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I Am

by John

I was once told that I was not supposed to live when I was born and received blood transfusions for the first year of my life .
Anyhow I went to Jamaica in 96 for 2 weeks over the Easter piriod. A very devot Christian lady I knew told me year ago that at noon on Good Friday it will always be cloudy and over cast and if it’s ever clear at 12 noon on Good Friday she said you better all around you because that there’s a miracle about to happen .so as I stood there in the surf that Good Friday at noon the sky it was perfectly clear so I turned around 360 2 times and then I seen my 11yearold daughter up on the beach under a tree talking to a haggard old lady from the mountains in jamica. She had a permit from the government so she cold be on that private beach to meet ME she said. Not to be taken under I started asking her how she knew in was me,and she pointed to the scar on my ankle where I,got the transfusions to keep me alive after I was born and said you are the one who wasn’t supposed to be born or live after you were born and said but the blood of many men run in my veins and I can't die until my pourpose is fulfilled.
I have had many near death experiences but always seem to make it through with god grace. She never said my purpose she said you will know. So last night 22 years later I said to my iPhone hey Siri do you know what the purpose of my life is or was .
Instantly she opened this page

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