessly. I believe this is how thought works, and it always has. those who are more attuned to it might be able to make out phrases. I've personally been struggling with the idea of having full conversations with others, but I don't think this is always the case. for empaths, when we are around angry or frustrated people, this may spark guilt or frustration in us with ourselves. I know that the past is lost and gone forever, but the people I am around might still hold grudges for what I have done. this shouldn't be my problem, and it shouldn't be anyone else's, because this is the persons personal issue of not accepting themselves. remember that we make our own reality with our thoughts. we choose to believe that a chair is a chair and a tree is a tree. we choose to feel scared of these things or we can choose to accept them. rise above fear. this is a sign that you're mind is advanced and able. you are strong. meditation on your breath will bring you to the moment, and continued meditation over long periods of time will lead to the fall of thoughts, and you will only see the world for the moment instead of your own perceptions. like i said, I have yet to master this. but I believe that I am strong and able, I believe that I have the ability to control my thoughts. I believe that I can be happy when I choose to.

Sep 05, 2014
Let Me Help You with Help Me :)
by: Anonymous

Everyone, i am transmitter. People around me can hear my mind. Anyone here, with the same case with me. There's something i realized when i have a couple conversation with a transmitter too.

Most of all people with transmitter gift have a background such as:

1. experienced depression episode in their life,

2. isolated from people around them,

3. busy with them self like (over thinking),

4. talk to their own mind and this happen for long time,

5. have an isolated life for more than a three months could make them a transmitter.

Anyone with both transmitter or receiver, i know you struggling out there right now.

But, don't you EVER EVER EVER, believe what negative words they say about you.

And don't you ever believe if people called you "crazy", you're all not crazy but just a little bit different.

You are normal but you have a gift that other people don't have.

Just focus with you're dream and try to pursuit it!.

Let support each other, we are here all same. We are not lonely.

Aug 16, 2014
by: vulturebait

Pretty excited and relieved to find out this isn't only happening to me, as tough as it seems to be for both transmitters and recievers. I am apparently a transmitter. Discovered it a couple months ago. I have a couple questions for everyone:

Can anyone Listen AND Transmit, or is it only one or the other?
For you Listeners, do you hear a Transmitters specific voice and tone?
Did anyone else discover this around the same time they were having really specific and/or bizzare dreams?
Did anyone else discover this while getting "knowing looks" from people, especially people you recently met and perhaps also saw in your dreams?
Would reciting a peaceful mantra mentally make it easier on you Listeners, if Transmitters have trouble quieting inner (Ha!) dialogue? I try to use Om Mani Padme Hum, but usually forget and slip back into inner dialogue.
Can you can see "fields" or "auras" around others as well as Listen and/or Transmit?
Can you lucid dream?
Can you "astral walk" or have an out of body experience on command?

I do think this is another step in human evolution, but one that is possibly being kept quiet and maybe monopolized.

Here's to hoping you arent't SOG/SAD! Health and happiness to you!

Aug 04, 2014
by: Brandon PC

It happens for a reason.. believe me.

Aug 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone, I'm sure that there is no eatables nor drinkables could block anyone from hearing you or maybe talking to you.. But in religion, there is a shield against evil spirits.. and from those sneakers. It is the last three Quran Surah's look it up .. hope i helped

Jul 30, 2014
lets see Jesus
by: Anonymous

Hi I have been doing this science 6th grad I Found out that the brain works like WiFi and that every one can do this if they set down and tried but every one is just to distracted by life Adam & eve could do this so just git a friend to do it with you and lets here the progress.

Jul 23, 2014
So what is it exactly
by: Special

I have so much to say, but fear of the unknown this ability i have to hear others thoughts and them hear mine, specifically a adult male, female, mother and child. Making me feel vulnerable.

Jul 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I sometimes get mad at people before they even say anything. I also showed my father that I could do it. I've always answered his questions before he can get a few words out or any at all. He told me that my mother told him that she could also but he didn't believe her. Now he does. LOL I had many problems when I was a kid and didn't understand how this could be happening to me. At times I wasn't 100% if I was dreaming or not. I've also seen and knew about some people before I even met them. I knew what they looked like and how they talked and a few more things about them. I wanted to get rid of this years ago, now, what the hell and how can I make it work better. I'm 53 now and its been a good tool to use . This also happens with my father from miles away, he doesn't have to be in the same room. Does anyone know how to help this and to be able to control it better????? I also seem to know if something really bad is going to happen and I listen to it and try to change it. So many times I didn't try and change things and the bad thing happened. So now I know better.Also in school on many test I would get an A and haven't been in the class. The teacher said I had to be cheating some how and they would move me next to them when taking a test and still almost the best grade in the class. But I think Adderall slows or stops it. How many are ADHD that can do this??????

Jul 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue. I thought maybe I was turning schizophrenic, but I don't think other people can read my mind or access my mind. They just tell me what they're feeling, and I listen. I thought this was normal empathy until I asked friends. I thought that maybe I am just picking up on more body language and attaching delusional thoughts to actions. After closely "listening", and physically watching out for body language, I realized that it stems from the emotions they're spewing off. Or if I really want someone to do something, then they end up doing it for me (if they're a good natured person).

None of the above happens with people that give me a bad feeling in my gut and make me uncomfortable though, simply because I don't think they feel anything at all.

Something else happens... Whenever I would enter my friends bedroom, his computer would turn on. Or if I was deep in thought and accidentally placed my eyes on his computer... It would turn on.

What is going on with me lately?

Jul 17, 2014
Mind Project
by: Let help you with help me :)

Hi, i have read most comment here, i think there's two condition here, first people with symptoms like schizophrenia and people with ability near telepathy.
First, let me help you all with some quiz. To classify your experience, whether your in schizophrenia class or telepathy class?

Second, let me help you with my assumption that maybe some case happen in your period of life..

Third, how to deal with your gift (i like to call it a gift it's more feel like positive :))

So, here we go!

First question!
Did anyone here -who thinks that they can hear people thoughts or thought hearing by other people- have experienced -in your period of life- life alone isolated from other (have minus social life)for a very long time until frustrated, but you don't wanna talk or hang out with your friend, family, or anyone but you enjoy with your own isolated life?

Jul 07, 2014
umm, yeah, it's real.
by: overthinker

if this is happening to you, send me an email to

i have been living with people hearing my thoughts for around one year now.

it is real, it can be a symptom of schizophrenia, but it is real and it has ruined my life.

i started off quite normal and eventually the knowledge that people could hear my thoughts destroyed my thought process.

i am heavily word oriented, i think in words and i always have, making me an open book to literally everyone i meet.

there is no question to how much or when they can hear me, it is all the time, and completely.

there have been several references to my thoughts in the media, movies, tv shows, etc, including on social media sights and etc.

i recently went to seek psychiatric help for my thoughts as they've become so degrading to other people that i am suicidal. this is not who i was a year ago.

i was turned away and asked to leave before i was treated, for well, offending the staff with my thoughts. the psychiatrist literally said "i can't do it".

i am convinced psychological warfare is the future of blackmail, though there are several opposing opinions including that people under high amounts of stress can unknowingly project their thoughts and that this is a symptom of "gang stalking", a term you might want to look up if strange things are happening to you.

please contact me at so we can swap stories or if you have any advice on how to turn this off.

on the one hand it has made me ultra aware of my flaws and shortcomings and sometimes encouraged me to be a better person mentally. i take it as a challenge from god to be 100% real with the world. but in the worst times it feels like a death sentence.

i'll never kill myself though, it's been kind of an adventure so far and i had no idea how underhanded people could be when they have something (their reputation as a sane person) to lose.

it's been interesting to a point but i'm not giving up.

Jul 02, 2014
i have a few comments here
by: Anonymous

Being a real telepath I know there are some stories here that are true. I totally agree that some of the stories here can be explained as schizophrenia. It is nothing to be ashamed of and most of the problems can be fixed by getting psychiatric help. I also am saying this not to be mean but I think everybody here should understand the difference between telepathy and schizophrenia. You can also seek advice from a local parapsychologist. I do hope that people here can fix these problems.
Thank you.

Jul 01, 2014
To: Seek Treatment
by: Caige

For people that hear others thoughts or have other people hearing their thoughts, there is no question of seeking a doctor's help. The experience is as real as falling in love or hating someone or stepping on a nail. Until you have been there, don't say it doesn't happen.

Jun 28, 2014
People can hear my thoughts
by: SK

Confusious, I am going through the same situation. Please let me know if anyone has any information about it. To me it looks like there is some technology.

Jun 28, 2014
help me out
by: Anonymous

hi i wanna know if there actually a material or a fruit or a food to block.these people that are hearing thoughts . i have sent people to look for stuff and yet haven't found anything. if anyone know what should i drink or eat or buy a material please.write a comment here as soon as possible.

Jun 28, 2014
Seek treatment.
by: Anonymous

How come no one is talking about possible mental illness like schizophrenia? Thinking people can hear your thoughts or somehow use them against you is a real medical condition. I implore anyone with such perceptions to seek medical treatment. I've posted this in good faith.

Jun 26, 2014
Hearing my thoughts
by: Anonymous

People are hearing my thoughts and talking to me about them all day, they're talking to me right now, it's very annoying they been doing it for over a year straight now, I use to go to the hospital every time and check myself into the mental health part and have to stay for up to 3 weeks sometimes or however long the psychologist wanted to keep me and it would stop, it'sbeen happening for the last 6 years, they're obviously using some kind of technology, they always try to use your thoughts against you, I can't believe this kind of thing is going on and nobody seems to be talking about it

Jun 18, 2014
People hear my thoughts
by: Anonymous

My experience is very similar to anonymous post on May 21st. Others hear my thoughts but it seems to come and go. I connect it to spirituality and it seems like the less guilt I am carrying the clearer my mind is and the more my thoughts are transmitted. I am a 31 year old man. Once in college a whole class heard me and were responding in different ways. One leaned over to me and said "I hear you Matt". I am trying to figure out what it means that some are hearing thoughts someone others transmitting them, maybe it's the next step in human evolution? This started for me when I was about 23. It was scary and made me want to stay away from others but I have learned to live with it.

Jun 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

I dont no wheather it is people thoughts are somethings but sometimes I felt few things which really happened.

