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Higher spiritual awareness

by john
(sacramento california)

Since 2006 I have noticed a change within myself as far as being aware of who and what I am. I have sought answers all my life since I was 12 I am now 50. I have felt personally responsible to make positive changes on the Earth and to help as many people as I can. Most individuals live inside the box, where I do not live inside the box. My mind and spirit has been expanded in such a way that I understand more things, I am in tune with the earth and feel connected to everything around me. David Wilcox explains what we are going through as we pass into a new energy field in our Galaxy. As of current date we are moving toward the center of our milkyway galaxy. On Dec 21 2012 we will be in what they call the galatic equator. all planets will line up for a few days and our sun will be releasing solar flares at a very rapid rate. Nasa has monitored this already. Power will shut down as the sun shuts off the power grid and we move into a NEW energy field in our galaxy. energy will be different as we know it now. During that period of time those who have learned their lesson of love on Earth will transition into what is called a light body. those who have deceived us, and kept things from us (we know who they are) will stay on Earth with others who have not learned how to love. Earth is our school where we learn the lessons we have to and then move on to a higher spiritual level. Bible prophecy, the myan calender, science, and religions around the world have confirmed that there is something taking place and the peak date is Dec 21 2012. We will move into a NEW golden age where we will all change, at least a lot of us will. Our job is to love, our job is to learn, be patient with others, have a spiritual connection with God, and eventually move on to higher dimensions that co exist with our own. Each of us have what is called a vibrational frequency, each to its own frequency. This frequency is what makes us sick or healthy. By changing this frequency to its proper frequency we become healthy and knowledgeable. Bad frequencies occur when we are under stress, anger, non alignment with the universe, and a disconnection from our creator. Our bodies were created so the soul could fulfill its mission here on a 3 dimensional plane. What we have to realize is WHAT we are and WHAT we are suppose to do. Life is NOT about wealth, and greed and power. LIFE is about loving one another, truly loving one another. Life is also about a connection with God and understanding that we are a part of everything. Everyone of us are disconnected from one another and need to be reconnected on a spiritual level. we need to take care of this planet and grow as spiritual beings. we cannot let the powers that be, dictate to us who and what we are. Through media, deception, television programs, articles, hate, war and discontent, they affect our mind and the way we think. YOU my friend have to realize that YOU have a mission here and are part of everything and that YOU are very unique in your abilities of what you can do to help make this a better world. YOU are worth everything, don't let anyone tell you you are worthless. Believing negativity and believing you are worthless leads you down a path of destruction and spiritual disconnectedness. Committing suicide, giving up, not have hope, and being generally angry helps feed the negative powers that be. YOU are very important, you are loved weather or not anyone tells you that. There are those in the world like me that would give my life for a person I have not even met. When times are bad, we are there for one another. we hold one another, we give advice, we understand one another. Feelings are normally not an open thing in society except if they are negative. we very seldom tell one another how much we DO really care about one another, BUT we do care about one another. we keep our feeling locked up and are embarrassed to share those feelings. we worry about what others think of us. Its the kind things we do, the small things that make a difference in the world. we give extra change or dollars to to others. we open doors, we say thank you, we help when disasters strike at the heart of all of us. we cry for those on the news when they lose someone in death. our society is built upon keeping to yourself and letting others be until they need us. What we have to learn NOW is that we need to ALWAYS show our feelings, this way people know WHO and WHAT we are. We can then make a connection with others and they will know we are very good people. They will know that they can trust us and be friends. WE are ALL family, we just have to really understand that. How many times have you wanted to hug someone because they are in pain..but didn't hug them because you were AFRAID that you would invade their personal space, their environment, their privateness??? we worry to much, and we are under tons of stress through the economy, and personal problems, so we stick to ourselves and say that no one will understand....believe me...everyone does understand, we are just afraid of one another. The Government, gangs, murderers, sexual molestors, thieves, and people who want to hurt others have made it this way. We need to overcome those people, those powers that be. The only way to do this is to SHOW, yes, SHOW our love to others. So what if they think we are weird, or off in some way. IF we share ourselves, IF we show love, IF we teach others about who are what we are, we CAN change this world to make it what we want it to be. Everyday, I try to do something for at least one person if not more. I teach my boys it is ok to cry and to love and to speak with others to help them. I teach them that picking on children, saying bad things, and doing wrong is to align with darkness. I teach them that God is the higher power and that he is in control but gives us free will. He is the grand designer and what we are going through right now is HIS plan. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I lost a daughter in death, I have lost 4 homes, I am out of work right now, my credit score is low, I owe bills, BUT it is alright, I am fine with that. GOD lets you go through things to teach us WHO and what we are made of. What won't kill you makes you stronger. These are only words on a page, you don't know me, but believe me when I say this, may have already met me. there is a person behind this letter, I am real just like you. I am sharing my experiences and my knowledge with you. WE need to love one another, truly love one another, and show that love, no matter how bad things may seem to be. Maybe you are feeling worthless, un loved, un wanted, un appreciated. Right NOW, I want YOU to understand that YOU are a part of a large plan God has in store for you. Weight lifters, football players, or anyone who plays pro ball or even races cars go through pain to learn their field. That pain does not stop them, they proceed and face it head on, their rewards come with pay checks. Our reward comes with moving on to become something greater than what we are right now. YOU are VERY important and yes, just someday if I had to, if the situation called for it, I WOULD give my life for you, if it meant your life. I could be the next person you see. I live in California, Sacramento california. So if you live here as well, my name is John. Our world is experiencing hard times, we have all lost something. But life is NOT about money...IT IS about caring and love and spiritual growth though. Listen to this person who made this web site, they know what they are talking about. Join me, join my quest to make this a better world by loving other and growing spiritually. Lets form a network of people that will be there for one another. to help feed one another and love one another. to be there for one another when we need to be comforted. Maybe I should not do this...but to show you I am serious and to show you who I am, I am going to give you a number to call me if you need to talk or learn more. I am posting this on April 24th 2010 at 10:30 A.M. in the morning. Call me, my phone number wont change. (702) 769-7659 If I can help you in any way I will. I am NOT wealthy and dont have much, but I can give you support, understanding and someone who will give the best advice I can. we are all in this together and for those who do not understand I will help you understand what is going on now and possibly in the future. I just ask that those who are serious just call me.

Take care, and God bless you. John

Comments for Higher spiritual awareness

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Mar 10, 2011
thank you
by: Anonymous

It's always nice to hear someone so sincere. I was very moved and your letter lifted my spirits, much needed today! Thank you

Oct 19, 2010
thank you
by: judy

for being feel connected...been there feel that! truth and love

May 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

You are a Beautiful Being that this world very much needs, renewing my faith at this testing time. ;-)

Apr 30, 2010
Thank you
by: Sandy

Your letter brought me to tears. I could feel the love and caring that you are and I was very moved by it. I live in England so won't be phoning, just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all that you are doing and to return your love. Much love and gratitude, Sandyx

Apr 29, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

John, you are an amazing and courageous human being. i loved your letter. love, brendan

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