Help for Light Body symptoms from flowers

by Dr. Schavi M. Ali
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

I have employed BACH FLOWERS for many years to heal various physical and emotional symptoms of this profound time of transformation. Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician who was also deeply spiritual. He was guided by his Higher Self to create 38 remedies from plants for states of imbalance. They are completely natural,i.e., homeopathic, and available in small glass bottles at any reputable health food store. They are taken in several ways: via two drops under the tongue, or via four drops in eight ounces of water which is then drunk slowly, or via placing seven to twelve drops in warm bath water, or via simply rubbing on the wrists. I recommend using all of the methods from time to time. In terms,of symptoms, for anxiety, take ASPEN. For fear take MIMULUS. For insomnia and racing thoughts take WHITE CHESTNUT. For exhaustion take OLIVE. For the ability to handle these powerful changes (or major personal changes such as menopause, new marriage, retirement, etc.) take WALNUT. For courage to follow-through on important projects and tasks take ELM. For scattered thoughts, emotions and actions take SCLERANTHUS. There are many books as well as on-line information regarding all of the BACH FLOWER remedies. Dr. Bach called his remedies "the MEDICINE of the future." He also wrote books on healing as well that are empowering to the consciousness. Learn which remedies you need. Remember, there are 38 of them. Those listed above are obviously just a few of them.

NAMASTE, Dr. Schavi M. Ali, Ph.D.

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