May 21, 2014
my thoughts are heard
by: Anonymous

My thoughts are all being heard and its driving me insane. Everyone can hear it or almost everyone and some of the ones that can are able to do it long distance. I didn't know for years but then some people told me. I didn't believe them at first but then they told me every detail of what would happen to me for the past couple of days and exactly what I would think word for word. Then they started to do signals as a response to everything I thought. They showed me there abilities as a way to make me believe to. They can blur vision and control wind and so much more. My ability is transmitting my thoughts. They call it a gift but its really not. How do you think like normal again when everyone can hear everything you think? I already had social anxiety. Now every word I think I worry about. I can't stop over thinking everything. I can't stop thinking in general. I stated counting to 10 to clear my mind and not have to worry but then I developed a second track to my mind I guess you could say. I'll think about something and something else at the same time. Sometimes ill have three sentences going in my mind at once. I'm also part of some study and nobody would tell me what it was a study of. Not only can they hear my thoughts but they can affect my body. Make me feel sick or dizzy and a bunch of other shit on command. The timing is so exact with everything they say that it has to be real. They even have my thoughts all timed out.

May 20, 2014
Ah, so its almost normal...
by: Teihen

I to am able to read some peoples thought.. almost hear their voice, feel their emotion. I can also look at a some people and sense what sort of person they are.. place myself in their shoes for instance.. not for any self gain or dirt digging as i am on a bus looking at people on the street, but as an insight to different people on their own journey through life i.e. a lady carrying bags on her way home planning what to do when she gets in, a guy wondering why that dudes looking at me :)

Maybe some of us are on a higher plane or its the worms (would like to know more on that topic).. I don't know, but its a strange thing to think everyone can do it but no-one talks about it.

May 19, 2014
I feel the same way
by: Anonymous

my story is same as yours, couldn't said it better myself.

May 19, 2014
hearing thoughts
by: Anonymous

Some tricks I've been doing lately. The first one with two friends and one was writing some things down on paper and the other asked what she was writing, I was not looking at what she was writing but I told the other friend that she wrote will you be my boyfriend check yes or no and she looked at me and said "oh my god and showed me the paper with those exact words on it". Second time was when I saw a guy in the grocery store with a pink Floyd shirt on and I wanted to know where he got it and before I could say a word he told me he got it from sears. I have other stories to share but I will save those for later.

May 19, 2014
different abilities
by: caige

Based on what I have read here, many people have or have had this ability in varying forms and levels of intensity. I had it for a short time while being involved in a one-way romantic
problem at the office. My experience was to hear people's voices saying things while they were either not actually speaking or while saying something else entirely at the same time. When I separated myself from that office and those people, the voices stopped.

May 15, 2014
Hearing' other people's thoughts
by: Nick

This morning it happened again. I heard a sentence of my girlfriend thoughts. The first time it was the same, we were laying in the bed and it just happenned, so I decided to Google it and found the website. I'm happy it's kind of "normal" ;-)

Apr 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I started hearing peoples thoughts 8 months ago, and at they never stopped talking until things spun outta control. I found out I could also "listen" to whatever question I wanted an answer too. I decided to learn about the burden or gift given to me. I found out that whatever helps us communicate was small and they move around in our body running off body heat. you can literally feel them they let off a static field when they group together. mine started to bite me so I learned how to turn mine off...Someone in jail said I was hearing voices in my head and they gave me a shot of haladol which turned them off, I can still hear if I listen hard though. You can use these things too suggest things to others or make them bite other people. I've actually seen one they look like high tech worms, everybody has em' but only some people get theres activated. They can bite, vibrate, heat up, cool down, send split second projections through ur eyes or to other people, etc... think about what u want them to do and they'll move to ur head and do what ur thinking. I made mine warm me and others up in the cold, make people wanna talk to me, make it to where people can't think when they stand close to me.... and all kinda shit mine don't work anymore after the shot. I woulda kept mine on but I had no choice. If your not crazy and urs are listening to people then start talking to urs. If your trying to learn how to stop hearing people you have to learn to stop talking with ur thoughts. think about something your not doing (I used I'm rubbing my fingers together, and I told mine to put it on auto) then people can't hear u. most people can't hear you anyway because few people have there's active. In jail I made mine bite the cops for fun when they pissed me off. I know I'm not insane but I'm kinda glad I got that shot and stopped hearing.

Apr 01, 2014
Kid who can hear peoples thoughts
by: Isaac

I am 8 years old. I started hearing peoples thoughts when I was 6 or 7 and it's been bothering me. I have only done it 5 times and wish I could do it as many times as I want. But I have know idea how I am doing it or how to control it. I just really want to know how to control it cause of course i'm a kid and want super powers. So I just want to control it and I need help.

(Mom typed this for him, you may email me at

Mar 20, 2014
Stress Telepathy
by: Matt

I often am able to hear other peoples thoughts as well. It is usually due to stress or sexual tension. This ability haunts me very much and has ruined relationships with friends. I usually can verify this by the changing expression and general demeanor of a person who I telepathically communicated with. My only means of escape are to channel this stress into a physical activity. Sometimes if the activity becomes to difficult or stressful I begin to communicate telepathically. I try to have the most positive thoughts I can but often the thoughts are very negative. Often incoming telepathic thoughts will keep me from sleeping at night. I hope others can relate and keep their thoughts positive to the best of their ability.

Mar 19, 2014
What is it?
by: MrBrain

I am not here as a skeptic.
After combining LSD, Psychedelic Mushrooms, Marijuana and Alcohol at the age of 14, I began to have audio illusions. This could have caused brain damage and neurologically altered my perceptions. Except I KNEW I was hearing things, peoples thoughts, feeling they could hear mine- I was absolutely terrified! How? Why? This Phenomena...........The mystery of it, and know-one is publicly speaking about it? I could not control it, I just felt bizarre. I began a battle with psychosis, anxiety, alcoholism and depression that has haunted me for 20 years. I now live sober, this is the 1st time I have ever written about it. I pick up telepathic messages all the time from people doing it intentionally, I don't know what to do with this "power"
I like it better being "safe in my head" but I think if I develop sincere positive thoughts I can conquer all of this.
I have always been "embarrassed" about this and thought people would say I'm crazy. It effects my adhd significantly
Help Me
Quality Of Life Issue!

Mar 12, 2014
by: Reyna

It's good to know I'm not alone.... The older I get the louder the world seems to become.... My gifts / curse (still debating)is only getting stronger.Im becoming extremely antisocial...I don't like always knowing. I just hope I can find a way to get it under control before it gets anymore out of control... :/

Mar 01, 2014
repelling thoughts of others
by: Anonymous

I have an ability that goes beyond empathy . I hear their thoughts fears guilt etc. it can overwhelm me at times and when i push out it all i collapse leaving me vulerable. sometimes I'm out for hours zapped. I don't want these thoughts it scares people when i read them. and and i awnser questions i thought they said out loud.

Feb 26, 2014
whos out there
by: Anonymous

I am very curious to know if there are others who have mental abilities please come forward and share your stories.

Dec 06, 2013
Thank you Ricky
by: Anonymous

That's very helpful advice Ricky, thank you.

Dec 04, 2013
to confusious
by: ricky

it's totally not what you think nobody attacks anybody's mind or uses what they learn to embarrase anybody this is almost strickly for communication and for some of us to learn from others there is nothing alien about this as every human on this planet has some degree of telepathic ability i think it might be better for you just to not think about what everyone around you might be doing in their minds this is not for everyone and judging from what i've heard from you this is not for you i will let you know out of common courtesy that if you continue to behave toward others like this then they will think you are creepy i have seen it happen to people a lot please don't look at everyone you meet as someone who is trying to read your mind and trying to use that information against you in any way i assure you that is not the case please trust me and know that i am telling you the truth please let me know if this is helpful to you. thank you

Nov 30, 2013
Thoughts being heard
by: Confusious

@Ricky, thanks for responding. If everyone is able to do this (telepathy), I can see how it can make you go insane...can you imagine if everyone is able to just attack one person by saying things that is very personal or embarrassing, or even if you don't understand what is happening you can literally send someone to the asylum. It's a good thing I can't hear anyone but I am on the giving side. I just don't understand how anyone would know who actually is speaking telepathically if everyone has this ability, especially in a crowd.
I also found out my thoughts such picture in my head is also being broadcasted. This is so embarrassing. I have to be on good behavior all the time, just crazy. What kills me is that this has probably has been going on for so long and no one in my family or even my wife has ever spoken to me about this. I know for a fact that they can hear my thoughts. Unfair advantage,I would say. How do I deal with this? Feels like I have been cheated. This would mean my neighbors, co-workers and other people that I know or may not know, know me too well, too spooky. Not sure if you would ever understand.

Nov 30, 2013
to confusious
by: ricky

unfortunately you cannot avoid broadcasting your thoughts also thoughts are not broadcasted they are sent out into the universe whether we want them to or not it's just a matter of certain people being able to receive them as for you i personally don't know of any way that you can learn telepathy maybe read some books or visit a local parapsychologist but i will warn you that i have seen people go crazy because they do not understand this or know what to do with it the vast majority of telepaths who i know including myself were born with this but there are occasions where a tramatic event can triger this or sometimes a massive head injury can cause someone to start hearing others thoughts and finally i would recommend that you not test people around you as to whether they might be reading you or not because it will cause a lot of friction and make you look like a weirdo and by the way we can choose who we want to read and if someone by chance hears you then trust me they will just ignore and or forget about it i know it's happened to me a lot and i have found out a long time ago that i really don't want to know what a lot of people are thinking cause what they have on their minds make me cringe but for the most part i learn a lot by reading people i hope i have answered your questions please feel free to ask more anytime.

Nov 28, 2013
Thoughts being heard
by: Confusious

I just recently noticed after 40 years of my life that people have been hearing my thoughts. The insane part of all this is everyone pretends that they don't hear me, my closest friends also. I feel I have been cheated my whole life. I am 100% sure most people can hear me, as I do tests to embarrass them and I can see the response. I can be positive or I can be negative, it seems that when I have negative thoughts with anger I see the nervous or fidgeting responses. I have just started researching this. I have read most of the comments here and I can actually relate to some of the responses. I feel violated, I can't hear anyone else but they can hear me. Doesn't seem very telepathic as it is only one sided. Feel like I am on a stage every day at work, home and every where else. How come I can't hear others thoughts? Is it possible with practice? This sounds crazy but, I need to know how to stop broadcasting my own thoughts. This is the only site that seems to have people that I can relate to, that may understand me.

