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by Jessica
(San Marcos, CA)

Echo and I

Echo and I

A lot of old physical symptoms are coming up, including my ribs hurting from accidents that occurred 10+ years ago, my ankle with has had two surgeries is hurting so so badly I have had to take pain meds --- today, the 23rd of July I am very foggy, very spacey, and I lost my dog Meg of 13 years on the 21st I had to help her cross over, and my other senior citized Border Collie is very sad too - my energy which is usually very high is very off.

I tend to be very sensitive to earth changes, and have predicted several of the larger earthquakes that have recently happened in So California. Also if there are weird Neptune aspects I feel them as well and can be very spacey and just try to lay low.

My psychic and intuitive abilities have been very very acute of late, knowing who is calling without picking up the phone, following synchronistic feelings and following a thread of timing; I have been feeling my Mom's presence, and seeing her dogs apparition prior to Meg having her stroke.... as well as her crossing over.

I was unexpectedly and unfairly laid off from my regular job mid-April and the people I worked with have continued to fight for me to bring me back - luckily I do have a small company and am holding my own.

Yet with all of this I see the blessing in having the summer off for all of the Cardinal T 's and squares, and how my astrology is being hit so hard with this, and with a Saturn return on top of it all! I have more time for my horses, and to heal myself, and to move on with life in a new and better way!

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Oct 09, 2010
Saturn Return
by: DR

Some define a Saturn Return as when "a person crosses over a major threshold and into the next stage of life." That happened for me. It wasn't about leaving my physical body behind, but discovering why I'm here and beginning to walk that path in earnest.

I'm sure there are many good resources out there. You can start with:

Sep 27, 2010
Saturn Return
by: Anonymous

I'm also going through Saturn return. When I was born Saturn was in Libra and my father was a Libran. He was also an unpredictable, violent, domestic bully and I lived in fear of him all my life. I have 3 Librans who've come into my life since Saturn returned to Libra and I have developed a severe immune reaction which caused a rash to develop all over my body since last May. I've been hospitalised with Anaphylactic Shock when my lips, eyes and throat swelled to the point that I could hardly breath. I have to carry an Adrenalin needle now in case it happens again. My bloods are all normal, biopsy showed nothing and I'm waiting to see an immunologist to find out what my body is reacting to. For now, I'm surviving on large doses of antihistamine for which I'm very grateful. I understand the Saturn return which I think happens every 29 years or so is a time when we are severely challenged and can decide to stay or leave the planet. Does anyone else have anything to share on this subject?

Jul 24, 2010
Find the blessings
by: Anonymous

Find the blessings in each thing no matter how small, no matter how they may feel insignificant --- for the blessings do grow!

Jul 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

it seems you are going threw a hard time "keep your head up, be strong"

i heard that trauma can bring on psychic abilities, trigger higher intuition etc

not sure if true, just something i picked up along the way


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