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High Desert Beauty, Denio, Nevada....

by Maggie T
(Denio, Nevada)

I agree with you about the beauty of the high desert country! I moved to Denio (population 39) after retirement and am 101 miles from the nearest grocery store.. I do drive to Bend (240 miles) occasionally to go to Costco and other stores to stock up.
It was so amazing to move here in the outback and find so many gifted and Spiritual women!
Your site was recommended to me by another country woman who was so desperate to find answers to what we are all going through right now...
We have a 'Soul Collage' group from Lakeview, Bend and Portland that meets and it does help in assisting in some of the inner changes... I used to teach meditation classes occasionally and find that it helps!
I have many friends around the country that are experiencing all of the surges, past dis-ease and trauma.
It appears that 'letting go and letting God' with 'the attitude of gratitude' helps the most.. It is like it suddenly hits you on the head and waking up further is the result..
I place ego in a glass room that is sound proof from my side. Ego can hear out but cannot send negative ideas to me.. Still there is a red button that can be pushed if danger arises and ego can do the original job of 'fight or flight'.. (Just have to remember to honor and place her in this comfortable glass room!)
I have started a comic strip of this ego person that looks like which ever body they are in.. In this case it is a stringy haired lanky girl, pencil drawn with vivid green eyes..
My new job is capturing images of this high desert and sharing!
blessings to you!

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