Nov 08, 2013
need help
by: ricky

i can read people's thoughts, feel their emotions and recently been able to start knowing what people are going to say sometimes weeks before it happens i have wrote some of this stuff down and have freaked some people out when i pull out a sheet of paper with our whole conversation down sometimes word for word can anyone else do this and are there other things we can do?
thank you

Nov 06, 2013
by: Grace

I believe our ability to empathise is what makes us better human beings. But yes, it can be very draining when around a lot of people and you're feeling like Jesus Christ taking the pain of everyone around you.

I reached the point where I couldn't watch TV because the slightest raised voice, argument, fight etc that I heard and saw, sent ripples through my nervous system and my body would feel the pain. I also had my own pain going on so I definitely didn't need everyone elses. And that 'symptom' was very hard to explain to the doctors. How do you say to a doctor "Doctor, I was on the train the other day and could feel the pain of the person sitting next to me, then I could hear their thoughts about their partner who was beating them up."

Maybe we've been put on this earth to transmute all that energy, I don't know. All I know is I feel I've just about survived my 'Telepath/Empath' training and am now better able to control it by learning to change my behaviour and how I live my life. I don't do crowds, I don't do long conversations with people about illness, I'm not 'there for everyone' any more and I've given up wanting to 'save the world' because I know that part of this 'syndrome' is down to the type of people we are - perhaps overly compassionate and easily made to feel guilty and responsible for other people, a bit of a fixer/healer type person.

Think about it - are you like that? I know I definitely was and I've had to learn to keep out of other people's pain and take care of myself and my own first. And I'm a much better person for it I think. It's not that I've stopped caring or helping, it's that I know where to draw the line now and protect myself.

I hope that helps.

Nov 05, 2013
No Control
by: Mr. Lost

Know your limitations, great man once said "whatever you are, be a good one." -Abe Lincoln. Btw I got this app, wondering if anyone knows about it because its quite interesting, or bs. Called 'MyMood' in the windows store, uses frequencies to help you get anywhere from sleepy to really happy, awake or attentive. Anyway fight the evil out there with good!

Nov 05, 2013
Problems regaining lost energy and meditating
by: Mr. Lost

I feel like me being a strong empath brought this on. From my past events I feel like I have lost a lot of my energy or it had been swiped from me, I started exercising again everyday but always tired and can't carry on, I've always usually had the energy to carry on. So q friend too me yo meditate and sleep more. I can't remember meditating before, don't know where to start or what it does that sleeping doesn't. I feel that being able to feel others thoughts, moods, etc isn't a bad thing and may lead you to telepathy but it is definitely not a good thing either, I feel that you lose yourself and are somewhat unable to have your own thoughts, moods, etc when encountered by others. That's me, friend of mine started crying in front of me and I couldn't help crying, not because I felt bad, I felt her sadness and ignored my own thoughts unwillingly. I NEED CONTROL, to regain the internal energy I've lost and I need to learn how to meditate. Please help, I am protected now, but realize I've lost a lot. Is internal energy chi? Is that what my evil ex gf took from me? How do I get it back?

Nov 05, 2013
Protection and Rest
by: Grace

Developing our telepathic abilities can at times be overwhelming. I recommend lots of quiet time, no crowds, and switching off your mind by not thinking about being 'connected'. We switch the TV off at night, we switch our laptop off too and we go to sleep. We have to learn to do that with our mind and body too. Switch on your 'mental firewall' so that you can keep out harmful stuff. And choose the way you use your telepathy rather than allowing everything else to choose the way it uses you.

Nov 05, 2013
hearing thoughts
by: Anonymous

hello i can hear other people's thoughts as well as feel their emotions i have been told i am psychic and i have been told i have telepathy could someone please tell me what this is and how i can control it.
thank you.

Oct 06, 2013
both sides of the veil
by: mike adkins

been able to hear my family friends, even my girl friend from 17,000 miles away, since about 1989, hearing but not with the human ears, seeing jesus christ in vision or flesh i`m not sure but my girl friend seen me in two place`s at that very moment. i was about 17 18 years old then, now i have the 6th sence so strong its pure torture to me. anyone know how to get rid of this 5 extra sences let me know,

Aug 27, 2013
Hearing Thoughts of others
by: Joanna

I hear people's thoughts all of the time. There are so many I have learned to tune them out almost to the point that I have forgotten I can do it and then I let it back in with those close to me on a conscious level. I am an Empath with clairesentient, clairaudio and ability of psychometry...I have actually just started to pay attention to all of it. They say the ascension is going to bring out the gifts more clearly. You just have to find the time to get away from everyone and re-charge or you will be drained to tears sometimes.

Aug 12, 2013
My thoughts are heard and proven it many times
by: Anonymous

My thoughts are also heard and its fustrating i dnt know how to deal with it,im mentally connected with other people and thr not very nice constantly waiting to bring me down and i give into it to avoid hearing them all im doingismakeing a fool of myself.also when im in public especially in a small area like an elevar i panic and get anxiety cuz i k.ow they can hear my thoughts and start thinking crazy things way out of my charecter Help!!!!!

Jun 09, 2013
Stop trying to make others happy
by: Anonymous

Thoughts are mental energy i think the trick is to stop worrying about other people we can't ever satisfy them because we are not on there path so will only drain you and lead you away from your path

Jun 05, 2013
Seeking help.
by: Anonymous

Its happened to me several times, at different distances, couple of times it saved me, but there is also voice projection into your head from outside sources ... I just want someone to teach me to control it.

May 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

I see telepathy as a natural form of communication between beings, not as any sort of 'soul attachment' using us as channels, although that of course, can be the case sometimes.

I just think that once we develop language and become more vociferous, our telepathy becomes less noticable and perhaps we lose the ability to some extent. Maybe we should all practice silence on a regular basis? I tend not to talk unless I have to. Obviously, at work I have to answer the telephone etc., and at times it feels like an assault on my ears as people spew out a cacophony of words without even thinking before they speak. Words to me are more like a barrier to communication than an enhancer of communication. Even the most eloquent of people often use words simply for effect, or to lie, or to embellish and exaggerate. Telepathy is quite a different and more sincere form of communication.

May 14, 2013
general question
by: Cyrus

I assume telepathy is provided by a soul or an entity who attaches itself to you, this is basically how souls and entities communicate with each other, basically providing channels.
can anybody prove me wrong ?
by the way contacting or using unknown entities could be a big problem if they are hostile or unpleasant or irrational.
I think it is wrong to assume it is inherent in human body to have this communication capability without secondary means by unknown mechanisms.
my experiences tell me there are one or more of these entities who somehow are with you,, which is absolutely offensive.

May 09, 2013
contact me
by: Ricky Dona

Hello. If anyone on this site has any questions about this please email me at and I hope I can answer some questions.
Thank You

May 08, 2013
can it be true
by: Anonymous

i can also hear other peoples thoughts. and they can hear mine. i can talk to people as if im having a full conversation to them but in our minds

May 01, 2013
Contact Me
by: ihearittoo

I hear the same thing...I had to laugh because I have confronted people...Been trying to figure out how to cope with it.

Apr 01, 2013
No Control
by: Mr. Lost

I feel ya man. It is a very basic design though, seen for a minute and can be stolen easily. I feel like from what you have said, that I might be able to know a lot more about my future, but I might feel somewhat obligated or frustrated/depressed/annoyed that I know what's coming for me or possibilties that lie ahead. The thing I dislike the most of all of this is the fact that even myself could just say, well hey I don't know what you mean and speak as they had been "blindfolded" just because they were too understanding of me/you. They could say they know what you're going at and then bamb just say they were just playing along and that it was all rubbish. I was thinking about images and it would be incredible if you were able to transfer images to those who were willing by question or interest to "see". That would be quite a feat. Keep practicing my friend and be good with it. If you live in south FL and your real name is Mike B, I may know you from school. But you might have seen that already. I'll just guess and give you the first few letters of my old buddy's name, Mike Burm...?

Apr 01, 2013
To Mr. Lost
by: Mike B.

You don't have to "do" anything to keep mental ideas from flying around, if that's what you're asking. It doesn't work that way. What I have experienced is, when someone is mad, angry, frustrated, or depressed, these are the strongest feelings that project. Artwork and various things like that doesn't project anyaway. It's majority feelings that I can pick up on. Even if I were to pick up on you having an artwork project in your head, it would not come as the original, it would come as a picture of a picture or easel or something like that. However, I would have to be speaking with you personally to pick up on that. But no, I cannot see what someone is thinking exactly. I can however see future events, or maybe something you are going to do in the future, but it may or may not be in detail, and even if it was, I or anyone else would not be able to steal it from you just from a mental projectory.

Mar 30, 2013
by: Mr. Lost

Thank you Doreen and Emily, that was very helpful. I'll check out the page too. I've heard of it before but not all the colors. I do have the design blueprints in my head. They are tessellation, unique, important to me. I will use them one day when I can. People who've tried to take the info, I will normally just think of long boring topics, and go on until they get irritated and retreat. Most people retreat only so often. Either side with me in a good way (rare), keep trying or stay away maybe to come back and try again if not onto someone else.

Mar 29, 2013
to Mr Lost
by: Emily

Dont worry too much, I think only a tiny proportion of people would be able to pick up any of your thoughts, and I believe fully formed ideas would be nearly impossible to 'read' (this is just my opinion I have no basis other than intuition for believing this). I am also creative and realise that even if a person *could* somehow take your idea unless it was a complete blueprint for a design of something, how they would interpret, develop and realise it would mean it would turn out a million miles from your own art/design/creative endeavors.

Please see below a post from Doreen Virtue's official facebook fan page ( which may be of interest/help.

"Shield yourself from harsh energy by visualizing a protective bubble of light around yourself.

Choose your favorite color or one of the following:

Purple for spiritual and energy protection.

Royal blue for physical protection.

Emerald green for healing.

Light pink while conducting healing work or while counseling someone.

White for general shielding.

Love, Doreen"

Hope this is of some help.

Mar 29, 2013
Mike B and any control
by: Mr. Lost

Are you needing to be able to do it? What you can do is what I'm having trouble protecting. I wish I wouldn't be infiltrated. I have my ideas, designs in my head of my artwork and this is my stuff. I created it, I want to hopefully sell it or make something with it one day. I want to keep my ideas private, they don't belong to anyone else. I think it's more important to be able to defend, because people can imagine harsh images. You seem to have a lot of control of it though. How do I practice any of this is what I want to know. If I could practice these things to the smallest degree, I think I could keep what I want to to myself. Would someone tell me one thing to practice that is safe and maybe defense/blocking related?

Mar 28, 2013
Yes I do
by: Mike B.

I am 35 years old and haven't found anyone yet that even can understand what I go through locally, but finding someone to pick fun is easy. I research online as much as possible but most is very vague and will pick around the outside of the gifting rather than dive in without paying a fee. I have paid some fees and have found that most aren't touching on what I need. I know how to change atmospheres, it's a bad word but the only fit, I can manipulate just about any situation. I have been doing that since I was knee high. Meaning a group of 10 will have an idea, set on a goal and if I want to change the goal I can make 8 out of 10 follow my direction. Most of the time I don't have to say a word it just works. The biggest thing I am working on though and what I REALLY need help on is mental pictures. I can see into the future to a certain length. Not years, but days, sometimes months and rarely a year. If I am jsut relaxing thinking of nothing, like watching a movie or something a mental image will come and I can chase it and see some future events in my own life, especially if I am wondering which direction to take. It will just come. But if I try and concentrate on an event I get some images, but they are splotchy and fuzzy and most of the time not correct. I'm really not sure what is happening. All the ones that just comes are really fast, I mean a split second, like a flash. It's like a picture within a picture, meaning I'll see the picture but understand what is going to happen. Sometimes I'll get a feeling when something good or bad is coming but can't get the images, I know they are there but can't get to them. This is where I need help and can't find anything "real" on it.

Mar 28, 2013
to mike b
by: Anonymous

mike you are telepathic and it is nothing to be scared of or ashamed of I think it is great to hear from someone here who really has it I don't know how old you are but it seems to me that you haven't met anyone older who can teach you how to control it. You seem to know how to turn it off which is probably the best trick you can learn. If you find someone who can teach you then you will find that there is a lot more than just hearing thoughts and feeling others feelings. It is amazing and I wish you the best of luck with this.

Mar 27, 2013
No Control
by: Mr. Lost

I've never hit a woman intentionally. I've had help, I learnt that there are people like "yes you can" -man, who are good and people that are so evil and dangerous and they see no problem abusing others with it. If you think I need help, you'd be amazed what I could do from 10,000 miles away. I'd tell you that if you experience these things from how I did, the help provided, would just make you more vulnerable. I wish "help" was actual help and instead of putting coins in my hat, that I'd be better, because people that steal things with this, know how you lock your house and office, know way more than you want to give away. You'd need a lot more than silly psychologists and medicine. The guy who went out with my ex before me, I use to know briefly, he has lost it, "help" wouldn't help. I'm starting to think it's ok to lie to people if you're trying to avoid them or if they are harassing you, that will let you not to be trusted by the A-holes that try to abuse you. Then you can take more control. But stay good my friends, it never pays off in the end to do wrong. If you want to help me out with a job, be my guest, I'm a white male artist. I had convo's like "yes you can man" with family from 10's of thousands of miles away. Most of them called me after wondering if I needed something. I did, I said why did you call though. And everyone said I felt like I needed to. I don't know how to control this yet, but I know if you do too much bad there are people, who will warn you about too much "activity".

Mar 27, 2013
Yes I do
by: Mike B.

I have been hearing and seeing thoughts for years. At first I didn't understand it and took it as my own, but then realized it wasn't. My wife sometimes hates this because she can't think anything without me hearing it, but other times she loves it because she asks me what she wants to eat lol. I know this sounds crazy but it is what it is. The downside to this is in a crowded place, I have to shut myself off, sometimes that is very hard. I have to regulate myself when in a busy place because I'll go through a session of depression if not, sometimes I do anyway because of all the emotions I feel. I see pictures of thoughts as well, meaning I'll see something like a flash of a house and ask my wife if she thought of a house and she will say yes. I was getting fuel at a service station a few weeks ago and looked at the lottery sign and saw a flash of three numbers, I played the pick three and won. The problem I have is I cannot think about it, it just has to come and I haven't trained myself how to instantly receive per se. That's very hard for me.

Mar 13, 2013
To Mr. Lost
by: Anonymous

I urge you to seek professional help cause you're not going to get answers here not from me or from anyone else who reads this cause there's nothing psychic about how you feel and the things that you do. I cannot judge you but anyone who hits a woman no matter what she does is a coward and it's inexcusable. You have anger issues and other issues that I cannot begin to understand so please before you hurt yourself or someone else you need to get help.

Mar 12, 2013
No Control
by: Mr. Lost

Also, by all means, you could judge someone's username as to what kind of person you think they may be, you may be 99% correct, but you don't know me. Like I've always told my doctor, that they can tell me anything about something I may bring up, but they aren't me. Even if they had the same thing, they don't live the way I do; some things are better told than understood as a class or group. Unless you have caused your patient, or anyone, their problem, then you wouldn't know more about their issue than they would. Not by just defining it. I hope you know you always have a choice, especially if you do the right thing. It may not be for your own sake but it's there.

Mar 12, 2013
No Control
by: Mr. Lost

I'm not paranoid, just curios to defend myself from others who are paranoid, I eventually ended it cuz my ex use to try to get me to beat the crap out of her, so she use to throw fists at me. No offense, not trying to be mean or anything but what do you do when it's wrong to fight back because you see the real evil/paranoid/users/abusers? I just think you seem a bit naive, even though I'm fairly new to all this. People were threatening me, not in my head. My family was tore apart by my ex and the crazy friends that use to sick up for her. My mother attempted suicide for the stupidest reasons that would never have occurred. She persuaded my friends and family in a negative way. She stole so much from my home, cheated on me. Some people need to be stopped. Paranoid? Listen, I'm a very calm person, probably too much, very open minded. I have no fear of death, no problem with any paranoia but when someone threatens my family in any way, that's a normal thing to take to mind. What would you do if everything you did to try to stop this, just backfired? I'm away now, no problem with paranoia. What makes you think that I'd be paranoid if I just want to learn how to protect myself from these people, who will usually lie and just say things like, oh he's paranoid, just so that you calm down enough so they can screw you over? I'd say it's ironic how many people deny their abilities; I think it rarely paranoia, sometimes bad influence, mainly repressed thoughts of it, that they're scared of knowing/remembering so they hide it. When someone says something like this, I think, hm, this website is called New Light Body .org. This person is either one, a terrible poker player, or two, inexperienced and or denying the bad out there. I know there has to be both, but bad had reached a limit in my world.

Mar 12, 2013
To Mr. Lost
by: Anonymous

I don't want to sound mean or anything but it seems like you are paranoid and you might do better by seeking professional help. You do have some trust issues and I assure you nobody is trying to control your mind or your body, maybe if you go to a psychiatrist he or she might be able to help you.

Mar 12, 2013
Mr. Lost
by: No Control

I find that I was able to persuade my friend to go to the kitchen; in the same way I feel like people have tried "torturing" ideas of my own out of my head via control in conversation. To make me think something in particular. Whether it be how I'm truly feeling about something I don't want them to know or the pin number for my account. Either won't do much than destroy a relationship knowing or unknowingly. But there are good ways to use this. It's called BSing people, which I'm terrible at. So I'm trying to do what I use to as a kid. Someone asks me something, I tell them about 20 different answers if I don't trust them. All of my answers are true and I feel to myself that they are all true. That way you can help yourself; helping others is easier via communication if you or they are in trouble. I had the situation with this kid I mentioned who was a mimic, but I think he used that to try to read me, otherwise I can't think of a reason he did this, he proved his point I wanted him to stop, How do I stop him? I really wouldn't have minded decking him in the face but I feared he would have done the same to me, lol at the same time b/c he knew my train of thought. Help with this and then we're all safe. Once in a trans, I don't know how to break away from the person in control. After knowing this I can actually use that to help a lot of my friends and others whom I've left. I might steal a ferrari tho, just saying ;)

Mar 12, 2013
no control
by: Anonymous

I think some people are getting the wrong idea about this. We are not reading minds, that would imply that we have access to your thoughts, memories and all your dirty little secrets. We do not have that ability all we do is hear thoughts and we can hear what thoughts we want whenever we want it's not so much of an invasion of privacy since thoughts travel into the world just like verbal words do and if someone like us happens to hear it then so be it. Don't be afraid that people are invading your mind or anything like that because it's not the case, I myself only listen to people's thoughts if I need to know what kind of person I'm dealing with, it's just a tool for us so please try to understand what is happening and don't jump to conclusions.
Thank you.

Mar 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Anger is a powerful energy state and it gets a lot of bad press, but I believe it's healthy to feel the whole range of emotions, but to be able to prevent them from going to extremes. Most of us are taught to stifle our anger. We're told that getting angry is 'bad'. I think that leads to unhealthy repression and being unable to control our anger when it eventually erupts. In some cultures it's quite common to express anger just like any other emotion, and it's over, done with and moved on from in a healthy way.

Twenty years back I was going through a very angry period in my life, I had anger I didn't know it was possible to feel but somehow I managed to keep it in check. But one day I was chatting to a friend about a problem I had, and a huge bluebottle fly kept buzzing round the room and then diving at me. I was swatting at it madly and it eventually landed on the ceiling. By this time I was really angry and I felt my energy change to a sort of determination I'd never felt before and I pointed my finger at the bluebottle and quietly but firmly said "YOU! Get down here NOW and STAY here and DON'T BOTHER ME!" and I tapped my finger on the arm of the chair I was sitting on.

To my complete and utter surprise and that of my friend too, the bluebottle flew straight down from the ceiling as if it was magnetised by my finger and it came to rest just an inch away from the tip of my finger and didn't move.

I was shocked. My friend was so shocked that she left and said she was scared of some of the things I could make happen.

I'm quite a placid person normally, it takes a big thing to make me angry. I don't sweat the small stuff as they say. And to be honest, I think I'd have achieved more in life if I'd been able to use that anger energy in a positive way instead of being so laid back. I'm not talking about violence here by the way. That's quite another thing. I'm talking about using anger positively in order to MOVE stagnant situations and circumstances.

Mar 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have this too. I began experiencing psychic abilities channeling spirits and thoughts when I was a teenager. one time I got very angry and moved an object. THIS IS REAL, I was a teenager, in my mind I focused all of my energy to what wanted to do but when it happened I kinda got a little freaked out! To this day I haven't experiance that again but something like it. Now when I get very angry I can feel my energy radiateing off of me and I get a fight or flight reaction. My body doesn't like certain metals and I tend to have issues with electronics and magnets. Omg I know what people a thinking most of the time. I can walk pass someone and hear there thoughts. Sometimes I can't tell if it's them talking or if its their thoughts. I'll ask, what did you say? and there response is, I didn't say anything? LOL

Mar 04, 2013
No control
by: Mr. Lost

Important though to remember to not forget to do something when things are going down. My ex would sometimes pretend she didn't know what I was talking about, I think that thinking that is doesn't exist is one way to go to maybe block it, but I think it's a mentality thing like when you feel in control and can mess with others, bully-like and I've seen it used in good ways; when it first happened with my friend, I had about an hour of a musical going, led by me, and kept asking if we should go find a Ferrari dealership and convince someone to let us take a ride. But when I had control of my best friend, it felt wrong. I eventually called my friends dad, who is a bit religious in the spiritual sense and he understood, explained Psalms to me and that the same thing that happened to me, happened to god, that Lucifer mimic-ed god trying to take control and show he could be in charge and was banned from heaven and sent down to earth. I'm not religious and wasn't crazy about hearing to accept Jesus into your life, but it helped calm me down, hearing all the stories, made me feel somewhat protected. Another good way is to think of a song that only you would know out of a group and sing it in your head, if it doesn't work try singing parts of it. I find that if someone only hears the same thing from you, they get provoked or may stop trying a bit. And I'm trying to meditate sometimes when alone, but it's difficult. There are means I've heard others use, I can let you know, not sure if I should post my e-mail here. Using it for good seems to be a rare thing. I know too many ways how it's used in bad/terrible ways.

Mar 04, 2013
No control
by: Mr. Lost

I've only been told a few ways, fro, online/very few people. A lot of people will say they can't tell me how they block it themselves because it's their own way and if any one else knows then may stop working. My ex always told me she read a few books on it, that's how she got good. If you put a coin in the back of a hat, I've tried that and I have a little gadget now that makes an ongoing low pitched frequency sound. Pisses people off if they pick it up. It's easy for me to go "under" but it's hard for me to stop or stay out. It's never going to be worth it (safely) to forget it all/repress it but I'd like to think when things get that extreme we always have a choice. There are ways to block, keep asking people you think may be knowledgeable, not a cop or school teacher lol

Mar 03, 2013
unable to stop people from hearing your thoughts
by: Anonymous

This comment is in reference to "Mr. Lost". I happened to read "Mr. Lost"'s post regarding his problem. I am genuinely telling you i have a similar kind of problem and am looking to get rid off it since long. I would like to talk about this to Mr. Lost in detail later. Till then, if you get any definite solution to stop letting other people read your mind, please post a comment. Actually I have never talked about this to anyone and never chatted about this on any forum. So, i am a bit skeptical talking about it. But i need to be helped in the name of God and humanity...

Feb 27, 2013
Mr Lost
by: Cyrus

bro, avoid drama or more trouble comes your way. don`t forget high moral grounds if you want relief. bad entities are always there, you can only avoid them by outsmarting and pushing them away OR avoid going into their domain, believe it or not , you unconsciously stress live or departed souls who don`t want to be hearing your thoughts. avoid any bad thoughts as live people may hear them, as with departed souls, ask them to leave your vicinity a few times, then aggresively and forcefully, ask them to leave you.
after all if you are on high moral grounds, you have less problems.
you may need professional help, anyway don`t be trusting. you are not rare, there are many people like you, but most will take you as an schizo unfotunately, so seek help from people who have real soul experience, most doctors believe in medication. read all articles in this site, most appear to have similar real experineces with unknown. nobody believe you till they have a real experience like you and others here.

Feb 27, 2013
by: Mr. Lost

Thanks Cyprus, the "or else" part, what can be done? If I tell others they think I'm nuts, these people are crazy. Every time I reject anything, it starts up again. Am I doomed to fail or be messed with by others? Maybe I should just get a mini tazer gun? Should I put metal in my hat again? This girl stole things from my house, threatened me, convinced my parents I was hearing things, they tried to send me somewhere. I'd like some kind of vengeance, anything at least to be able to protect myself. She's convinced police to leave us alone after doing some crazy stuff in a moving car, she's persuaded people in stores to just give her things out of pity. She's a danger, and if I can I want to fight against the evil, I know that these things can be used, with permission, to help people. I want to slay the dragon, give me the sword!

Feb 27, 2013
Mr Lost,
by: Cyrus

think of world as internet, we are connected. anyting-good or bad- comes thru this channel, you can shut-off the connection, may be as we say in computer language "forced shut-off". you are in control, don`t show weakness and stand in high moral grounds, forcefully. you are in control. don`t focus on people in your thoughts and ask any intruder to disappear or else. you can reject viruses in your mind and soul.
read about telepathy, medium and spiritaual sources, but be aware and not too trusting.

Feb 26, 2013
No control
by: Mr. Lost

I had a fallout with an ex-girlfriend weeks after and she knew of these thing, she refrained from showing me how to stop it and I picked up she was cheating, also taking advantage of everything she could from me.A lot of nights, I would wake up in my room, and be confused, not remembering if we hooked up or even going to sleep, walk to to get a drink and find her at like 2am in my kitchen hogging my food with her dog.Why I let this happen, I wish I had the power to turn it off. I try to repeat things in my head when she tried to read me, but I swear, she got my e-mail passwords, garage code, everything I was thinking. I dumped her by putting a whole bunch of different metals in my hat and this stopped her temporarily. She use to try starting to fight me and I wouldn't fight back, because it felt wrong, she bruised easily too so it would always look like my fault. How can I learn more to protect myself? She threatened me when I broke up with her and was involved in drugs. I don't fear death, I fear my family/friends being in danger, and not being able to do anything because she will always know my next move. I have also, in the past been able to communicate very long distance, very long distance to tell people I need them to contact me. Please help, because ability to do these things is one thing, but to stop others from forcing my past out of me and what I think as well as improve on what I haven't been able to do for a while. I'm very good at this "going under" thing but don't know if that's good. Feels kinda like I'm high.I NEED PROTECTION/DEFENSE/KEEPING MY THOUGHTS MY OWN. Terrible things have happened to me in the past and I'm very openminded, I can conjure the worst things imaginable out of an any thought or the happiest/greatest things that most people don't understand the point.Again please, I need advice, I'm in another country until I figure this out. The girl separated me from my family, turning them against me, framing me and threatening me because she came from a posh/wealthy family.I want to go home and protect my loved ones.

Feb 26, 2013
No control
by: Mr. Lost

I Had a bad experience, when I figured this all out, a friend said he could show me a trick, told me to try it.So he said, look straight into his eyes, then he kept saying everything I was saying, then my roommate who brought him over walks in and i looked at him and he almost immediately joined in.Was kinda nervous/scared so I calmed down and I started singing. It was fun for a good 10 - 15 minutes.But then things got serious, I had to test out the extent of this and so there were scissors on the table and I thought that my friend should pick them up, and he did, then the thought came to me that he should poke his knee and I stopped there.I wanted this to stop and ran upstairs and rubbed my head on my tv and then slowly walking downstairs again, hoping it went away, I convinced them to both go into the kitchen- they did but had no idea why they went there.But they still wouldn't stop talking with me. I was about to knock him in the face. I left the apartment for a few days. Then moved out

Feb 06, 2013
Telephatic & medium of sorts
by: Cyrus

Not only I get other people thoughts and transmit my thoughts involuntarily, I`m spoken to by so called departed "souls" . some may say they live in different frequencies, they can observe us but we can not see them.
some are bad beings, some just curious, however they are troublesome. I usually have to be aggresive to them to run them off for a while, you won`t understand my situation and you may think I`m schizo, but this is serious unwanted medium activity for me. how I know, I have been told by people around me that at times they hear my thoughts. not very pleasnt to have your thoughts heard by strangers, though. "dead" or alive. have to say they don`t have any physical ability, but have word power to affect you.

Feb 02, 2013
response to emily
by: Anonymous

Hello, when I was a child, met a man me and my parents called Mr. Bill who was also able to do this and when I first met him and when he told me what was happening he told me that as I grew older and as my mind got older that I would be able to control it. He didn't tell me to do certain things to try to block out the voices only that my mind would teach me, I guess what he meant was that there's really no way that me or anyone else can tell you how to control it because your mind already knows what to do and as time goes by you will figure this out and hopefully as it is for me it will become second nature as there is a way to switch this on and off at will but you will never be able to fully turn it off as if someone has a loud thought or even if you encounter someone else who can do this then it will probably get your attention. Think if you were surrounded by a thousand people who are all talking at once and all of a sudden someone said something that got your attention. This is just my guess becaue I have been telepathic for my whole life and I don't know how it goes with someone who breaks out later in life but I hope you find someone who can give you some guidance as Mr. Bill gave me.
If you have any other questions please post them and I hope I can give you some answers.
Thank you.

Jan 31, 2013
telepathy tips?
by: Emily

So any ideas how this can be controlled? I've been hearing people's thoughts (or thinking I can at least. Believe me I'm constantly wondering if I'm imagining it!) for the last 4/5 years. It's totally sporadic, always unexpected and at present completely out of my control. Rather that being cool, it has really started to make me feel uncomfortable. I'm pretty empathetic (perhaps part of why I have this ability) and sensitive to others and it just makes me feel uncomfortable as it feels like an invasion of privacy. Only reading the most recent post before mine have I started considering that I might have this ability for a reason... (pretty dumb as I totally believe everything happens for a reason!) Especially as it's totally random which thought from which people I 'hear'. I mean...should I respond? I usually don't respond directly, as I imagine that would be quite alarming, and to be honest I'd rather avoid explaining to people!, but try to take on board what's been thought and respond with that extra info in mind. Not counting strangers of course or where it's not appropriate to engage with the person.

Just as a matter of interest, I'm happy to share that this started happening following a sort of emotional breakdown during which all my senses became very heightened, to an uncomfortable level. After I recovered it all calmed down of course, but I was left with this puzzling one phenomenon. It happened less frequently to begin with but the thoughts were a lot 'louder'/clearer. Now it's more frequent but kind of fainter.

Anyway if anyone can offer any tips how I can control this, one way or the other, I'd really appreciate it. Most of what you find online is how to develop this kind of thing. I'm not in any hurry to do that as such, I'd just like to be able to give people the privacy I feel they deserve!

Jan 28, 2013
anyone else who can do this
by: Anonymous

hello, I have been doing this ever since I can remember. Without telling you my life story, this is telepathy, not the kind that you see on TV or read about in books but real telepathy. It is meant for communication. There are millions of people in the world who have telepathy, you see them every day, you talk to them regularly and for the most part you don't give them a second thought (Punn not intended). Don't be scared and don't think that you are not normal. Myself I have led a good life with this, met some interesting "telepaths" and have even told some of my friends. This is not a "gift" or a "curse" as everyone is supposed to be able to do this but their minds are too young. You can control it and you can tune it out when you want to. Once again you are not alone and I hope that you can learn to live with this as I have.
Thank you.

Jan 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

I appreciate all the enlightening comments.
I had these experiences since I was a kid.
always wondered what and who does it, since apparently I didn`t have any palpable control of it. so I pushed them aside till it started affecting my life a bit more seriously.
I have no idea what it is but I had all kinds of experinces with hearing voices, from all different sources. people can hear my thoughts, even talk to me thru their mind directly and rarely remotely. it is a concern but you may be able to control it, some people have the "skill". be brave and compassionate, but not too trusting.

Nov 27, 2012
Hearing other people's thoughts
by: Ricky

Hello, since I was in junior high I have been able to hear other people's thoughts as if they were saying them out loud. I am now 38 years old working for Walmart and I am starting to hear people's thoughts more often but I cannot control them for example I was doing a job that one of my bosses asked me to do then when my immediate supervisor walked by he asked me what was I doing and I told him that I was doing what the other manager wanted me to do and when he walked away I clearly heard him thinking that I was supposed to be doing something else but I cannot remember specifically what that something else is I have been able to do this since childhood please clarify as to what this is.
Thank you

Nov 23, 2012
Hey! :(
by: Harry

Hi I don't understand why r u apologysing. Only the first few lines I was talking to u, the remaining were for others having telepathic problems! 'U can't control' was to people who commented earlier.
By the way u don't send message nor receives it, u just feel what people think and it is not telepathy it is an art of mind reading or in other words sixth sence! Which is universal. Thank you for commenting, i wasn't angry at u! If u feel like asking anything related to mind u may ask!

Nov 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sorry Harry ... I wasn't having a go at you ... I just think that using the words 'hearing voices' somehow gives a different connotation to the issue. I don't hear 'voices' as such and I wouldn't describe telepathy in that way. I receive thoughts and just 'know' what people are thinking as opposed to what they may be saying. I also sometimes see visual changes in their faces when their thoughts are contradicting their speech. I've seen a person's face change to the extent that it was like one mask after another falling away to reveal the person's true facial expression and thoughts behind their words and expression.

It doesn't happen too much now, but it happened a lot about 15 years ago.

That's all I wanted to make clear.

Nov 23, 2012
I m not confusing anything i made my comment short so u directly get answers for telepathic problem.
by: Harry

Hey I'm myself a telepathic I can send or recieve message from distance through mind!
U didn't understand what I was trying to tell.

Ok let me tell u in detail, why we face telepathic problems. Who's responsible? We or the other person who hears our thoughts! Both r equally responsible but we cannot control others, we should control ourselves first.
So I suggested that the voice which is in our head which we use to talk to ourselve, to others by telepathy, to god by prayers is the reason for the problem!
This voice has everything to do with ur emotions! That's why when someone is sad near, u too become sad. U become uneasy when someone feels uneasy ! U feel like ur thinking it but it is someone else thoughts. U cannot differentiat between ur thoughts and others. It is all caused by this mind's voice b'coz u don't have control over it! So I'm very clear at my point try and control the voice in the head!

Nov 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Harry ...

I appreciate your response but I think you're confusing 'hearing voices' as in schizophrenia, with telepathically receiving other peoples thoughts as if through an invisible telephone connection.

There's a big difference between hearing one's own thoughts inside the head and actually receiving other peoples thoughts as if we are on the end of an invisible telephone connection.

Nov 22, 2012
I ve a solution for this for people having such problem
by: Harry

I'm not a psychiatrist but i'm an good psychic so i understand these problems.
I suggest, before u try to stop ur thinking or compress ur thoughts.
Know what the real problem is!
Once u know ur enemy it's easier to defeat him!
It is ur mind voice!
U may think what is that? The same voice that just told u 'what is that'
It is always in ur head telling u something or asking u something all the time.
It is the one makes u feel uneasy while around other people.
It is the same negative thought which stops u to succeed.
Believe me ur telepathic powers are a gift, u must know how to use it.
Try and control the voice in head by saying these simple words to it:- I'm your master u have to listen to me. I won't listen to u. I have created u i own u and i can control u!
Say it alone or people may find u crazy! Lol
if it comes again ignore it. Take some time alone and think what u want to think but during the day control the mind voice!
I hope it will be useful for all! Thank u.

Nov 13, 2012
Lucky People
by: Anonymous

Psh. I wish. Call me crazy, but I think that would be really cool!

Nov 07, 2012
Hearing thoughts
by: Anonymous

Yes I too can do this...I dont see this as a curse..its actually a good tool to be able to help people.

Oct 30, 2012
I have heard
by: Anonymous

This is only happened four times in my life ......I heard people talk about me was so crisp and clear.......there was no volume in there talk......though I heard it so clear even in a different room......this is so cool .....I wish it would happen more the times it has has helped me greatly.......I do not know what this is.......I guess if this happened all the time it could be a bit much....

Oct 24, 2012
mind is out of control
by: Harry

Hi, I'm Harry, 18yr old. Since a long time I'm able to hear thoughts of everyone whether you are near or far away thinking of me.
The problem is if you are near you can also hear my thoughts.
Actually in a loud voice as if i'm speaking it.
People around me are not smart enough to understand. They think I do it on purpose and they are creating lot of trouble to me wherever I go.
Sometimes I feel so lonely and sad.
Many of u won't even believe me but the truth is always stranger than fiction.
It's only a summary of my problem the whole story is real worse.
Tell me plz am I alone here with this problem?
If you've same issues than let me know, together we may find a better solution.
Mail me - you can also send me a request, search Harry Deyvar.

Sep 30, 2012
Is fun !
by: matt

accept this gift and try to understand it it yes can be confusing but also entertaining . what im trying now is placing my thought

Sep 02, 2012
At my wits end
by: Anonymous

This "gift" of telepathy began with a specific incident when a friend intentionally spoke to me telepathically and I heard him. That relationship went sour partly due to the door which had opened between us which we couldn't close.

Later I began to hear my children, their father, my parents, and others. Often it is when they are angry, worried, or concerned about something.Often I verify the "information." It can be confusing when I don't know the context.

It does not feel like "a gift." It feels like a curse. I fight it, pray about it, ask for guidance from God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit. I pray for those I hear.

I have seen two psychologists, and spoken with my pastor and friends. No one suggests meds or believes I'm crazy. They do say what I am doing is dangerous and I have a choice. I don't feel like I have a choice...Do I? Do you?

Just asking....some days I feel like I'm at my wits end...

Aug 31, 2012
by: Craig Hendricks

Hello all,

I have been living with this ability for a long while now. Long enough to have argued with doctor's about it and eventually got them to beleive it is somthing other than schizophrenia.

I DO NOT "HEAR" people's thoughts. Period. It is directly to the brain. My mind communicates with other entities. Dogs, not so much cats. I have a few ideas about it.

Also, say for instance someone is sending me a text message. A lot of times I will be thinking of that person at the exact same time I recieve the text.

I have had visions. I have had dreams that come true (premonitions).

I know this is both a spiritual. I was touched by God once. What we all have is a ghost inside of us (our soul). When we speak with out minds to other people's minds it is not as if they are 'always' those people's thoughts. They are if the person is 'in-tune' with their inner self. Most of the time people are at odds with their inner self, and it is dying to be heard, so if we try reading people's minds and saying this is what you are thinking. They will say no it's not. I think this is because we are actually talking to other people's subconscoius or their souls.

I would love to get to know other people with this ability.

Aug 03, 2012
Some People think loud
by: TC

I have no control when it happens. It may happen when the person is next to me or one across the room. I hear there voice like there talking. I would tell my mother "some people just think loud". Most of the time I just ignore it - I've never tried to develop it. My friends know it happens.
It's kinda strange because when I hear there thoughts - I think they can hear my thoughts, but they really don't.
I know its a gift from God - I just haven't found how to use it for his Glory.

Jul 03, 2012
To Kierra
by: HS

I am having the exact same experience. It has progressively gotten worse since I started my new job and have to be constantly around people who I don’t know very well, which makes this more difficult and increases my social anxiety a great deal. I also smoke a lot of pot and feel like I need to stop until I can get this under control because I feel it makes it worse. I have been smoking for 15 years and never had anything like this ever happen before. Have you had any success in reducing the anxiety?

Apr 30, 2012
need help understanding! is it a gift ?
by: mike l.

bothersome at best. took a while to realize the thoughts that I had were not mine. but when I confront the person I beleive they come from freaks them out! please help! what is it? and what does it mean?

Feb 19, 2012
What if ...
by: Grace

... this is how God feels?

What if this is how God knows us, who we are, what we think, what we need?

What if telepathy is God's way of telling us - 'This is what it feels like to be me - tuned in to everything and everyone, always.'

What if somehow God is trying to show those of us who are able, that this is how we are all connected to God and to each other - via thought waves?

What if it's not so much the content of other people's thoughts we need to pay attention to right, but the WAY we can tune into them.

I visualise an 'etheric thought web' which is like a huge web so fine we can't see it so most of us don't know it's there. And all along that web are people weaving thoughts into the atmosphere. And those thoughts become strands of the web, connect together. So we have the web and a server in the ether.

How else could the www have been created? It had to have been 'thought' first. Someone who understood telepathy and thought waves. Emails are a perfect example of tele-pathy made concrete. We think, we type, we push a button, we send.

We do that with our MIND every day when we think of someone, wish them well and visualise them receiving our thoughts.

I know when someone is thinking well towards me or ill towards me. I learned that the hard way via family members who on the surface appeared to love me, but who in fact resented me. It happens. So I received mixed messages throughout my childhood and most of my adulthood and each time I admitted that some of those messages were hostile, I immediately told myself I was being stupid, bad minded or even sick! I wasn't. I was right.

Feb 18, 2012
Clairsentient and emerging clairaudient
by: Anonymous

I guess I have to surrender to the fact that I was born with this and that as I've gotten older it has grown stronger. I've used it to help some people, but it sucks because you can't turn it off like an appliance. You can ask for protection, but it seems that any time I am near animals, older people near crossing, or birds, they are trying to communicate with me. A lot of times it is very good energy, and it's a true blessing. The feeling is like no other and older people's are like little kids. Birds are like the communicators of heaven and have great healing abilities through their chirps.
I am not ready to see everything just yet but I am hearing things as I sleep and seeing things in dreams and hearing thoughts.
I think that is just really tough because it's like being out of the matrix, and unconsciousness is like the matrix. No longer can I listen to music, be around people, think thoughts, or just whatever, without knowing the energy consequences of it...just takes the fun out of
I know that I am here to support and do whatever the Man upstairs says cause he's the boss, but I just wish I knew how I am supposed to use this.

Feb 11, 2012
by: Grace

Several years ago I was having similar experiences to Ryan. My head felt like a telephone exchange and it was as if I, somehow was connecting people with each other and they were having conversations THROUGH me. As if I was their MEDIUM. Several times I would receive telephone calls asking for a certain person and I would say they had the wrong number. They would insist that no, I must tell so and so a particular message. Then they would hang up. I was completely confused by all this but then when I least expected it I would bump into a stranger in the street, a conversation would ensue and they'd tell me their name. Immediately I would connect the name with a telephone call I'd had and I'd ask them if they knew anyone by the name they'd given me. Many times the person would say "That was my mother, friend, sister and she died about 6 months ago." And they would thank me for the message. It was like they were expecting it.

I, however, was exhausted by it and and so I asked out loud for it to stop, for my health to be respected and for my wishes NOT to be a medium to be respected also.

From that day, it stopped.

Feb 11, 2012
I dislike that I can pick up others thoughts
by: JD

It's only been a very few people I can love being around. Most often people are harsh in thoughts. I'm disliking this so called "gift". I feel I can't socialize.

Jan 09, 2012
Me too
by: Ryan Irvan

I hear the 'thoughts' usually when I am laying in bed at night. They are not talking to me or communicating with me. It is usually two people having a conversation. Usually, I hear mundane things like young girls arguing with their mothers and people talking about school.

I mentally tell myself to block these thoughts and try to think of something that no one ever has. After moments My mind confirms that this is not a possibility, I then find myself able to focus on one voice at a time and to direct them in a way( i can think ok next, or tell me more) this makes for an almost inner dialogue except for the fact that the thoughts arent mine...if that makes sense.
It's as if something is using me as a meduim to channel answers to others questions. Im still trying to understand it, it has been happening for almost a decade.
Also I get visions at times, It is almost always when on a boat, bus, or van. I begin to feel motion sick and close my eyes. I see flashes of scenes almost like movie recorded on a shaky hand cam. People around my physical body ask me if im ok will i be sick? i tell them just leave me be. The visions grow clearer the longer i ignore my surroundings. My body goes warm and I feel almost as if i'm stretched (superimposed) onto some kind of canvas or plane.(similiar to salvia if any of you are familiar).
The visions are usually black and white or greyscale. I see things which seem to be conflicts or treks (journeys) through hostile territory. One of the most memorable is of a man on a bike ( in africa i feel). He rides through a puddle and splashes he smiles and stops to talk to some kids, gunfire erupts and the man falls bloody into the puddle. One of the young kids ( a boy) leans down to check on the man. A jeep comes into view, people are screaming, shots are ringing, then as the boy touches the mans face I feel my own skin tingling...
I apologize for my longwinded entry

I would enjoy talking to anyone else who has similiar happenings.

Jan 05, 2012
Hearing Thoughts
by: Danielle

I appreciated your experience. I have the same thing happen to me. it's almost like being able to read between the lines. For myself, I have learned to interpret what is NOT being said, but thought and then I weigh that against WHY they are not saying it. If it is an insecurity, perhaps I will ask questions to reveal whats not being said. If it is a lie, I determine WHY they are lying and if it would be beneficial or destructive to reveal it. If it is a lack of ability to communicate well, I will often say it for them in a confirming way and often, they will say..."yes! exactly!"
I also use it to determine who is a good person to be with and who may drain my energies.
Hope that helps. I'd love to hear more about your experiences. =)

Jan 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

I believe we are at that stage in our humanity when the time has come to understand how our communication system works in terms of thought, word and deed.

Some of us learn it spontaneously, others learn it through smoking pot etc. One way or another it's something humanity is learning because we are coming to 'know ourselves'. There is nothing we could manufacture that doesn't have it's origins within our own body. We are now in the age of computers and communication and network systems and the world wide web - which is a mirror of our nervous system and brain. A letter is something we used to send which took days to arrive, read, digest and respond to. Now we send thoughts in an instant by email and respond just as quickly. So we're beginning to realise how fast our thoughts can reach each other. So what's next, after these computers we've spent time inventing and building and installing? Maybe we'll just think, review and send with our minds and cut out all that stuff. But first, I believe we all have to learn how to control our thoughts so that they are suitable for sending.

Jan 02, 2012
Reading people/Feeling energies
by: Kierra

Hi I'm really happy to come across others who have this same concern. I smoke a lot of pot, so I really think it is because of that that I can read people and link to people's energies. I want to learn how to just manage this "gift" because it has come to the point where I have social anxiety and avoid hanging out with friends. I have a life epiphany about 5 times a day..I'm getting scared of understanding way too much. Life isn't good when you know seemingly EVERYTHING beneath the surface.

Dec 18, 2011
ignoring people thoughts pt 2
by: Josh

One Question how to stop repeating other people when reading other people and also somehow people see what i see when i do normal things like taking a shower, shaving and even grocery shopping is it part of the gift or its it a curse i want my private self back

Dec 18, 2011
How to ignore people thoughts
by: Joshua

i have an issue to discuss i am not aware to hear people voices i need to know to limit the voices in my mind if it is a gift how to get rid of it because it is the unconscience i am not use to. how to deal with it? anyone?

Dec 18, 2011
by: lady.T

Its great to know that there are others out there who have the the same gift as I have of being able to read other people thoughts, the most intresteting part is that I am also able to to commuincate by telepathy. Its strange that it can be done purley through thoughts and mind.

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

We're all telepathic. We've always known it. We wanted proof of it. We got it. End of story.

Dec 08, 2011
Yes and i hope im just crazy!
by: Anonymous

yes and i hope they are really my own thoughts. I dont like what i hear people thinking about me. sometimes certain people can hear mine too it seems like. I want to know if what im hearing is real or not. sometimes when i think something someone in the room says it after I think it. sometimes it will be a sentence telling me to do something so ill do it. it turns out it was right and someone else would be thinking it. I really hope they are not thinking half the stuff I hear because I would kill my self if I found out it were true.

Oct 03, 2011
by: Grace

For me these abilities seem to have settled so that I will think something and another person will arrive with the answer or a response without me saying anything or asking a question. Like there's a synchronicity of thought taking place, telepathy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I think that's all about vibration and whether I'm listening to myself and being sensitive to it at the time. The 'thought reading' is not so pronounced as it was, which I'm glad of because I wouldn't like to live with that level of 'knowing'. I found I can 'see through' people, I see their motives for saying what they say and thinking what they think, almost as if my mind is able to cut out all the bumph that we add to our communications to hide our real motives, sometimes even from ourselves. I realised that we lie to ourselves a lot when we speak out loud. I found it very uncomfortable but I think at the time it was a necessary and protective gift to have because I was very vulnerable in lots of ways.

Oct 02, 2011
I seem to be hearing peoples' thoughts
by: Anonymous

I seem to be hearing other peoples' thoughts and sometimes they seem to be hearing my own.
It's hard to differentiate sometimes between my own thoughts and the thoughts of others.


Oct 02, 2011
I seem to be hearing peoples' thoughts
by: Anonymous

I seem to be hearing peoples' thoughts and some people seem to hear my own. It's sometimes hard for me to differentiate between my own thoughts and what seem to be the thoughts of others.


Sep 12, 2011
not drugs
by: Anonymous

i don't think so i am a mother and do not and will never use drugs. this is serious.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

certain drug exposure seems to b astrong possibility, especially CRYSTAL METH!

Sep 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

people here mine too, and complain my thoughts are too loud, i could thers at one time, but not all the time?! Im confused as well, seems like a violation of my personal privacy if thats even real, they often capitalize on my thoughts, sincerely,aggitated!

Sep 12, 2011
I hear things too
by: Anonymous

I have experienced something a bit different. I hear the person saying a comment and it is usually in the past and it always pans out to be something they said or I sometimes feel their emotions. At times I dream of things and they happen. What is wrong with me???

Sep 01, 2011
Ture living
by: Preston

I have also to been able to hear or even scan people thoughts, I can hear, see, feal and project
Thoughts and dreams. Its like first - hand nature to me. I have learn to accept and live with it.
Most of all… To love this gift that the Lord have blessed me with.

Aug 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree with you 100% It doesnt matter who I am around or what and I mean animals as well,most times what is heard does not need an expinationfor one because whomever your around knows that they are transferring the thought and for you to explain or make an attempt to speak about it in this day and age, they are ready to refer me to the phyciatric ward just to confuse me. Its a potentialy dangerous situation to be in because they know and I know so it is more like a challenge of the thoughts and I can kill them anytime I want but GOD keeps me from doing this. For quite some time they have been trying to trick me into doing things out of the ordinary

Jun 22, 2011
by: Grace

Imagine we are all wireless transmitters. Many years ago we didn't communicate via speech, we communicated via thought which actually stems more from the heart than from the brain. When we 'think from the heart' we simply transmit a vibration which can be 'sensed' or 'received' by the hearts of others. For example if we are in a room with a person we do not like, we may not speak it, but we still send out a vibration which that person receives. Whether the person makes sense of it or not depends on how sensitive they are to their own body and its feelings. Many dismiss these kind of experiences as 'imaginary'. But they are not.

Now apply the same function to the brain. Before words can be used, we have to think them first. We are not aware of thinking our words before we speak them, because speaking is an automatic process for most of us. Our thoughts may be invisible but they DO exist and they DO have a vibration, much like the microwaves and radiowaves and works in the same way as a mobile phone. Some people are excellent transmitters of thought whilst others may be excellent RECEIVERS. Others may be able to transmit AND receive equally well.

Basically all human beings are 'wireless communicators'. It's as simple as that. We are transmitting and receiving at all times and in my opinion language doesn't enhance HONEST communication, it hinders it because it allows a delay between our instantaneous thought and what we actually SAY. Which is why the world is such a mess. Most of it is based on lies.

Jun 22, 2011
Real or Not? contd.
by: Marialena

I still have really bad days. But when i get with someone who has an amazing soul, it truly does make up for it. That is my favorite part about having this, is truly seeing someones soul, who they are 100%, no lies, no hearsay. And when you meet a awesome guy and you get that sexual feeling which makes you wanna jump him right then and there. Yeah that doesn't hurt either. :)

For George, for me when it gets out of hand and my thoughts wont stop, i will say to someone around me (a friend or family member) in my head to please "hit" me, which is a statement that someone will say to you that they know about you that will stop you dead in your tracks and just clear your mind of what was just going on. Sometimes a positive thing or sometimes a negative thing but it almost always works for me.

In regards to whether we are effecting other peoples thoughts. I personally feel that we effect their thoughts as much as they effect ours. Like they are giving you an idea and you make the decision for yourself whether you want to absorb it or not, and i feel it works they same way for them. Whether it may be subconscious or not.

Jun 22, 2011
Real or Not?
by: Marialena

I have a similar "gift". Majority of the time it is a problem, making it very hard to concentrate. It has fully developed to my knowledge and become much easier to understand and handle. Also making it easier to convey to other people in the last year. I also developed this around the age of 18. I am now 21.

I always enjoyed hearing about psychic abilities but the reality and doubtful side of me always took over. That being said when this first happen to me and i spoke to my family about it, they decided to admit me to a psych ward. But at first it was not me believing i could hear other peoples thoughts but that other people could hear mine. I had "racing thoughts" of every negative thing i have ever done in my life. Also saying negative things about people around me. I remember one time in particular; a friend of mine had her cousin and aunt over, her cousin was mentally challenged, i also have a mentally challenged uncle, and in my head uncontrollably, over and over again i was repeating retard. She was in her mothers car speaking to my friends mother and a few minutes after i was repeatedly saying retard, she started hysterically crying. It made me feel like the most horrible person in the world. I felt like punching myself in the face.

After about 6 months of thinking other people could hear my thoughts, I started hearing other peoples voices. It was usually just like normal things being said, such as, you are _____, she is ______, wanna go _____, or just about life. Up until this point it was still hard for me personally to figure out if this was a mental disorder or an ability i had developed. It eventually evolved into "feelings". I would feel like i was "with someone", like i had that persons soul with me. (I have tried to explain this feeling to so many people and i just wish i could have someone say, i 100% know what your talking about and have felt it before.) I developed this full body feeling, which could be sexual or a way of someone conveying the amount of love they had for someone or me. I also was able to feel peoples pain, happiness, anxiety, etc., and occasionally i was able to feel their psychical pain. The last development was being able to sense peoples thoughts without hearing words.

After so long of me second guessing myself and just letting go of all the coincidences. I finally became content with myself knowing that this was NOT a mental disorder whether anyone else believed me or not. What got me to this point was when i was able to sense peoples thoughts, it was my proof. I would be thinking about something and then 2 minutes later someone would be talking about it, and it started happening on a regular basis.

Apr 22, 2011
Hearing things
by: Clairaudience

If you are hearing other people's thoughts then it is best to ask for 'protection' whenever you go outside or into a busy area. This will limit the information you receive, and you will only hear what you need to (without feeling you are intruding into other's personal space).

You can also 'block' thoughts - just say 'block' if you feel you are receiving too much. Many people who have this gift feel mad and unable to talk about it. The best thing to do is read up on chakras to ensure you are not using up all your energy on managing the voices.

Once you are comfortable hearing voices then you may find that guides are trying to communicate with you. If you follow the guides (ask them who they are to make sure they are 'safe') you may find that you have been given a 'mission'. I have been following mine for some time and I am about to launch an amazing business that (without being big headed) will change the world in big ways.

Try to look after yourself well and drink minimal alcohol as this interferes with how safe you feel when the voices are loud. For your own protection imagine a big castle wall around your own thoughts so no one can invade them...we are, after all, spirits and souls in a body...well most of us are ;-) Some people don't know their alive.

Spread the protection.

Apr 12, 2011
It hurts
by: George M

I'm hearing peoples thoughts but its uncontrollable and it gets so loud sometimes it gives me headaches. Any ideas on shutting it down. It is starting to hurt. Oh, and I'm a non believer of pretty much everything so it took the headaches for me to try to talk to you guys.


Dec 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also thought that perhaps I was projecting my own thoughts onto other people rather than hearing their thoughts but - no I wasn't. I understand now that we are, in effect, radio transmitters and receivers and that our usage of WORDS and LANGUAGE have evolved to such an extent that they can actually act as a BARRIER to CLEAR COMMUNICATION. In other words - we often THINK one thing but SAY another for one reason or another. In fact many people spend their whole lives in that state. They adopt a facade for the public, learn how to fake their emotions, facial expressions and verbal expression whilst FEELING something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT beneath the surface. Words and language have become a means of DISTRACTING others from the truth rather than aiding TRUTHFUL COMMUNICATION. How often do we say that someone is SENDING OUT MIXED MESSAGES? How often do we lie to someone in order to be POLITE. What purpose does LYING serve to anyone. OK it might get us out of a tight situation from time to time but it should NEVER become a way of life. I was lied to about something very serious and I spent the whole of my childhood and youth BELIEVING one thing whilst FEELING another. In the end I discovered that my FEELINGS had been correct and that a person very close to me was indeed lying to me. It was whilst going through the trauma of that that I became CLAIRAUDIENT and CLAIRVOYANT as my physical channels of communication were totally cleared, and I could tell IMMEDIATELY when someone spoke to me whether a person was lying. I would literally see another expression beneath their exterior facial expression which was quite a strange experience. This was always accompanied by a feeling of nausea. If there was simply ONE LANGUAGE and that language was not spoken but HEARTFELT COMPASSION we would have no need to avoid being truthful with anyone, nor would we need to find words to express ourselves because our ACTIONS would speak louder.

Nov 29, 2010
I would like you to answer please
by: Anonymous

I think I can hear people's thoughts. I have in the past voiced what I believe I felt. To this day I feel right in general. What we get from others is pure rubbish. My question is do we as thinking feeling individuals maybe we put our own thoughts or general beliefs on other people??? I stugggle a lot with this question.

Oct 11, 2010
Extra sensory hearing
by: Wendy

I've had this ability to 'hear' other people's inner thoughts, for as long as I can remember. The worst time for me was when I was in my teens, and I went through a phase of feeling extremely self conscious and even paranoid as I assumed that everyone else could hear what I was thinking although they denied it! Fortunately, I've learned to live with it. I've kind of set up an intention to only pay attention to it when the information can be used in a positive way to benefit someone. Otherwise, I just ignore it. Perhaps it also helps to make sure that we are all non-judgemental and remind ourselves that we all have to live with the demands of our egos - causing to have thoughts that may not be what we actually say to others. Ultimately, if anyone finds themselves developing this 'hearing' ability, then remember that you are always in charge and can decide exactly in what ways it can manifest or what you wish to do with it. Intruct your lightbody with your intentions, and it will be so.

Sep 26, 2010
Me too ...
by: Anonymous

... this ability suddenly came to me about 20 years ago. I was waiting for a train in an underground station when suddenly the top of my head, palms of my hands and sole of feet opened up and a kind of tube of energy came down and surrounded me and I was unable to move. At the same time I felt the energy drain from my feet and what I can only describe as a download of immense knowledge poured into my crown. I just stood there 'knowing' and it was a truly blissful and profound experience of knowing all there is to know and experiencing the greatest feeling of love possible. I felt like I'd been there for months yet it took only a few seconds but when I got on the train I found that I could see colours I'd never seen before and see the connectedness between all things and I could hear the thoughts of my fellow passengers about each other, what they were planning to do that evening etc. I found that part of this ability so scary that after a while I just couldn't be with people or in crowds because I would pick up too many thoughts and didn't feel like my life was my own - it was like having a radio permanently switched on and not being able to switch it off when I wanted to. I asked (don't know who or what I asked) but I just asked out loud for this 'gift' to be taken away and it disappeared as quickly as it arrived. These gifts always sound great when you don't have them and someone else does, but I can honestly say I found it impossible to live with.

Sep 18, 2010
me too I hear clearly
by: Anna

just hapened to see this post and want to share
I have that ability and gift, too clear hearing
I often used to second guess myself but no it has been constant for 5 years now -it is clear

It is a frequency that we all communicate on and when you have developed specific ares of your lightbody it seems to clicks in
I was shown once through a channeler ( which I now do also )that in the future self or original advanced human template where we came from
there is absolutely no need to lie or deceive as the truth flows naturally and telepathically form us
I though "Oh I like that I want that back
and so it came"
I see and hear clearly
but I only have it for healing and for Raising consciousness, it's like ahead of things yet really it is being in the now or Zero point energy. I find it most helpful to see and the the vibration of what is being sent and no the illusion of the mask

Aug 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

That's awesome! You have a very special gift. Go with it. You have it for a reason. And I suspect you have barely scratched the surface of your potential in using and controlling your gift.

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